Describe your Dealer.

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  1. So we all have dealers(exept the people MMJ Cards:devious:) and we all have a opinions on our dealers, weather we like them or not, they got our herb so we have to meet up with them weather you like them or not.

    So describe your dealer and how you feel around them.

    I just got a new dealer a few weeks back and I fucking love him, he is young, does not look like a dealer or even a person who smokes, but his ENTIRE family sells pot. Its like a family business. They buy there herb straight from the docks when it gets in over seas.

    He always gives you more than u payed for, and you always get full buds, no shake at all, and only a couple seeds.

    Yesterday I payed 40 for 2 grams which I thought was a little pricey for two, but I said why not, last time I bought from him the shit I got had be staring at the floor for 2 hours. So I take it home, put it on the scale, and bam its 3.8 grams.

    Fucking love this guy, I asked my friend who buys from him and he says he always gives more than u asked for.

    So share how much you love(or hate) or dealer! :smoke:
  2. Mine's the same as most of my dealers, old friend who needs money. So yeah, usually get more than the average bag.
  3. I have two guys, same plant. They're both OBVIOUS smokers, no fooling, and they're sweet as anything. They gave me Purple Kush yesterday instead of Headband Kush, which is an UpGrAdE, and charged me the same price.
    I have love for them.
  4. I don't have an MMJ card or a dealer...
  5. My dealer looks a lot like wiz khalifa, and he is the funniest, most chill and laid back dude ever, always has dank and always gives fat bags, and he only lives a minute away :D

  6. I wonder how you manage :D

    My two dealers are day and night. One is an old roommate, a very small girl, hippie. The other is a hood rat coke whore.
  7. i dont have a dealer, i just have a friend who gets his weed from work and sells it to me. been this way since my old dealers got busted a few years back.
  8. My dealer is my older brothers best friend. Really nice guy love to chill with him and smoke. Hippie, loves the the just as much as i do so its cool to smoke and listen to them. gives me deals, nothing spectacular but its always real dank buds so thats always nice.
  9. My dealer is one of my best friends, and I've known him since before I started buying from him. He is very laid back and there is always a lot of cool people to talk to whenever I go over there. I don't just buy from him though I always hang out with him and since he is a dealer and he has the best quality of all of my dealers I just buy from him.

    He always gives a little extra and gives price discounts to me, and I get access to his head stash which usually consists of his top 3 strains at the time or nice bubble hash (usually has about 10), so he treats me real nice haha. As far as dealers go he's the best one I've had, and he always grows so half the strains he sells are usually homegrown.
  10. short skinny smokes like an 1/2 to an ounce a day
  11. I buy from a few different peeps because they are usually unreliable. I used to always go through my roomates brother who is a white trash looking, always needs money and asking to borrow things, kinda guy. I quit buying from him when he started making me drive all the way out to his crib instead of meeting me and he tried to sell me mids for chronic prices. Then I bought from an Asian kid I was aquantaned with at school, he could always hook me up with amazing mids for super cheap (I'm pretty broke so I usually just buy large amouts of good middies.) but he just moved away for college so I started buying from a close friend. The last half he sold me was very generous honestly probably gave me a dime extra, but the quality was not good, very stemmy and seady. Then the other day my shady neighbor asked if I smoked, he's hooked me up with some great chronic for mids pricing twice now and he keeps telling me he has amazing kush too. I wanna keep buying from him because he's reliable, shows up a minute after I call, and is convenient because he's next door, but I still feel like I might get shot every time I meet him
  12. The perp is a white male, medium build around 6 foot tall. Last seen driving a green van.
  13. I don't have a dealer anymore (don't need one; I'm on probation) but my ex-dealer was a tall skinny white dude with long brown hair that went past his shoulders.
  14. Well my dealer is pretty much a skinny guy. Doesn't sell allot he just sells when needed. bills have to be paid somehow. Says that quite a few times.
  15. My main guy right now is about 40-50 years old, married, has a kid, lives out in the suburbs. Good guy.
  16. ^^^well he probably just looks 40 to 50. Probably he is just 32. Jk
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    dealer 1: gangsta at the end of a cold a sac

    dealer 2: pimp with a limp across the street from dealer 1

    dealer3: whiteboy stoner guy always driving around

    dealer 4: friend on other side of town


    oh yeah dealer 5 is a hot ass chick that drives around ina cop car yeeeeee!
  18. well... there's like 300 cars outside his place..and he's always trying to get me to buy one
  19. when i first read this thread's title i thought for sure you were a Narc

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