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Describe Your High

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by weed aficionado, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. so i saw there were some old discontinued threads of this and thought id revive it. what do you blades feel like when you are high? details of trails of thought? doesnt matter what kind of herb you smoke, every time im high, i have certain characteristics that prevail, wether i smoke indica or sativa, so i figure it must happen to other people.

  2. I always have a blurry, buzz in my head and in my chest, then the buzzing spreads throughout my body and I feel light and fluffy and hungry lol
  3. Feel Excited but super relaxed at the same time. Doing anything is a big task for me to do except eating. i FUCKIN LOVE EATING. And music sounds fuckin excellent
  4. I usually feel a rush of euphoric emotion, calmness, slight dizziness for the first 15 minutes if it's a high potency strain, my creative thinking expands, I view the world, others, and myself in a different more open minded way unlike the black and white thinking I have while sober, music sounds more magical and movies become much more entertaining.  Time seems to either slow down or speed up depending on what kind of strain I'm using, and as I'm coming down off the high I feel slightly drowsy. 
  5. does anybody else have a hobby they particularly enjoy while smoking? myself, i like to play some mario on my pc emulator... love that shit
  6. Whenever I smoke I get a rush of energy and it feels like the top of my head is starting to float away. All of my sensations become 10x stronger and all feelings of sadness and depression disappear.
  7. Pressure fades in my spine and lower extremities, my muscles loosen and relax.  Creative thinking expands, as does a sense of calmness and peace.  It honestly feels like my brain communicates within itself more. (I'm terrible at explaining things lol)  I can laugh at the fucked up corruption in my county's government (seriously it's fucking rediculous), and most importantly I get relief from daily nonstop pain.  In a word: Relief.
  8. It makes you feel at one with nature, walking along and the ground rolls under your feet and the flowers form pathways and its so beautiful. I also start to realise I'm in control of my body, but my body is not me - like in my head I can tell it to do something and it'll do it. It feels like getting a full body massage from the air.
  9. Can I describe it after I get high? 
  10. I wish I could.
  11. feels like i have a hat on
  12. you may shadytheman, you may... :bongin:
  13. I become calm for a few minutes then go back to sober lol. I have a major tolerance
  14. sounds like you do
  15. I feel like this guy looks.
  16. Latley ive been having some really irritating effects with my highs, i allways feel like im forgetting to breath. And so i just sit there thinking and trying to control my breaths while my heart feels like its racing. Dont want to sound like a noob but anybody have any advice? Ive been smoking for a good 2 years and this has become really frequent.
  17. i kinda feel like im sitting there in 3rd person view  like my sould if you will, leaves my body i feel like a fuckin rich celebrritie when i walk down my street to the convienience store i feel like ihave the courage to go ask a girl out if somone looks at me or stares ill make a 2 minute scene yelling to me, im not embarassed to say do you have a fucking staring problem buddy do you mind not starig at me and when somone starts a fighf i dont back down ever
    or ill just sleep, have a coffee and starbucks, that is good too.
  18. It feels like all the loads of stress have been vanished, I'm blasted into another galaxy looking down at those at earth geeking like a 5 yr old school girl haha. 
  19. I'm like that except I'm always feeling like I'm forgetting to hold my anus closed. And so i just sit there thinking and trying to control my analysis muscles while my pants feel like it's full of shit.

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