Designing A Dual Chamber Mother And Baby Clone/veg Closet

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    Sup folks, getting ready to convert my closet into room 2 in the next few weeks.
    I think what I want to do is keep one to two mothers and my clone machine/baby clones up top, and then use the space below to veg to about 1.5 ft or a little less.
    I don't see veg going longer than 6 weeks and it will probably be more like 4 because I hope to run perpetual. Still have to see what works best for me.
    1.5 feet deep
    4 feet wide
    8 feet tall
    Here's the first plan I drew up and wanted to use the closet as it is with little to no modification. I dont think it will work though:
    View attachment 1440432
    I'm thinking what I'll do instead is move that shelf down to 4ft and that way I'll have 4ft for mom and clones and 4ft for veg.
    I think that should do for splitting the space.
    For mom and baby clones, 2ft 4 bulb T5
    ~8000 lumens
    For veg, 4ft 6 bulb T5
    ~30,000 lumens
    Over or underkill anywhere?
    I figure a 6 inch duct fan exhausting out the ceiling into the attic with intake holes cut into the bottom of the closet door ought to work for air and heat?
    Is 6" over kill? I'd like it to be as quiet as possible. Maybe I could do a 6 inch hooked up to the timer with the lights, and something smaller for air exchange during the off time?
    And I think that about covers it yeah?

    If I was building a closet like that, I would divide the levels so the clone area is only the bottom 24-30" and the rest above it for the mothers. It would be better to have the proper space to grow them as long as you want, and clones don't need much space.
    Exhausting into the attic is a perfect idea, and I do not think 6" would be overkill. You are better to buy the proper gear the first time rather than buy something smaller only to discover it is not enough.
    Thanks for the replies. I'm going to order the supplies soon. I may consider making the top part the veg area might be easier to tend to the moma that way. Gonna have to think on that one.

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