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  1. Hi
    I think i'm gonna try to grow some pot

    i think i have a good place to try it

    In my apartment, which is the upstairs of a house, i have these large attic closet holes. I have 2. One is large, in my living room, has 2 doors and a interconnecting passage. It is connected to the chimney, some how (they had to block up the chimney once. The other is in my bathroom and is smaller but still huge. Neither have access to power via a close outlet and i'd have to run a drop cord or something to both. Would these be good grow rooms? Note traffic in and out of my apartment, smell, light leakage, and temperature. The doors can be easily seen from either room and i'm afraid of light leakage out the doors and chimney.

    what do u think?
    how much would it cost to fix one of these spaces into a grow area?
    What would i need to do??

    I want some ideas
    I am a very, very green newbie
    I'm not very good with plants, but i am willing to learn.


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  2. what are the dimensions of these rooms? grab a tape measure and find out:)
  3. okay
    i don't have a tape measure handy, but i did climb up to them and guessed

    i'm thinking they are about this:
    from the base of the cabinet to the ceiling is about 3 feet. there is one door... the side with the door and the one opposite to that is about 4.5 feet. The other sides are 3 feet.

    for the other cabinet, i guess it is a 3 feed by 3 feed by 3 feet cube
  4. not too bad. i'd say a 400 or 600w HPS would be good in there. its hard to describe other aspects though. like do these cabinets have insiulated walls? are they near the roof or the floor? what color are the walls?
  5. like do these cabinets have insiulated walls?
    as for insulated walls.. i'm gonna say yes.. but i don't know

    are they near the roof or the floor?
    yes.. this is attic space... it's very near the roof

    what color are the walls?
    well.. the walls of the attic are mostly unpainted, i guess, except for the ceiling, which is white

    how much is that light going to cost?
  6. also, i was worried about ventilation
    i don't want my apartment to smell like pot, just in case

    also, in these crawl spaces there is no where for air to go except out of the doors and into the main rooms.

    what do i do about this??

    looking at lighting fixtures and i have a question
    I have an agreement with my landlord that i don't pay electricity
    However, i am concerned about power usage, because if the bill does go up from the use of lighting, they will get angry and perhaps start to ask questions... and that's NEVER good
    how much will a 300W bulb running for 12 hours a day run up my electric bill??
  7. yes, the walls are insulated

    Also, you recommended a 400 or 600w HPS light
    i was looking at the prices on those... those are REALLY EXPENSIVE.. not to mention electricity.. see above post for that issue

    could i use one of those 30 dollar 70w or 40 dollar 150w??
    maybe it wouldn't be as bright, but could i remedy this with some aluminum foil and some cardboard to reflect and enclose an area?? I'm in college and money is a big issue :)

    also, i was reading that if i get this HPS light i don't need a flourescent bulb for the seedling/germination phase.. is that right?

    all in all, how much do u think this experiment will cost?
    i've said i'll try to spend under 50 bucks, but i am willing to go higher if it's not by much
    plus i can get a bunch of stuff from my uncle for free, if i ask

    i'll draw pictures of the crawl spaces in mspaint..haha


    is this suitable?
  8. for the ost part, its gonna cost at least $100. i've only been at it for a couple years, ad have probably spent a few 1000. i can only imagine a veteran grower thats been doin it for 30 somethin years. it would be in the millions i'm sure. but if you want a lower light bill, partition off a smaller space in the box. how many times a day do you smoke?
  9. haha.. times of day?
    more like times per week

    I like it when i can smoke atleast twice a week.. maybe some on the weekends and on Tuesday (long story about Tuesday)

    haha.. I wish i had enough pot or enough cash to buy pot so i could smoke that much..hahahahaha

    btw.. look at my pic.. my aritistic talents are lacking, but it looks something like that..
    the doors are flush with the wall.. they are built into the wall..
  10. id just get a 150w hps and some fluros, start 4 seeds (get northen lights, not much odour at all) under the fluros in the 3x3x3. grow them on till they r about 6inch tall.

    then id put them in the larger space under the 150, id get some boxs to make a wall, keeping ur space small and shading the 2nd door from the light so it can b opended as a vent. the 150 id have on 12/12 light, keeping the bill very low and u allways have plants in flower but only a few (smell) u can take them out and harvest when they r ready and put in new seeds?clones from the veg box.

    that shud give a light smoker enough bud and keep the chances of getting caught right down. it wud also b cheap to set up.

    had a scribble on ur pic, it aint to scale but shud show wot i mean.

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  11. wow.. thanks!!!!
    you guys are soooooooooo helpful
    i like your picture better than mine, btw.. :)

    as a first time grower, should i be overly concerned with pH levels and temperature? I was kinda planting on not using hydroponics, since that would probably be an expensive set up and dirt can work just as well, as i've read.

    also, seeds
    i was thinking about this today
    the only viable place i know of to get decent seeds is a seed bank from the internet
    but then they have to ship the seeds directly to you... and that sounds a little.. "traceable and shady"
    how do you guys overcome this hurdle?
  12. Hey man, im in the same boat as you and just starting out. Check out my post in here. Ive posted pics of my room.

    Ive got a 70w hps, and some floro's. All and all for all the lights in the pic (70whps/$55, 2x33w floros/$20, 2 fixtures that hold 2 floro's each/$ under $100. And its pretty darn bright.

    Ive had my stuff on 24/7.

    Biggest issue so far is heat. Its not super hot, but its sure WARM. Later I imagine it will be skunk smell.

  13. dirt is fine, bad ph and heat will mess up ur grow tho. as u r only growin a few small plants then ur gonna want it runnin well. it aint hard to grow weeds but take the time and put a little effort into it and u shud have some real nice plants. it is worth the hassle.

    get them sent to a m8s place, i drive to the seed bank in a car that aint down in my name. its 120ml away but i go past it on the way to vist my daughter so its no hassle 4me.

  14. remote the balasts outside of ur grow box if u can.

    skunk smell, yeah id say so lol.
  15. well, i smoke at least a bowl a day. sometimes 2 . and this week a plant will go into flowering in a 20" wide x 18" deep x 32" high box. this will be plenty to keep me satisfied and then some until next harvest. so if you only smoke a few time a week, you're only gonna have ot grow like 1.5 - 2 oz. so even an 18 wide x 12 deep box would be plenty. unless you want to make some money off of selling;).
  16. i went to Home Depot to price some things today
    i discovered i could get all the stuff i required plus a humidifier for under 50 bucks

    my only problem is the HPS light

    a 150 watt is 80 dollars.... way out side of the spending limit
    a 70 watt is 20 dollars.. more reasonable
    however, i was looking at a Mercury Somthing lamp that supported a HPS bulb... and the bulb itself was 20 dollars

    so that's 40 dollars for the light
    that's still kind of alot
    how else can i get this HPS light?

    I made a few drawings today, and i will redraw them in mspaint and post here maybe tomorrow

  17. wot u need a humidifier 4?

    get the 70w then, u can grow some bud with that, u can get more or bigger lights later if u want. do get the hps tho.
  18. a 150 w hps from depot is just a few bucks more and 3x the power+3x the budz :D

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