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Designing my INline ashcatcher/bubbler

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by wrestlir1139, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I may be ordering a custom inline ashcatcher with a gong mouth piece attachment blown so I can rip it like a bubbler also. There is going to be a worked section in the middle, and I need help on thinking of sick colors for the worked section which would match the custom blown bowl also.

    I was Thinking of black and white and some other color, but I am not sure. Any I deas on some awesme color ideas would be appreciated. I am really excited about it. :D
  2. I recently went through the same's best to let the colors come to you rather than let someone else choose them for you. I'm making a similar bubbler, but I'm having a tree perc above the inline into a super heady top section.
  3. Would black, white and lime green look sick? Or maybe I should just do a rasta theme. Hmmmm so many choices haha...
  4. I would look for a bowl or something, that someone already made in those colors and see if you like it...browse around online or around your local headshop. TC is a great place to look

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