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Describe your high.... seriously

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Highfives, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Im new to it but not that new, I know ive definitely gotten high before but its not all that I expect. Im usually sleepy and like mad chill. Laugh a lil but not what a lot of ppl on GC make it out to b.

    The more details the better :)
  2. I rape small villages, and bring war upon their holy lands.:cool:
  3. I'm sober when I'm high, and high when I'm sober, if that makes sense.

    Also, drunk while tripping.
  4. I'm fuckin blitzed.
  5. Try smoking with friends or doing something while high dude.
    But my high right now is chill, I feel humble and I feel like I'm different than most people
    thats why i need to alter reality.
    I'm thinking a lot
  6. im high off of some of the most potent sativa i've had in a while. it could be a mixture of just being tired as fuck but my heads spinnin defnitley lmao
  7. i get really happy, like if im having a bad day, i smoke a little bit, and then i feel so mellow and in love with the world. i get SERIOUS munchies though, and i kinda lose a little bit of my balance (i'll lean while i walk or something)
  8. it's kinda cool
  9. wonderful. it chills me all the way out and it helps me focused. cant forget about the munchies either
  10. My face gets really warm, my head spins, my eyes feel like they are vibrating, I feel like I melt into wherever I sit, when I eat, I feel like my mouth is a bubble bath. Yeahh :)
  11. all i can think is bout those cookies downstairs
  12. Try watching a fun movie while baked or watch American Dad or smth that shit is hilarious :D

  13. I got baked off half a gram and watched both Harold & Kumar movies it was AMAZING :D
  14. #14 TonyCartman, Aug 13, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Haha yeah that shit is epic ;) I really like that FBI officer in the second part.. :D

    And the favorite quote: "You brought weed.. On a plane.. To Amsterdam.. The weed capital of the world?? Kumar: yeah ..;)"
  15. I blazed up in my bathroom. hotboxed it cuz its small and shit i prolly smoke almost 3grams of dank fuck im high im thinking alot like random shit and then some deep shit and most of the shit that used to make sense doesn't and shit that didn't doess. what the fuck im high but its chilll :smoking:

  16. HAHAHA Yes!!!!!!!! I love it when they finally make it to White Castle. It's like OMG FINALLY YOU MADE IT :)
    (DeJaVu :eek:)
  17. It depends on how much I smoke but I'm usually very giggly, talkative and surprisingly more able to focus on things. I also get into task mode sometimes haha I'll clean the fu&* out of my house and do all the stuff I need to do. But other times I'm really just the opposite, really lazy and not wanting to do much. I also have learned to take care of some of the shi+*ier symptoms before I smoke. I'll drink a ton of water to help with the dry mouth and I'll have to take an acid reducer for acid reflux (I tend to get it when I smoke)... And of course there's munchies too... Can't have enough food haha
  18. Yosh139, meet my baby Yoshi  just got him today 

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  19. That is one nice looking spoon :) hope you enjoy it!!!!
  20. devoid of matter.

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