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  1. Ok basically, post a paragraph or so, (hell, the more the merrier, but remember not to type in huge blocks of text), about yourself. Post your hobbys, musical interests, favorite movies, favorite past memories, ect. Just enough so we can start to learn about the members in our city.

    I guess I'll start. haha

    I'm 18, born and raised in California (SoCal, to the Central Valley, to NorCal). I love drugs, but try to limit myself when it comes to opiates. I'm a tweaker, quit many times, relapsed every time. I listen to rap music from the Bay Area, both Gangsta Rap and Hyphy music. My parents have really good paying jobs, but we've lived in different hoods all up and down cali, because my parents give most their checks to the credit card companys... So basically since I was a kid I grew up in the streets, jus doin my thang.

    I like to type how I talk, with slang and an "accent" basically like "wha's good" instead of "What's good" kinda thang. I like when people do that, gives ya more of a feel for how they are in person. I like Pitbulls and Rotty's and lizards and snakes are legit too.

    I'm enrolled in college, waiting to begin my EMT classes. I want to eventually get my EMT-Paramedic certification, and make a career out of it and put a lot of money away in the bank. I want to use that money to open a headshop called River's of Babylon, and dedicate it to Daphney (Shakemytrees, RIP) since it was our plan to move her out here and start it together before she passed away.

    I like to get into real deep conversations, but most of the time peoplke just dont seem to understand, so I dont even try anymore. My dealer and his girl are GREAT for this though, the only people who really understand.

    Well, NEXT.

    haha, hopefully this shit actually works out, I'm trying to kill boredom for me and whoever else is on tonight.
  2. I like this idea,

    Well i've been raised in a town that i honestly do not belong in, and its been really getting to me lately. I am 18, but not graduating this year becuase of lack of credits, anyways I enjoy riding my dad's old street bike and skateboarding, All of my really close friends have moved away in the past year to: Arizona, San Fran, San Jose, and LA. This makes me a much more independent person, and lonely.
    I really love animals, was vegan for a year, but unfortunatlly i am no longer, I also have a talent in spanish i guess, and plan on studying in spain for a year if i go to college.
    I really try to help other, but now it seems like i need to help myself first.
    My music is pretty much hip/hop and rap: Living Legends, A Tribe Called Quest, Bone thugs, etc.
    I love to laugh, and Mary Jane helps with that a lot.
    Im pretty much down for anything once, as long as its in a good natured spirit
  3. Well

    I just turned 18, live in the tidewater area, going to community college for a year then transfering to another bigger college. I play drums (5 years) have played in numerous bands and have done countless little gigs and a couple of big shows. I feel i have a good head on my shoulders and love to engage in intellectual conversation.
    I love jam bands, reggae music, ska, rock, blues, i like everything. (well not EVERYTHING but u know).
  4. Good idea man!

    Currently in college, with still no idea what to really do with my life, it seems like everyones got it together but me I guess.

    Like classic rock mostly, and blues, some funk, and a dash of reggae.
    Enjoy cooking food, nature, art, movies, shiny objects, and can be a goof ball.

    Love animals and helping them, seriously nothing can cheer me up better than the love of an animal.

    Im also into martial arts, meditation, and astronomy.

    Not sure what else to say.
  5. I'm 20 currently in college in the process of transferring schools with aspirations of being a Film Critic. I live for entertainment and the arts. I could seriously talk forever about movies and music. I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Beatles, Radiohead, Incubus, and will always have a soft spot in my heart for Nirvana. Movies are the greatest form of entertainment to me.

    I like activism. I honestly and truly believe that I was meant to live through the 60s and enjoy the hippie counter-culture. I'm a space nerd, who's in awe of the stars, planets, and everything in the universe that our minds couldn't begin to understand. I love marijuana and recreational drug use, but I know how to moderate myself and strive to achieve my goals.

    In short I'm a motivated-movie-loving-hippie at heart!
  6. Coo thread smoken, good to more about you and stonedgoblin & balz420

    I'll give it a shot.

    My name is Phat Toi, Got that name from the homies when i was young then tatted on my arm. ive gone thru some mad bullshit that has made me mature fast. im 23yrs old and the oldest bro of 3. I look out for my bros and <3 all my fam. Our fam is real close and we keep it that way. I live in Cali where prop215 is ALWAYS in effect and keep my left knee heavely medicated. Im a Kush head straight up. I dont drink much and dont really fuck with other drugs. Herb is my passion and so is FINE GLASS. I love looking @ it and smoking out of it. I work fulltime and spend my free time with my lady or with my homies. I listen to rap/hip hop. Im into fishtanks and watching alot of NBA. I <3 my Lakers and this bowl of bubba kush is hitting the spot

    Toi out!
  7. As everyone else said, great idea.

    I'm 19, almost 20. Been livin in Mass my whole life. Started off in the middle of nowhere, and now I moved about an hour away from most of my friends, which sucks but whatever.

    I go to the University of Maine after I pretty much got suspended from Umass. I traveled to Costa Rica for 2 months and it was the best 2 months of my life. Learned much more there then in college.

    I love the outdoors and am studying Biology in school but have no clue what I want to do, maybe write for National Geographic or something. I love history as well.

    For hobbies, I'll do anything but I hate doing nothing and love being outside, fishing, hiking, sports whatever. I also am obssesed with the gym.

    For drugs, I love psychadelics. Especially mushrooms. I drink a ton at college, not so much at home. Smoke a lot no matter where I am.

    Oh, and I love real rap music, Biggie, Nas, Immortal Technique Tupac, Big L to name a few.
  8. ah,

    Uhm, I obviously live in california. . . in a little town thats getting bigger.

    Twenty years old, living with my brother and our friend in a neighborhood thats predominantly norteno affiliated but for some reason i like it way better than the middle class street i grew up on across town.

    Moved here in august from san luis obispo to help my brother get out of our parents house, and honestly sometimes i really regret it even though its put him in a better situation. ive been in and out of work, barely able to pay my bills and there is nothing to do here except escape sobriety.

    you see, before i moved back i got a DUI and my license suspended for a year. . and this whole year ive felt almost stuck in limbo like completely unmotivated to do anything. not giving a shit about much because all the jobs i can get are ones im able to walk to which basically entails minimum wage.

    nowadays i only really entertain a small group of friends, as most of the people i know and used to socialize with became very transparent and i pretty much cut a lot of people i felt werent real out of my life. .

    I try to fill my freetime with semi productive things, i paint a lot of trains. .
    do a canvas here or there and explore the nature that is here to offer in this part of the state

    in a nutshell im just your average substance abusing self proclaimed intelectual without a cause :D

    oh and i picked the name cali ounces because i used to be a dumb kid selling weed like the pizza guy, and thats what i bought
  9. aw I feel so much closer to you guyss
    good thread! :love:

    alright, this is my story!

    I live in Arkansas, have all of my 20 years. I live in a semi-small town, but I have travelled alot in my life, and hope to see the world. Working at a daycare is my job right now, and I love it. The kids are like my babies and I love the little shits to death. I don't make much money, but I like my job, and the children love me so it's really hard for me to leave.

    My EX fiance and I were engaged at the ripe age of 17, but with the surprise that he had cheated on me, relationship came to an end after 2 years, and 5 months of living together. Fresh out of highschool I moved away from my hometown (and in with my ex), but was arrested and suspended around 3 months in to my first semester. Now I'm at the local university, although due to lack of focus and direction, I pretty much bombed last semester :(:rolleyes::mad:.

    I'm still quite confused on what I'm going to major in- my dream would be to either work with disadvantaged children (be a social worker, or child psychologist- something along those lines), or to travel the world studying cultures and taking beautiful photographs along the way while writing about it.

    So who knows at this point? I take life one step at a time.. I'm not racing to the finish, I'm going to have a good fucking story to tell my grandchildren.

    I guess I would describe myself as (too) free-spirited, opinionated, eccentric, intelligent, creative-- a dreamer. I hate picking adjectives, but I love words. I write alot- just about random thoughts, or things I see that I think are funny.. which is alot of inane human bullshit.

    I've told you all about my mother almost passing in November- it's something my family stuggles with daily. My parents are divorced, and I live with my mom- hopefully I will be given more hours soon so I can finally get a place for me and my love, my doggie Riley.

    Relationship-wise, it's been about 2 years since I have had a solid relationship. I have dated around, but struggling with various addictions (alcohol, pain killers, xanax) killed one relationship with a beautiful man...(I was also bored with him, but one big reason for our breakup was because he was constantly worrying about my habits) my tendancy to be a serial dater has broken a few hearts along the way, and has left me somewhat jaded.

    Right now I'm just trying to get both feet on the ground- I will be moving at the beginning of next year :yay: I have a choice of living with one of two brothers- one lives in San Fran, and the other in Honolulu. I can't wait to spread my wings and get outta this small bubble I call home.

    The things that I love are my family and animals first and foremost- my good, real friends, of course the lovely miss mary jane, the outdoors (hiking, camping, canoeing, biking), the ocean, art(painting, drawing ANYTHING:D), music, dancing my heart out and feeling the beat in my bones, meeting new people, and traveling.
  10. Good thread man!

    Im 18 and currently reside in sunny San Diego, CA. Im in college and pursuing an associates degree. Who knows what will happen next.

    My parents are ex cocaine dealers, and most everyone in my family has experimented with drugs, but mainly my two oldest siblings. My sister was a speed freak, and it almost ruined her life. I love my drugs just as much as the next blade, mainly the dankest herbs, ecstasy and cocaine. I have a wonderful girlfriend who knows absolutely nothing of my drug use. It sucks lying to her, but the truth would hurt her even more. I don't have many friends, but I do have a few close friends.

    I enjoy most music, but I love music from the 60's and 70's. My parents had the best era of music IMO. I enjoy numerous video games and enjoy smoking hookah with friends or family.
  11. Nice thread idea :)

    I'm 24, living in Seattle (metro area). I work full time as a finance auditor. I also do freelance server administration, but that work is not as steady as I'd like it to be. I'm extremely liberal in my politics and views. I don't have a girlfriend or any crap like that,mainly because I don't really enjoy going out and doing the whole bar/singles thing. I'm a daily toker of the herb, mainly puffing on B.C.'s finest, and some local seattle dank when it's available. I'm also an occasional user of Cocaine (although the northwest stuff that i've come across is not as good as the stuff I got in the south.) and ecstasy. I listen to a lot of classic rock (Fleetwood Mac, Hendrix, Stones, Zeppelin, et. al) which was influenced by my parents, and a lot of real hip hop (Aceyalone, Atmosphere, Hieroglyphics)

    I was born and raised in the southern united states, Alabama to be exact. I moved to Ohio when I was 16, did one year of college and then joined the Marines. I served 3 very interesting years of my life working for uncle sam and being part of an unjust war, and for that.. I'm not proud. But I did get good benefits, traveled a lot, and a lot of tax free paychecks, plus I obtained the discipline and drive that had been lacking in my life. During this period of time, my wife (now ex-wife) fucked another guy and got pregnant. My first thread on GC was actually about this
  12. Well, Im 23 years old, Ive lived in Florida pretty much my whole life.

    My dads a multimillionaire contractor with his own business, and my moms retired, but when she did work she was a highly ranked employee for sprint. Both my parents worked all the time, so I would always run the streets from the time I got up until the time I decided to pass out. I, like SnT, grew up in the hoods, and Im still good friends with alot of homies from my hood.

    I do a shitload of drugs, from weed on down to coke, xanax, it dont matter so long as it aint crack, meth, or heroine.

    Ive been in trouble with the law multiple times, even though Im TRYING my fuckin hardest to stay out of trouble.
    I live with my girlfriend, and another friend. hopefully my girlfriend and I will be able to get my friend out in the coming months, being as where were living is actually MY house.

    I love music with alot of bass in it, but my main favorite music of ANY genre is Sublime. It just dont get any better than them :D I dont know what else Im to type, so Im out this muhfugga! PEACE!
  13. awesome thread SnT :)

    my names pavlos, Im 18 and currently live in brooklyn, ny.

    i was born in greece, moved to canada when i was 4, then to maine when i was 6, to massachusets when i was 11, and here to new york when i was 13.

    my dads a greek orthodox priest so im coming from a pretty religious family, and somehow i turned out as the high school dropout, pothead, lol. ive been on a 'vacation' from school since softomore year, when i figured i dont have to put up with this bullshit, over dramatic social experience they send kids to learn.

    since ive moved alot and had to make new friends, id say im pretty agreeable and get along with a variety of people quite easily, but i just decided to stop fitting in with society and dropped out. i am getting my ged and going to college this september, and i have a job at a greek cafe as a busboy on the weekends. although its not so well paying (8.00 an hour), i know alot of people there and have alot of friends there...well aquatences(probably spelt wrong)...ive started getting really picky on who i call a friend now, as i see too many people just trying so hard to fit in and generally making fools of themeselves.

    ive smoked weed everyday for about a year, cigarettes for like 2 years, and hookah for like 4 years. and even though my familys religious and my dads a priest, ive blazed with him, he smokes hookah; my parents know whats up with me.

    for much of the week i chill at home smoking weed and reading up on interesting shit (i am 'smart' btw, i didnt drop out for any intellectual problem) to keep up with lack of proper, up to date education. i more or less stopped going out as much...guess some would say im anti social, but im just pretty introspective and picky with people i spend time with (like, i wont chill with you just cause you have no friends or are 'cool'), but i tend to not like many people.

    although im 18 now, ive always felt older and more mature than most, thats probably why i hated school and dont like chilling with people like i used to. especially since i started discommunicating many people from me, ive had more time to find myself through marijuana :smoke: and just straight up alone time. as i feel ive found myself and am more open minded than alot of people, i tend to not be able to associate properly in a way, because im thinking of different shit and have different interests completely. of course i still have a few good friends, but i definenty am looking to meet more stoners in college. i feel like only other stoners think like me...

    finding out about the NWO and all, ive become inspired with revolution and tend to talk about the govt and things to do against them, and most people just hate talking about shit like that...the deeper, philosophical, spiritual convos really scare people away too, lol.

    but in all im a revolutionary, pot and peace loving hippy. live in the moment and VIVA LA REVOLUCION! :D
  14. i was born in thessalonki greece and grew up here name is Thalitha Sofia.thalitha is delilah in fiends just call me Dali.

    my dad died when i was too young ,of mum raised me and my siblings with a lot of effort.she made me go to ballet when i was 6 and since then i am still dancing and i thank her for that.she also always insisted i should learn languages so now i know english german a little italian and thanx to greece's educational system ancient greek and latin.basically i own a lot to my mum.
    we dont talk to my fathers side of family because they just willingly cut contact some years after he died and i havent seen anyone of them since my grandma died 4 years ago,the only one i loved of mum married again ...

    i was studying ancient and modern greek language and philosophy in Aristoteleio university for 3 years and i gave up this year to give national exams again to enter another university.i hope i will do well in my exams and study to become a diplomat or a translator ,but if i dont go well ill go back to aristoteleio.
    i had one big relationship in my life .we were on and off for three years and moved together for some months but the situation got sick and broke up.
    i have one sister whom i adore and had one brother whom i will always remeber/i dont want to tell more about him.
    i have one dog milu and he is the only man always there for me.although hes a dog...
    my best friends name is anna and she is my other half.we connect at everything.
    ive ben dealing with depressionn since i was 7.when i realised my dad was a teen i was most times ok and it hit me back when my brother i am fine.

    i read a lot/listen to music all day/i am very sensitive and i am the mum of my friends.
    ive been smoking since i was 16 years old. now i am 21.
    right now im not working cause i am studying but when i work i work as a bartender,a dancer at clubs or belly dancer at oriental bars.these are the only jos a dancer can find in greece.i teached ballet at 6 year old girls last year but the money was bad.
    except for mrj i use everything psychedelic exists.big fan of lsd.
    long story short this is me.
  15. My name is Mikerelli(I choose to go by a combination of my last and first name), I'm 19, and I was born in San Diego. I lived there for 6 years of my life and then moved to Naples, Fl where I have lived since. I love every kind of music except County(and even then I like certain songs), I obviously love marijuana and I do what I can to help it get legalized. I've tried a few other drugs but nothing really hard. I find that I'm kind of egotistical and a little bit arrogant so I try and catch myself and make sure I'm being realistic about things. I've been just about everywhere in the continental US via car(the only states I haven't been to are Idaho, Montana, and Washington).

    I love arguments and discussion. Especially on philosophy, ethics, morals, and my favorite topic, the metaphysical. I don't dislike many things, and I've come to find that I'll eat just about anything. On the whole, I find that one of the things I do dislike are people in general. I just find myself questioning people's actions and wondering if they are just looking to benefit themselves at all times. I also think I'm an insomniac(I tend not to sleep for 2-3 days at a time).

    My parents are just hard working people, they never went to college but they do the best they can. This past year I attended Edison College and this year I am looking to attend Texas University. I find one of my biggest problems is that I don't know what to do in life. People always say do what you love, but I love doing so much and it's hard to limit myself and when it comes down to decisions I have trouble making those kind. I have tried to learn as much as I can throughout the years. I have four years vocational culinary training, I used to be certified to work with computers, and I know some programming.

    I tend to be very humanitarian, and while I won't claim altruism because I am out for myself a lot of the time I feel compassion for my fellow man. It tends to screw me over, as I'll lend money, or give away things and then when I'm in trouble I don't find much help. I have a very odd sense of humor, I tend to laugh at things that aren't very funny to other people <_<. I think I am charismatic and I can get along with just about anyone, however my past record of friends is not a good indicator of that as I don't tend to have many. I have massive ADD(I don't take pills for it)and tend to get semi depressed when I don't have something to do. If I'm bored, I'll think. Almost never specifically about anything, but my mind kind of floats. I also am looking to start up my own head shop.

    There might be more, but I'd hate to bore you with my monotonous tale lol
  16. My name is Niki, I'm 18, staying in high school for my fifth year, getting all the credits that i missed in the first four.

    I want to go to George Brown College to become an electric apprentice, or go to traditional 4 year college and then go to university to become a psychiatrist, or I want to be a Child and Youth Worker and help in suspension programs or group homes.

    I was born in St.Petersburg, Russia, and at a young age moved to Toronto. I grew up in a small apartment in Scarborough for most of my life (don mills/ sheppard), then moved into a townhouse in Richmondhill, and i am currently living in a decent sized house in Richmondhill with my parents.

    I used to take mixed martial art classes but they were way too expensive and then i stopped, but i am still highly interested in it. I also like paintball and basketball.

    I'm usually in the library studying and getting missed credits, playing basketball ,paint ball, or I'm with my friends.

    I write poetry and play the bass guitar. I listen to mostly classical rock (led zeppelin,black sabbath, greatful dead) and 90's hip-hop (jay z, nas, notorious b.i.g).

    I had a girlfriend until she cheated on me and we broke up, i miss her so much. I'm dating this girl from another school and it's going alright.

    I'm full of so much useless knowledge, it can kill you.
  17. Something I forgot, thanks for putting up this topic. I love hearing about peoples lives and stories(to the point that I have been known to sit with people I don't know and just talk about their lives[yes I am that weird lol]). As for all the people that have posted so far, I have read your stories and look forward to reading MANY MANY more. Keep posting :p
  18. OI!!! The names Schuyler (skyler), i'm 18, born and still reside in akron. I'm not working now, i go from job to job just cause i get sick of most of them. I skateboard, play drums, and love music in all forms (except country). I like producing beats, and "rapping alot too." I read alot and love learning about quantaum physics and anything to do with deep or intillectual thought (Plato and other philosophers, etc). I guess that's what originally got me into weed and psychedelics, my quest for more knowledge. Mostly whatever i do in life is to inform or stress a message, that's why i'm not exactly sure what i'm gonna do with my life. I can't stand the day to day 9 to 5 job, i need something where i can be creative, ya see? but yeah thats me, ladies, don't hold back
  19. I'm IGotTheCottons, but most people just call me Cottons for short. I've moved more times than I can prolly count, and have lived in some pretty cool places. I lived in Germany, Georgia, West Virginia, Maryland, California, and South Carolina (though only for a few weeks) - But I've spent most of my life in and around Philadelphia. I want to see all 50 states, and am currently just short of half way.

    I've had a pretty fucked up life so far. My parents were mentally and emotionally abusive, and very negligent. I had a big part in raising my 2 younger sisters, and had to grow up pretty quick. Although it sucked going through it - I must admit that my struggles have made me a very strong person.

    I'm 24, and things are just now starting to go alright for me. I'm working a good job, that I absolutely love, and I'm getting ready to move out and go back to school soon.

    I plan on dual majoring in Business and Music. I want to own my own venue, production company, and recording studio - and plan to do so in about 10 years. Music is my life. Without it, I would not be here right now. I love pretty much all genres of music, though some more than others. Lately I've been really big into electronic - with Jungle, DnB, Hardcore, and Hardstyle being my favorites.

    Drug-wise, I've pretty much done 'em all, with a few exceptions. I've never smoked crack, or done heroine in any form - nor will I ever. I've never done Mescaline or K, but would love to try 'em. For the most part, now, I just smoke weed. Every now and then I'll drop some acid, eat some mushies, or take some X - but that's where I draw my line. I rarely ever drink, and when I do it's not very much.

    I have a relatively small circle of friends, but it wasn't always like that. Unfortunately, lots of them either died, got arrested, or turned into heroine addicts - and are now homeless junkies tricking themselves for dope. I've seen a lot of fucked up shit, and have had my heart broken too many times. I'm just glad I got my shit together before I went down that road.
  20. Ahhh well where do I start?

    I'm 20, will be turning 21 in October, currently a junior at the Univ. of Alabama in the fall, and I'm majoring in advertising. Hopefully when I graduate I can get a job with a reputable firm doing ad designs and making a sufficient amount of money. I love computers, people, music, movies, working out, photography, photoshop, and guitar. I've recently been getting into drawing psychedelic art, meditation and getting back into guitar playing. As far as music goes I listen to everything from Thievery Corporation and Floyd to B.I.G. and 2Pac. I'm also a glass aficianado and a cannabis enthusiast, meaning I enjoy everything having to do with the herb (advocation, news, etc). I attended a predominately white middle and high school in the middle of nowhere (over 85% white), because thats where I was zoned to growing up with my family. Despite attending a school like that, I've never had one person direct a racial comment towards me, they know I don't play that shit, and I'm also a firm believer in karma..most of them are as well.

    I love all women, even the crazy ones, but not the psycho ones haha. I learn something new from them everyday. Sorry to say I'm in love with Evangeline Lily and Jessica Alba (just a little known fact haha). I just love to enjoy living life, despite the challenges and bullshit it sometimes brings, and staying optimistic in the worst and best of situations. I never judge books by their covers, because you never know if you'll need to add that book to your collection...everyone has a story to tell...

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