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Which is worse?

  1. Having a designated river who didn't smoke/drink, but doesn't have a permit

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  2. Having someone with their liscense drive, but is high drive.

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  1. Which is worse? I was in this situation recently, and need your opinions.
  2. Someone high can drive, especially if they aren't really high and they've driven while high before. I wouldn't trust shit to someone while drunk or on anything else tho. Drivers who are tokered up usually drive a little slower, too, so you don't have to worry about them speeding into the back end of someone else.
  3. Dammit that 60 second rule kills me. First I click the wrong answer on the poll, then my post is wiped out. I accidentally clicked what I thought would be better, which is high driver, rather than what would be worse, which is inexperienced driver. You just got to make sure the high driver doesn't hit any little girls on tricycles coming out of the fast food drive-thru.
  4. i'd rather have someone driving me high then drunk anyday of the week...especially while they have they're lisance...

    cause if you gte pulled over you woulda been screwed if you didn't have it....
  5. They both are dangerous situations to be in... I don't drive when high.. I have been with people who swear they drive better when high, but they don't really know the truth...

    Being intoxicated from anything and driving is not a good thing..

    Just my opinion!
  6. did you know as long as you dont smell like pot then officers might just think your tired, have a cold, have some other sickness, or just allergies? i read it in a news paper saying that they cant really tell if a driver is high as long as they dont smell like pot. so i would have to go with the high driver with a license and spray like febreeze then the sober unlicensed driver.
  7. i dunno, i would feel safe right now, im pretty high, dont usualy drive high, but i would, i dont know about other people when they drive....and i dont think they would want me to drive tho

  8. yeah...cause your all sketched out andn concentrate because you don't want to get puled over at

    edit: spelling issues.
  9. i drive high, im not sayin i drive better high but i drive high. sometimes i make some shitty mistakes, but i am really cautious when drivin ghigh, i never tailgate and i keep kinda slow (i do both when sober too). id rather have someone driving high with a license, but not drunk.
  10. high with lisence no contest, everyone i know that drives high is careful and a good driver, yea about the being pulled over while high and officer cant tell if you are, they talking about the only way to tell is a blood test right then and there, and that brings up contraversial issues eh
  11. This is where I am comming from: My friend was high, he has a liscense, but he drives kinda fast, even on small, one lane back roads.

    Our friend doesn't have his liscense but he has plenty of driving experience, so if he stayed sober and drove us all home, it might be better.

    This is what i'm thinking for the high driver: public intoxication, reckless endangerment and possession of an illegal substance.

    Sober driver: driving without a liscense, and possession of an illegal substance (if someone had any left, or the resin in our bowls)

    I dunno, I might just not put myself in that situation again, I pushed it once, and that is enough.

  12. I agree with you ZD.. They also had an experiment with tired police officers and then rested officers who had drank 8 beers each... The drivers who were tired( had been up for 24 hours) failed the driving test alot worse that the same people when they had drank the beers...

    My point was........I wouldn't ride with either one... The risk are higher than I am willing to accept....

    Just my views...
  13. Yeah, thats the conclusion I have been getting to lately, the stakes are too high, and why push it when I can just relax at home and smoke, or have those same friends over to my house, then no one has t oworry about how they are getting home.
  14. Rather be with the high driver with a license. Cause if you get pulled over and someone without a license is driving, there's a slight slight chance you'll be walking your ass home.
    They need to make like.. a drunk driver's lane with a barrier cutting it off from the other lanes. Heheh..

  15. HAHA, like that commercial??

    that is one funny commercial, cause doesnt the guys cofee go on his pants? and ther drving this shitty car too, oh well, i gots good memorey

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