Describe your usual smoking routine

Discussion in 'General' started by Tuor, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Where do you smoke, who tends to be around smoking with you, are you using a bong, bowl, blunt, are you listening to music or watching tv, are you chugging water or sipping a beer?

    I wanted to hear descriptions from you blades on what the setting usually is when you get set to smoke at the end of a long day...or at the beginning, whatever the case may be :smoke:

    For me, usually my roomates are all home by about 7 or 8 at night, most nights I'm the last home. When I get in, anybody who's smoking that night will get together in our main room, take turns packing up my guy's bong. Usually we have a game or ESPN on the tv, we've all got our laptops to either pretend we're working on something for school or, in my case, posting on here. But here's the thing - after we've smoked the first bowl and eaten (biggest and best meal of the day always comes after that first bowl) we'll pick a film and just smoke the rest of the night watching some dumb shit like Half Baked or the Big Lebowski or some other awesome film. Best one ever is Cousin Eddie's Christmas Vacation...or the Mask 2. Worst films ever - ever - made, but so fucking funny when you're ripped.

    Let's hear what your usual routine sounds like, blades :bongin:
  2. If I'm smoking alone in the morning, I'll wake up, start cooking breakfast, smoke a bowl halfway through and then finish making breakfast and eat. Then I'll just chill with my coffee and another bowl until I feel like doing what I have to do for the day haha
  3. I always smoke in my car. I'll either smoke a blunt or use my one hitter. I'm an incredible multitasker and my driveway is about a mile long and I have to creep because my car is low. I crank up the tunes and have a great sesh.

    Sometimes I go to my buddy's house and we'll sit there on his couch and play Peggle and smoke blunts and then put the roaches in the bong
  4. I don't have a routine, I just smoke when I feel like it. Which is pretty much every hour of every day.
  5. I smoke all day. It can be by myself, or with a friend, with a pipe or with a joint, at 2 in the morning or 4:20 in the afternoon. Everything in my life is structured except my smoking, the one thing I wouldn't want to design a routine for

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