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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Bart Rayis18, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. I've been lurking around GC for awhile now, absorbing as much information as possible. Unfortunately, I do come to roadblocks.

    First off, the growbox is:

    11 3/4'' Long, 8 3/8'' Wide, & 4' Tall.

    I plan to use a few computer fans (perhaps 2 or 3) to pull in air and the ONA bucket fan concept for odor control. The bucketfan will be placed outside of the box, in the closet.

    Lighting is my larger roadblock. I'm just not sure What wattage would be adequate for my box considering the size. I would assume a 250w HPS would be fine but I'm just looking for reassurance.


    This was another hard decision considering my first grow. I want something slightly challenging but not too difficult. I know that lowryders are always a great choice for beginners but to me, it seemed to "commercial". So far this is what I've decided and I would much appreciate feedback or suggestions on different strains than the ones I've picked. Preferrably strains that are more of a medium difficulty to grow.

    1.) Master Kush
    2.) Church
    3.)Jack Herer

    I'm still pondering whether I should grow these at different times or grow all four together (I should be able to fit four plants in my box).

    Security Issues: Parents. Haven't figured it out yet other than locking my closet or my door at all times. My initial hope is that I can make them watch The Union: The Business Behind Getting High, and hope that sways them enough.

    Hazards: Electricity. The rents already run a pretty high electricity bill but if I begin my green thumb journey, I'm afraid it may give me away. I know what to do as to conserve energy usage on my part but I'm not sure if the family would do the same.

    Other than those issues, it's pretty straight forward. I plan to use Great White Shark for building strong roots and Fox Farm (how original but hands down, they're the best. :p) for my nutes. I'm very anxious to dive right in, hoping to surface with a very successful grow!

    I don't have pictures up yet because the box is still in pieces. Pics will come soon!

    Grow on friends!:wave:
  2. Are those dimensions correct? 11 3/4 inches long and 8 3/8 inches wide? That's not a lot of room. One idea that comes to mind is splitting it into a top and bottom, but you'd probably only be able to fit one plant per level, certainly not 4 plants.

    With about 2/3rd's sq ft of floor space, 250w hps might not be the best choice. I think most people will suggest CFL's for something that size. Cheaper too.

    Given the small size and consequently small wattage, there's a decent chance the parents won't notice the electricity. Would they notice $20/month more?

    And while I don't know your parents, I tend to doubt having them watch The Union is going to convince them to allow their child to grow pot in their house. And if you go that route and they say no way, they'll be watching for you to do it anyway. Whereas if you don't say anything at all you might be able to slip it by. Most people will say its unethical and irresponsible to grow in your parent's home, however, and there's some validity to that.
  3. Ah my bad on the measurements. Been awhile since I was in shop class hehe.

    It's basically 2ft 3in long by 1ft 8 in wide.

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