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Designer Bongs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by iron chef, Feb 12, 2003.

  1. Anyone here into fancy designer bongs? Over christmas break (while I was visiting my old town in NY) my homies pitched on a JBD - that's Jerome Baker Designs, a custom bong maker from the west coast that makes some sick ass bongs with crazy artwork. The one we bought is 18 inches, with a nice fish with glasswork inside (the body of the fish has insane patterns inside it).

    Aside from JBD there are a bunch of other designer bong companies starting to come out, the most popular being ROOR. ROORs are crazy german engineered bongs that produce some of the cleanest smoke I've ever had. This fool I smoke with has a two foot custom ROOR with a crook at the end. It's got a diffuser downstem which is like a test tube with a bunch of tiny holes drilled in the end, and it makes the bong milk itself in an instant...he also has an ash catcher, which is a smaller chamber that attaches onto the downstem - it catches all the ash when you snap a load, so you don't have to clean the bong itself; only the ash catcher. He also has a seperate diffuser for the bowl that goes into the ash catcher.

    Personally, I think the best bong out there is the PHX - the company that manufactures it is pretty close to me. The bong is fucking insane...hopefully I'll have enough money to buy one soon.edit mod c,no posting of links to sites that sell products that grasscity sells,thanks.
  2. yeah ROOЯ bongs are fast developing a name for themselves as the best in the world. i couldn't beleive that my old local bong shop owner didn't have a clue about them... and he said he read all the literature! obviosly not a red eye reader.
    their ads are always in red eye
  3. i loooveeee pretty glass. i have a glass collection, it's such a waste of my money but i use every piece. i go through phases.

    jerome baker pieces are pretty neat, but alot of his pieces are similar. there are some pieces out there that i have had my eye on for a good year but can't afford. i especially like unique pieces... i don't have an example of a brand-name, but lots of colorchanging glass is always a plus, and inside-out designs are definitely a trip and a half.

    you can find me very often staring into the depths of the current piece i am using, stoned and amazed at "how in hell did someone make this piece so detailed?!"

    yeh, i'm a stoner
  4. Could someone please post some links to these amazing designer bongs? The ROOR sounds pretty cool! Also I've seen some ashcatchers for sale, anyone have one? Seems like a phat idea but do they work that well?

  5. just type in jerome baker designes, chong glass, hvy glass, maybe churchill glass into a search engine and there should be a bunch of links

  6. heheh I like ur siggie
    specially while im high
  7. Did someone say PHX with ash catcher? You have not smoked weed until you have smoked out of a triple chamber glass on glass on glass on glass on glass phx bong. It hits like no other. (There are five glass on glass fitted pieces that make up this bong.) Behold.


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  8. i reckon you don't need to spend a *stupid* amount of money on a bong...

    i got one of these ( ) for £34 or something like that (without the box)... as far as concerning me, it's *absolutely* perfect, tubing the right width, piece nice and massive... airflow is ideal as well, nice long downpipe means the bubbling sensation is just about right for the ol' lungs...

    i'm well interested in the roor option of buying just the downpipe seperately... how easy is it to snap one?!?! :eek: need to have a regular supply of replacements i think ;)

    ok... i'm sure roor bongs are better, more durable etc than mine, but as far as smoking pleasure goes, it's gotta be my glass bong....


  9. try smoking a sky bong (perculated) with an ash catcher, thats triple filtrated and smooth as hell. Yeah..... all we buy is nice glass, there's no point in owing it unless it looks nice, hits good and you can br proud of it....

    -=don't even get me started=- lol

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  10. i would have to agree with what's been said about the phx... not only is the smoke dense as hell, you can pull out the downstem (bybassing the bottom chamber) and shotgun a whole bong full of smoke in about half a second... hold onto it as long as you can and enjoy...
  11. one word ZONG!!!
    theyre out of business though thanks to john asscroft :(
  12. Did someone say Zong? I must say the hugest bong I ever smoked was a zong. Backstage in San Diego CA we managed to get ahold of the 8 1/2 foot Zong Cypress Hill was smoking on stage. Luckily we brought stash to the occasion. Here I am supervising a massive bongload. Here is a link to Bobo's account of the bong that night.

    Word. Zong.


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  13. Now that... Is awesome...
  14. My God, I'd pay $50 for a hit off of that.
  15. This is what we refer to as "dry carbing"... I ONLY dry carb my hits.. another reason i prefer gong bongs.. it acts as a carb allowing clean air to move through the joint rather than through the downstem and bong water.. cleaner tasting as well as clears faster.. damn near effortlessly.. try it on a single chamber tube! just becareful not to chip a gong joint pulling it out crooked..

    And I disagree totally.. Ive owned the 22" phx trinity model (3x) beaker and I dont like the dome style perc they use (the constant adjustment of water levels after every hit) and what we call DRAG.. the amount of lung pressure needed to move the smoke through the water.. the phx sucks in that department (the phx's that they started making around 6 months ago.. widened the diffusor holes in ther perc lessening the drag but still there.. alot of comanies also make knock off phx dome style percs.. pure for example..

    I much prefer the design that roor USA uses in their percs.. I also own a 24" roor perc 2x and this stomps the phx.. everyone that has both agree's as well (check for many expamples of drag haters!)... the roor's air flows better than any PHx.. hands down! I also believe it uses a bigger uptake tube inside the perc itself..

    Also some other companies that use perc designs like bluedot's ? stye and magic glasss took it a step farther with the? style.. but with all this said I still prefer my single chamber roor... dry carbed of course! want pics comparing desings?
  16. I forget where I saw it, but I saw a signature with the nicest fuckin' RooR bong I've ever seen on it.
  17. Hurricane Hurricane Hurricane!!!!!! They are the most original post Roor bong on the market. Every other companies piece looks like a modified scientific beaker, just like Roor's. No one else has a pipe with those curves, the 3 leg foundation or the vortex jets. Even the ashcatcher is original.

  18. Thier neat not great.. this is no roor bong? The hurricane uses a ground out style glass on glass connection its poor in quality when compared to a roor seal.. all hurricanes downstems wiggle because of the ground out joint (HVY use the same gong technique grounding out the joint size to 14mm).. hurricanes are only offered in 14mm (unless you can snag one of the rare scorpion models I think 8 were made they use 18mm $$$$) and Ive seen these unbreakble bongs break on many ocasions.. the nice thing about them IMO is when they tip over on most occasions the are desgned to only break the diffusro and A/C (catalyst?) The hurricane just doesnt produce that air tight hit a roor does because of the hole/slits in the glass.. some like it others dont.. I do like the curves.. have you seen roor germany's double narrowing sectons.. sexy curves! I know several that own both and prefer a roor hit??
  19. I have recently discovered my amusment for purchansing glass bongs. I am really looking for something special for me and my wife. I am looking to spend around 150 to 200 on a superb glass bong...any suggestions?

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