Describing life in 4 sentences

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  1. Describe life in 4 sentences. Examples:


    Get born
    dream of becoming a professional basketball player
    get paralysed
    die of old age


    Get born
    acquire knowledge
    learn to love
    die happily with the feeling of having lived your life to its greatest

    Your turn.
  2. Surface the womb
    smoke a bowl
    smoke another bowl
    die high.
  3. Shits going good
    Shit went wrong
    Shits happening
    Shits gonna be alright.

    Rinse and repeat.
  4. Pop into the world
    Live how you want by working as hard as you want
  5. Why?
    I'm right.
    I'm wrong.
    I'm dead.
  6. Surviving the war of being born.
    Exploring your childhood curiosity.
    Smoking as much as you can as fast as you can.
    Live fast and die hard or live safe and die old.
  7. win the race;
  8. Let me out of this womb, I'm ready to grow up too soon

    Let me out of this school, I'm ready to act all cool

    Let me spread my own seed, and I'll grow what I'll need

    Let me smile when I die, my life was lived very high

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