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  1. I am about to step it up a notch with the grow and use my new Sentinel CHHC-4 atmosphere controller. I have an air conditioner/CO2 unit/ dehumidifier ready to hook up to it. However, I am unsure how to run my inline fan that ventilates over the lights. What timing should I use and/or how should this be set up? I am nervous about sucking CO2 out constantly while the lights are on. This is for a 10'x13' walkin cooler with three 600w inside.
  2. nobody? Let me try to rephrase. How should I ventilate with CO2 induction? Does it matter if I'm pulling air out of the room constantly (from over the lights)?
  3. I have no experience with co2 so i can only tell you what i read. you want to either turn off your exhaust or have it at 10% .. again this is only what I've read
  4. Of your using a tent then your going to set your fan up and run the ducting straight threw the tent out the other side so the lights are being cooled off by the air on the other side of the tent. If that makes sense.. And then you would need another fan for your filter, you would mount the fan right ontop of the filter but dont use ducting. So the fan and filter is just recirculating the air inside and exchanging the smelly air for clean air and never really sucking it out.
    Hope that made sense...
  5. WeFitPineSoFine,
    I am also faced with a similar dilemma as I am looking into a sentinel environmental controller. My issue now is that there is a lot of negative pressure present, so no amount of co2 is going to stick around unless I recirculate the exhaust back in. I really need help in keeping the co2 around and keeping the room temp reasonable.
  6. If you run a fan cooling hoods and the air is being pulled from your room then you are wasting all your CO2. Can you pull air from outside, run it through hoods, vent outside? That would be your ideal setup if you are using CO2. That way you aren't throwing(sucking) all your precious CO2 out the window so to speak.
  7. Another idea i thought of was to go LED and use the recirculating carbon filter can + inline fan. So that way all the air present in the room is just recirculated.
  8. Thank you for the input. I have a definite problem on my hands here. I planned to exhaust through the light shields. Pump in straight from the a/c unit. Introduce co2 to the room right where my wall mount oscilating fan is. Possible options:
    A: don't draw from inside the room to exhaust and enclose whole air cool, which would require another 4" hole drilled in my walkin cooler :(
    B: try to find an intervaltimer and only exhaust every 5 or 10 min.
    C: Since I already have the Sentinel Chhc-4, monitor the co2 levels and usage. From that decide if leaving the inline fan over the lights and out of the room is really sucking all the co2 out.

    Which do you think is the best option? OR suggest another please. Much needed help. Sorry no pics.
  9. Solution of choice:

    I chose to keep it all recirculating. Pumping cool air into room with outside a/c unit through ducting. The unique part is that I will add some extra fans on the inside and take glass shields off the lights. Also, the ducting coming in from the a/c unit will go directly into each light shield and cool air will disperse from the lights. btw I'm using 25,000 BTU a/c unit for 400w MH, 600wHPS, 1000W HPS.

    Thank you for all the help blades.

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