Describe your perfect day!

Discussion in 'General' started by screech, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. sorry if this is already a thing, couldn't find it in the search function.

    but yeah, describe your perfect day!

    one of my perfect days could be a day where i wake up and it's sunny outside, so i take a walk or something else out in nature for a bit, come home, have some bong rips, and eat delicious food. then i don't know, maybe i do something fun with friends in the evening (probably more hits from the bong) and listen to awesome music.
  2. Hmm...well I'd get up, eat some eggs and toast and coffee, black.

    Hit up jiu-jitsu and roll for an hour and a half

    Get out and shower and eat lunch mid-afternoon, hit up some friends for the beach or hockey or something

    chill for a while, then pick up a dub and smoke up/have a few beers/pizza

    Also there'd be a girl in there somewhere too

  3. gettin money n slappin bitches
  4. dec 21 2012
  5. Easy.

    I want to go camping with some hot bird, wake up and hotbox the tent naked. Fuck till lunch then pound some beers and jump off cliffs into a lake while smoking joints and drinking beers. Have a steak cookout for dinner and return to the tent for more hotbox sex.

    I'm a simple man.
  6. Wake up to light rain hitting my window at 10am. Get up to a full english breakfast cooked for me. Take a shower, (For lack of better words) Bang my girl till around 5pm, Go out to a party. Wake up the next day sleeping in a random place with a splitting head ache. Come at me.

    Oh, forgot to mention the part where I won the lottery also..
  7. duhh, i wish i never had to wear pants. ever.
  8. [quote name='"UNAB0MB3R"']Easy.

    I want to go camping with some hot bird, wake up and hotbox the tent naked. Fuck till lunch then pound some beers and jump off cliffs into a lake while smoking joints and drinking beers. Have a steak cookout for dinner and return to the tent for more hotbox sex.

    I'm a simple man.[/quote]

    That sounds like the fucking shit.
  9. Wake up around 11 fully rested then roll out of my bed and smoke like a gram to the dome. Then go out get some breakfast tacos. After that go scoop up some friends and go to the beach and smoke blunts while cooking some Shit on the grill and pounding brews. After that i meet a dime on the Beach and we end up kicking it off. after that we go back to my place and fuck for about a hour. Then we smoke a lot of ganja and go out and eat Chinese food. After that we go back to my place and she gives me a massage while i smoke and watch a funny movie. That sounds about right
  10. perfect day for me wud be wake n bake drink some ice cold oj extra pulp, go for a quick bike ride come back home, get my cuzins or buddys hopp in my car smoke a bowl on the way to the beach and blast my music.. skimm board, swim, and lay out for a while till i lose my high then smoke a bowl on the beach, play in the water for a lil more and then head home.. grab some 40's on the way back and steaks, call up some bitches start a fire and make my steaks and drink my 40's and smoke some bowls and have a good time, and all this time id be wearing nuttin but shorts except on the bike ride where id be wearin shoes and shorts
  11. Mine would be just not getting arrested for once when I'm trying to kill hookers.. The police keep telling me it's against the rules, but it's not really against a rule because you can chose to not follow a rule but you'll just suffer the cociquences of your actions.

    I'm high lol
  12. wake up, morning blunt
    do whatever,
    blunt before bed
  13. Wake up refreshed 8am in a dim chilly air conditioned room, slip on a nice robe, have a cup of coffee and watch the news with my Husband, smoke as much ganj as I feel suit, go out back in the nice weather and smoke a cigarette, bath and dress myself, I'm looking good as shit too, smoke again, go out into the world for whatever reasons-listening to good ass tunes along the way, til we meet up with our friends for a party where we smoke and drink and chill til I'm ready to go, then Husband and I return home, smoke and shower/foreplay and have the best sex of our lives, sleep comes after..
  14. lmao how cud that old dude have no emotion on his face while riding a rollercoaster

  15. Maybe he had a heart attack before they eased over the edge. :confused:

  16. i know i almost did wen first goin on one, i thought my life was over.. but then i went back on bout 5 times.. insane
  17. my perfect day.....I wake up in a hotel room suite on a lusious king size bed with my girl friend we have uncontrollable sex for an hour or so followed by a few blunts and bong rips, after that we have a shower together and get dressed.

    we then leave the hotel and have a full english breackfast in a cafe on the beach whilst smoking a joint and a fine bottle of white wine between us.

    After breakfast we take a yaght out for the day on the calm sea, we anker the yaght and relax for the evening together, having more sex, more dank weed and more fine wine.

    Around 7pm as the sun is just going down on the horizan we make out on the front deck followed by a fine joint of hash laced with thc oil.

    We moar the yaght back to the shipping port at around 8, go back to the hotel room to get dressed into a tux while my girlfriend gets all done up in her sexiest clothing.

    Around 10pm we go out to the clubs and meet up with my best bros, we party all night long with lots of weed and drink

    Around 4am were both drunk and horny so we go back to the hotel for more sex followed by a bong rip each before collapsing into bed after a long fun and exiting day
  18. A stormy day with lots of weed, old twilight zone movies, alfred hitchcock, shameless, chinese food, and my ladyfriend. No pants allowed. :)
  19. Winning the lottery duh

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