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Describe your first time...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Metallic Junkie, Jan 10, 2012.

  1. We all had our buds popped, (like getting cherry popped, but with smoking weed. I wonder if it will catch on... :rolleyes:) What was your first time like? Describe what you used, how much you did, who you were with, etc.

    After watching That 70's Show for a while, I decided, maybe I should try weed. So I looked into the facts about the negatives and positives, and found out it is relatively safe. So I called up my friend, and he told me he would smoke me out.

    So we went to this church parkinglot on a monday. Nobody was there. He showed me this spot in these bushes where I would have never guessed was like a cave. It is very descrete.

    He pulled out a bong, and I had no idea what it was. I thought we would use
    joints. I didn't know people smoked with anything else. So after a couple rips, I didn't think I was high. So I kept going. Ended up having about 9 hits of the bong.

    All of my friends, about 3 there, where giggiling like crazy. I didn't think I was high because I was so quiet. I tried to giggle too so I could fit in. But then I told them I am not high. One person said "Dude, you are high as fuck. You've been staring at the ground for the last 20 minutes and whispering to yourself".

    I still denied it. "No, I'm not high" I said. So we began walking home. We went inside and took the elevator so I wouldn't have to walk uphill. All the lights really looked different, and thats when I began to realize I was high.

    So we all split up and went home, and I walked alone. All of a sudden, my legs went numb. They were sooo tingly! I began to laugh my ass off. Just by myself, in the street walking. I must have looked insane.

    So I got home and listened to music, then crashed at around 7. It was amazing :)
  2. Shit man I smoked a blunt and fell off my skateboard and then ate eggs
  3. I remember it was September of 7th grade (the pther kids i smoked with were older) and it was the kids birthday who I was sortof friends with, I'd been looking to try weed for whatever reason. There were five of us in all. Together we had 120$ and bought a fourth. None of us had much experience so we ended up getting his neighbor to make us 5 pen and Tinfoil pipes. We then proceeded to smoke the whole fourth in one sitting. Needless to say we died. Ate his sisters cupcakes without any icing. I could not stop crying from constant laughter and couldn't speak. I went home super high, I was really suave and called them to have dinner waiting for me when I got home, needless to say(got bored) I got caught at home lol

  4. Damn... That is A LOT of weed. Describe how you got caught, I am curious!
  5. smoked out of an apple at a party. It was awesome and this was my first true high. I walked back into the party and couldnt stop laughing. Everyone looked at me and i had to walk back outside.

    It was awesome and the best experience. The Drive home sucked lol
  6. First time i smoked was Freshman year with a dude I'm not really friends with. Smoked out of printer paper like a bitch. We had like a gram and it was fun but not that great. I remember we just smoked behind a church and walked around town and made fools of our selves at the library. At the time I think I was smoking for the wrong reason and regret acting like an ass.
  7. Smoked weed out of a swisher sweet with my friend.

    We really didn't get that high and just swam in the pool for awhile.

    The second time was super silver haze and I just chilled in my room and it was legit
  8. The first time I got high was when i was 14 and i was with my best friend and his cousin who has hard core ADHD. We walked out to this island by my house and ripped a homemade bong. We smoked bowl after bowl after bowl, and when we went to set up the tent we just kinda said fuck it and sat by a fire. I had lost my shoes that day so I was walking around bare foot and my feet were swollen and bleeding. Then before we smoked, my friends cousin dropped my glasses in the lake so I had to wear my old ones, so trippy to have no depth perseption and be high as a kite for your first time.
  9. Well it was just about a year ago... I was at my friends house with 4 others, and he busts out a 2 ft glass bong with a huge ass bowl. We pull together a good half o from about 5 different dealers we knew and we go through all of it... I knew i was blasted after the 8th bowl... I couldnt stop laughing... I loved all of it the lame ass jokes which were funny as hell. And we got the great idea to go to a raleys about a mile and a half away... We walked at about 2 in the morning... I think... But anyway we get there and then scrap together 20 bucks almost all in change, and since we were blasted we thought we had 35 for some reason... We had way too much to buy and totally screwed up in front of the cashier... I myself was laughing my ass off that we thought we had 35$ and to make a long story a little shorter we walked home smoked the rest of the weed ate food and crashed... Really hard... Didnt wake up till the next afternoon.
  10. I took like 4 hits out of an L and coughed like a bitch sophomore year... then my experienced ex-stoner friend (got cauhgt and was on forced t-break) was getting pissed because I wouldnt hit the roachanator (sp?) because it hurt my throat soooo bad. Meanwhile my other friend who was toking with me (2nd time) was cracking up like an idiot and sippin his yoohoo saying it tasted like fuckin pizza what a retard hahaha... I was sorta high now that I think about it, but I bugged out and turned pale white and started sweating and shit so i hadda take a step outside for a little bit lmfao. Had the best peanut butter cookies of my life though which made me feel 10 times better!!! 2nd time... whole nother story hahahaha now that shit was INSANE! :Smoke: :smoke: :smoke:
  11. dropped a whole watermelon on the floor, stood there and geeked out for what felt like hours. man that was awesome. i was so against it back in the day too
  12. I have to say that this is an amazing thread with great stories and I will be subscribed to it forever.

    My first time was quite nice.

    It all started off at 12:00 at night, when 3 of my friends and I decided it was finally time we got high. After calling person after person, we finally got a hookup at 2:00 AM. We were ordered to wait in this SKETCHY ASS apartment complex for the drop off. 30 minutes later, a white dude in nothing but boxers walks up to us. He hands us .5 grams and tells us that the next half will arrive shortly. He didn't even have us pay for that half. 20 minutes after that, this other guy shows up with the last half in this exotic looking vial. He hands us it, we pay him, then we drive home giddy and anxious.

    When we finally got back to my friend's house, we began to prepare our session. We pulled it apart with our fingers and organized it into two piles, because we decided we would have two sessions. This was danky-dank stuff, btw.

    We then proceeded to the woods and settled down near a pond which is located in a clearing of trees. The smoke was amazing and peaceful. We used my one experienced friend's dick-shaped bubbler, and it hit magically.

    After the first smoking the first half g, I definitely didn't feel high and was super bummed. It wasn't until we stood back up and started walking that I finally entered that wonderful plane of consciousness. I specifically remember saying "It feels like my head is riding a bicycle!"... needless to say I was in love and never the same

    When we got back we dined on the finest foods our gas station had to offer. There was cookies, spicy chips, oreos, and at the center of it all DANIMALS! Have you guys ever had yogurt Danimals while high? They are amazing. I especially recommend the banana split flavor.

    Needless to say, there is nothing like the first high.
  13. the first time i got high was pretty nuts. i got super crazy smacked off weed/hash, went to a concert, got scammed for tickets, went to an urban outfitters, accidentally shoplifted and got caught, almost got arrested. so im never allowed back at an urban outfitters, but its ok cause i smoke all the time now :D
  14. I remember smoking and going for a walk with a few friends - I felt like my legs/body were walking faster than my head was, and my head was just kind of delayed, almost floating a few inches behind myself. Kind of like Mr. Mackey on South Park when he got high, though this happened before that episode of SP aired.
  15. hahaha OP your story is pretty funny.

    before i started smoking i was really against me smoking in general. not for others tho, i just didnt want to inhale smoke into my lungs.
    but i decided to give it a try. we smoked a joint first. split it between 3 people and then i took like 5 bong rips. i just remember driving in the car and then all of a sudden i didnt no where we were. then we got donuts and a burrito. it was fucking delicious.

    next morning i woke up and my throat felt like it was cut up. it felt terrible. but overall pretty fun experience!
  16. [quote name='"Metallic Junkie"']

    Damn... That is A LOT of weed. Describe how you got caught, I am curious![/quote]

    Well pretty much I came home and was talking funny, my parents asked were I was and I kept lying and giving a different place. Obviously they were suspicious and so they asked who I was with kept trying to say "Brendan fox" but I couldn't and instead started laughing. I then proceeded to eat over a pound of old lasagna that my parents heated before passing out at the dinner table
  17. Well she was a little more chunky than I would have liked...

    oh shit that isn't what you meant
  18. Smoked in friends backyard out of an apple. Smoked shwagg unfortunately. Went to Ross cause my friend needed some shoes. Pretty chill not really.
  19. #19 BlazeLE, Jan 11, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 11, 2012
    oh it was so long ago i dont think i can remember everything. ok so it was the first tuesday of 2012. ok so i had just lost my job the day before ive been wanting to try for a long time. so i picked my friend up from work and started asking him questions about weed (he's seasoned) he said he liked where this convo was going (he's been trying to get me to start for a while) so we went back to his dads house after grabbing some taco bell. after everyone went to bed he pulled out his bong. i took about 8-9 (man sized according to him) hits and i liked it at first then i peaked and i wasnt a fan of that. i had like no control over my body... i couldnt even eat my taco :( like the taco would not move to my mouth. well we chilled and i dont remember what we did... i do remember it feeling like my feet want to just fly off into the air.. like i want to kick... but that happens every time so far. then i went home.

    since then ive smoked 4 times and bought my own piece already. im just waiting to make sure all my neighbors are asleep before i go out and smoke a bowl.
  20. Smoked on my roof out of an aluminum pipe when I was 14. Then stared at my bathroom mirror looking at myself laughing for idk how long. Then called my buddy up and asked him if I smoked it right (I smoked alone and didn't really know what to do). He said I should feel happy or something like that. Then I don't know the rest... haha

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