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  1. Alright, this shit is getting out of hand. He's naming his next joint "Pluto" like are you fucking serious?

  2. Desiigner > future
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  3. How do you figure that? I know everyone has an opinion just wondering what brought you to that conclusion
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  4. im just fucking around, but desiigner has mad energy in live shows.

    Future aint all that original but his current style is his own i guess you'd say. Product tweaking is how life is, coke v pepsi, mountain dew v mellow yellow, Facebook v myspace.
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  5. Oh okay I was like uhhhh lol but yeah he definitely does go crazy. You see the video where he threw up on stage and just kept performing? Pretty funny/crazy and I definitely agree when It comes to corporate brands or product but I see music and peoples talent differently and I know It's not possible for every new artist to come out fresh with all new ideas and concepts but when I see someone like Desiigner who seemingly made a career out of being a copy of another artist and constantly trolling that artist because of It that makes me cringe but at the same time he got a #1 so I guess we should salute him?
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  6. Would you say Desiigner is more or less original than Future? lol...
  7. less, but i'd also say gucci, jeezy are less original than TIP.
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