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  1. Okay. I've been looking all over the internet for smart designs for a cab. I've decided that I should build my own. I want it to look like a piece of furniture though. I was thinking like a deep wardrobe or an armoire since I already have a 400watt hps system with the 6" cool tube setup from hgt supply. I hope you guys might be able to help me design something that will be simple and effective. Here are some things that I know must be:

    Dimensions: 64"h*36"w*20"d

    -bubble buckets with res (already have
    -drain (either inline pumped or some other method I dunno)
    -Mylar lining
    -independant cab ventilation via negative pressure with ONA odor killing bucket somewhere nearby (I have this running right now and my whole place smells so fresh and clean, its amazing....BUILD ONE!!!
    -independant heat extraction for cool tube
    -2 oscillating mini fans inside the cab (if needed)

    That's really all the ideas I have right now. I think that should be simple enough to keep a grow going. The only real concern I think will be heat during veg. I'm very terrible at drawing up plans and designs and stuff but I will try to give you an idea of what I what it should look like. Does anyone have any comments or pov's? I'm not in a huge rush to vhave this thing finished anytime soon either so maybe you guys could help me make this thing solid.
  2. one fan inside...

    the rest is on par
  3. Well dayum. That was easy. I guess I thougjt about it so long enough. Thanks man. Anyone else?
  4. Well I'll chime in again. Since no one else has

    ona jell is terrible. Switch it for a carbon filter

    others might disagree. Ona works. Don't get me wrong. It's just super gross
  5. How so? I've been usuing it for the past 3 weeks and its wonderful. Easy to mix and extremley effective. I haven't had any troubles with a mess or anything.

    I found a cab I wanted to try at the store last night. Its almost the same dimensions as what I wanted to use minus 10" in height. Its 54"h x 17"d x 34"w. Does anyone thing this will be to short for what I need with my 400watt hps?
  6. like i said... ona is just gross... I prefer not to mess with greasy baby diaper mixes, but to each his own... thats the beauty of being different people, what one person loves the next person hates.... I heard that your not suppose to put ona in your cab... might wanna look into that if you are...

    the new cab you found will work if you have enough venting to allow your light to run cool...

    maybe a cool tube drawing air over your bulb and cooling your cab down...
  7. Nope. ONA bucket is in the grow room, makin the whole place smell lovely. And lol dude. You must be high all day like me. I already have a 400watt hps system with a 6" cool tube.

    Is there anyone with any experience building or using a cab with any advice?
  8. I've built two complete cabs destroyed in in a fit of rage and am currently building a fourth. What exactly kind of info are you looking for? You seem to know what your doing
  9. Thanks man!! I'm glad it looks like I know what I'm doing.

    I really wanted to know if anyone had any experience witjh HID lighting in a cab that small or any things they would change about the setup. That's all. I figured more people would comment. Oh well, I'm patient.
  10. Watts are watts and all lights put out heat

    there are so many factors for every grow. Even the exact same setup in a different state could have completely different results. Ambient air temp is a super huge factor. It's 115 outside my house most days. It has to be cooler where you are. See what I mean? Most days there's less than 10% humidity. How bout where you are? Ya know?

    Best advice ever...... If you build it, it will grow

    so build your cab. See what your temps are like. Adapt and overcome.

    Take lots of pics and start a journal.
  11. Okay I know this is a long time comin since I started this thread but I just wanted some more suggestions.

    I now have my armoire and will have pics later. The interior dimension are D19" W31" H66". That's a rather smallish space but enough for what I need........aaaand only the left side of the armoire. The other side will be for cloning and supply storage. I will be trying my hand at taking flowering clones. The suggestions I'm wanting to hear about are in regards to recirculating the flowering chamber. Will I necessarily need to have circulation besides a 250cfm carbon filter and the ports at the bottom of the chamber? In case you didn't read I will have a separate circulation system for the 400w HPS so hopefully that won't effect anything. any more suggestions will be appreciated.
  12. For an idea on ventilation I'd say you will likely need the inline fan for your cooltube, plus a 300-400cfm 6" fan for ventilation through the wardrobe and carbon filter depending on the ducting / filters involved. Even though the cubic footage would suggest a smaller fan it will most likely need 300+ cfm to keep cool enough, obviously depending on your ambient temperature. And that's just my random guess, I have a wardrobe of similar dimensions and with 250W of HPS (with cooltube) and 138W of CFL my 334 CFM fan is just barely able to keep up.
  13. Sweet! Conversation. Well my plan is to have two 6" inline duct fans circulating airflow through the cool tube via a separate path. I was hoping this would suffice. The ones I've seen on ebay are rated at 160 cfm. Any thoughts on that?
  14. Okay I got the dimensions of the flower chamber now that it's assembled and in the house. It measures 19"*31"*66" which translates to 1.58'*2.58'*5.49 feet=22.37 cubic feet.

    With at the 6" carbon filter with 440cfm fan this will circulate the air roughly every 5 seconds if my math is correct. Is this overkill? Is there such a thing as overkill in this field?

    If so I found another filter/fan combo in a 4" of the same design that flows 190cfm. This will allow more space for the colas growing through the screen IMO. Also it will circulate the air roughly every 10 seconds if my math is correct. Is there anyone who can check my math or let me know if I'm an idiot or not. I'm pretty confident in almost every aspect of this project except the math. I know how the math works, I'm just not sure if I'm converting it correctly.

    I hope this will work for my setup. My first grow was an open air grow in my closet with Rumples bubble bucket and a tower fan I had laying around. It went extremely well for my first go round. Thanks for any more help guys.
  15. When you say 6" inline duct fans, if you're talking about the "duct booster" fans like this then don't bother, they're not designed for being the only fan in a duct run:

    170cfm would probably be fine for just the cooltube loop, but it needs to be either a mixvent, centrifugal, or squirrel cage type fan that can handle static pressure. Those "duct booster" fans don't have the right type of fan blades to push air through ducting. If you have two of them and it's just for the cooltube loop it might work alright though, but the less airflow through the cooltube the more heat is getting into your grow area.

    From just looking at the cubic feet you have it seems like 440cfm would be overkill, but you can always put the fan on a speed controller and turn it down, can't unbuy a fan that's too small. I'd stick with the big 6" fan for general cooling, there is no overkill only "open fire" and "time to reload". With these cabinet setups it seems like more cfm is needed to beat the heat than would be assumed since it's in such a tight space. I feel like a bigger room could get away with less ventilation and still have less heat issues.

    Good luck with the setup! Sounds like you've got it pretty well under control.
  16. Well thanks for the compliment. I guess my research has paid off. My plan was to use two of those duct fans for the separate circulation of the 400w HPS. I could always try to figure out another solution. I would have had one fan push air throughbthe cool tube and the other pull the air out of the chamber.
  17. i just posted pics of mine, use it for examples, more detailed ones to come, or ill try and take some for you :)
  18. I like your setup man. I think your temps are great. Makes me think my plans are overkill, which I guess is a good thing. I'm gonna have to do more reading on how lower temps will affect flowering. Off the internetz to do some more reading.

    Curse my engineering upbringing. Makin me think too much.
  19. if that was to me loserface, thankyou! its actually working pretty well, i understand the thinking too much, i change a little something every time i look and check on my babies and having been raised on a plantnursery, also makes me think too much too, always wondering if there as happy to be growing as i am, haha

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