Desigining DR90 Tent CFL Grow for Sour Diesel, Bubba Kush, Blue Dream Strains

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  1. This is my first post, My understanding is that I am supposed to include as much detail about my grow as possible so that people may answer my inquiries with greater accuracy.

    My first concern, and the purpose of this post is to anticipate and to prepare for any odor problem.

    This is a completely legal grow (I have a medical marijuana card)but I would rather keep it secret or "stealth" as some of you say, for security reasons. I am a diasbled pain patient and cannot afford to become a theft target.
    I live in an apartment building sooooo.....I have to be very sure about the smell before I begin this thing.

    I was hoping that having only 1 - 3 plants would be enough to limit the smell somewhat?

    My first back-up plan in the event of an odor problem was going to be to break out the ONA gell.

    I am much less sure about the necessity of attaching a carbon filter to a 3'x3'x6' grow tent.

    I will be growing my few plants in a Secret Jardin DR90II Grow tent.

    I hope to grow Sour Diesel and Bubba Kush.

    I have studied the situation and plan to use ten 100W equivalent cfls "lightbulbs". I am comfortable with the heat/cost/light/ease of use of these type of cfls. I can always change that detail later as necessary.

    This is very important to me. I will be growing for strictly personal consumption for PAIN CONTROL. This is medicine. I have to grow the most mind-bending pot possible. This is serious business,folks. So please, no bullshit,no ridicule,no wierd conjectures or "what if" answers. Other than that, I need good honest advice from guys who have been there and done that.This is my first post and as such, should contain every little detail about by grow. But I have fibromyalgia and it is painful to type much.

    Since this is my first post, should you read it, please be kind enough to post a reply. Any words of encouragement would help. Just so that I know that I am not alone here.
  2. Hey, I'll be following your grow for sure. I have around 10 sucessful grows under my belt so if you need any help along the way I hope I can assist you. I too grow only for personal use and I only grow 2 plants at a time, in soil, in a 22 x 36 x 63 tent. Just so you know even 1 plant is enough to create quite a stink...but some plant strains create more odor than others...I wish you luck my friend.
  3. Thank you for taking the time to reply and thank you for offering to follow my grow. Congratulations! on your 10 successful grows. I will defer to your experience. You have already answered one of my basic questions in that yes, apparrently two plants can be grown in a small tent. I am beginning to understand that I need to shop for a carbon filter and a fan to feed it and ducting. I understand that some strains are more smelly than others. Sour Diesel is supposed to be especially bad, which is unfortunate because it is great medicine. I obviously need a lot of good information on the less smelly strains to grow indoors.
    Thank you for your wish of luck. I am going to need it on my first ever grow.
    Thanks Again
  4. I have the same tent as you and would recomend at least 250 watts if not 400 watts. CFLs are great for veg but when it comes to flowering you would get better results with an HPS bulb. Now, I know you said no what ifs but you also said you wanted mind bending pot so what if you vegged under cfls and flowered under an hps? With at least 2 months between harvests (3 months is more realistic) you will want to get the most meds as possible and with the space you have you could utilize it much better than just 100 watts of cfls.
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    I must agree. I used to use CFL's but upgraded to a 400 watt HPS and by doing so I not only grew better quality bud but also more than doubled my previous yields. There are trade-offs though when you go for HPS..heat is a major issue which means more ducting, fans and money in general not to mention higher electric bills..these are all things you have to weigh...and according to your initial post, you already did.
  6. :smoke::smoke:I apologize for being unclear in my original post. I did say I intend to use 10 cfls at 100W each totals 1000W. My hope is to use a "cooler" color cfl for the vegetation stage and then switch the cfls to a "warmer" color for the flowering stage.
    My hope is that I can get a good yield under 1000W. If heat build up becomes a problem I could remove two "bulbs" and run 800W and so on.

    Since you have a DR90, would you please tell me a little bit about how satisfied you are with it.

    Thank you so much for your help and your interest. I wish I could be more engaging in this conversation but it hurts to type so I can only putter along.
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    I actually have an Agromax grow tent. I love it. Tents give you the ability to have a more controlled enviroment as opposed to growing in a larger room. It was a great investment. I'm sure you will love your DR90. If you click on the link in my signature you can check out the huge center cola from the last plant I had in my tent.
  8. That is far out Dude! Thanks for sharing that! That cola is as long as your arm! Shit!...Smoke it! (...saying "vape it" just doesn't have the same ring, now does it?)

    Question:What do you do for odor control?

  9. Hahaha! My Nephew just bought a new vaporizer and hes bringing it over tonight so we can break it in!

    I am actually quite lucky to own my own home that is very secluded so I dont even worry about the smell, so Im sorry I cant help you with that...but there are plenty of people on this forum that could help you with an FYI you could check out the DIY section on the forum...I have seen plenty of ingenious odor control methods on there.
  10. Yeah, right on. I understand.

    Are you able to use your tent as a drying chamber?

    I mean, it seems to me that right after harvest the tent will be vacant, dark, light-tight and a perfect place to hang up branches to dry. The only questions would be humidity and air flow?

    What do you do based on your experience?

    Thank you greately for your kind assistance and for your time.

  11. I hate to see anyone in pain so lets get you on your way to being medicated!

    I love my DR90II, LOVE it, fits perfect in one of my closets and easy to setup. Everything on it seems to be good quality and pretty heavy duty. The seems look like they were sowed well and I don't have any light leaks but sometimes you need to be careful when you zip it back up to make sure the zippers handholds are snug. I just pulled over 6 ounces on my very first grow and I've got the next ine underway. Check out my journal if youd like:

    Have you thought about getting a touchscreen device? It may be a little easier on your fingers with less impact.

    Lastly, you say 10 100 watt bulbs. Are you talking about a 100watt equivalent or 100 actual watts?
  12. A little more about my design.....
    I will be using Fox Farms soils for my potting needs:

    Fox Farms Happy Frog:hello: (FFHF) and Fox Farms Ocean Forest (FFOF).

    I will probably mix in a bit of pearlite.

    I have not yet decided between 2 1/2 gallon buckets and 5 gallon buckets. Any thoughts on that score?

    My plan is to use FF nutes according to the directions on the label and my own good judgement. This is the first time I have grown the ganga and the first time I have grown indoors in a tent & c. This is not the first time, however, that I have ever grown anythingso I have something of an advantage there.

    I generally draw up regular tap water and let it sit in buckets in the sun for a day or two to let the chlorine evaporate. In this case, I will be applying the water to my plants at room temperature. Room temperature tap water has always worked well for me in the past.

    ('cept for flushing. I might flush with distilled water. I am still considering the wisdom of that one)

    My light array will be a simple board, probably a 2x4, with five bulb holders on one side and five on the other side for a total of ten bulb holders. It will be raised and lowered by means of rope ratchets. I have noticed from the many different designs I have looked at that rope ratchets seem to be popular in this application. Must be something to it. That will give me ten CFLs at 100W each. I am going to try to keep these about 10" from the plants and see how that works out.
  13. I am talking equivalent wattages. I believe these CFLs are actually 13W each. These are common household screw-in soft-white "bulbs". What do you think?

    Thanks in advance for your thoughtful consideration.
  14. Jimmy Jackson: Thank you for inviting me to view your grow journal. It is just the type of thing I was looking for...a grow in a DR90. Very cool. I skimmed through the thing but could not read all like 13 pages or whatever. I am going to go back and read over the parts about your ventilation system in greater detail.

    What has been your approach to odor control? I did not see a carbon filter on your tent but was seriously considering putting one on mine. Thoughts?:eek:
  15. I added the carbon filter later in veg when things began to get stinky. It can't be beat and when it comes to security I believe a little money now (carbon filter) can save you a lot of money later (court costs). There are some pictures on the first page or two or three, I cant remember, of how its set up but basically i have:

    passive intake>carbon filter>ducting>T split>ducting>my exhaust fan

    ducting>sealed hood>ducting>T split>ducting>my exhaust fan

    Those two are seperate from eachother until the duct meets at the T split (only 1 T split) after that the air shares the same duct and goes through the hole in the wall into the coat closet on the otherside.
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    Thank You.
  17. Yes, I see that now. and I begin to see not only what is possible to do inside the DR90.

    Yes, I like your design where the exhaust fan creates negative pressure for the whole system...this is very nice.

    I am especially interested in finding out the best cfm rating for the DR90.

    Unfortunately, I am in an apartment and won't be punching any holes in any walls either.

    Thanks again for sharing your design. I thought I was gonna get away with natural ventilation. Guess not. I don't mind spending the money but setting up the ducting and the fan and the filter the RIGHT way the first time around may present some challenges. But I will get it figured out.
  18. Good day to you,

    Earlier you asked about which size pots to feeling is the bigger the better...more room for root growth and more soil means more nutes for your plants as they grow.
  19. Yes, I agree. And I imagine I will have ample room in the DR90 for two or three 5 gal. buckets as far as floor space is concerned. Height wise, I think the 5 gal. buckets are a little tall for the 6' tent, but still, I think they will work. What do you think?
  20. Well, my tent is only a few inches over 5 feet high and Im using 7 gallon pots and Ive never had a problem...but I always keep my plants fairly short by flowering them when theyre around 8" tall so they usually end up around 20" tall so I always have plenty of space left.

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