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Describe what you see in this painting I did...

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by shambala, May 28, 2009.

  1. So I painted this yesterday and I was wondering if you guys see anything in it? I encourage you to tilt your head and see it from all sides.

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  2. First ~ I enjoyed looking at the art work.
    I felt that it had been tipped over on its side and every thing was falling out. it made me feel anxious.
  3. I see a baren landscape (turned sideways) with a big red machine (just "off camera") scooping up a chunk of soil. and one lone, dead tree.
  4. it's a comet heading to earth or the sun (not made my mind up) - over an iceberg and hunk of red rock and a lone tree
  5. This and I also see a grinning man whose nose ends where the meteor is about to hit
  6. An evil Mac logo flipped.

  7. I see a distorted face :rolleyes:
  8. nice! its awesome to get some input from peeps on this. I like all the descriptions, especially the ones about the face, I didn't see that when I was looking at it. It's only my first abstract painting, but there will be more to come! Thanks again:)
  9. Yea thats what I was talking about
  10. when its sitting normal i see a face, turned right i see an ocean with a boat, turned left i see a tree, and upside down i see a tornado.
  11. when I look at it dead on It looks like a BIG fish coming up to eat a little chunk of something.
  12. At first glance without turning it or anything I see a man standing behind his woman looking forward to their child's birth.

    I also see a cucumber wearing a red hat. :D
  13. Did anyone else see a watermelon? :poke:
  14. i did
  15. Well if you turn ur head to the left side i see a tree and then a fire ball ready to burn it down and a mountain to the side

  16. AHAHA, AWwhhsome.
  17. I see... a tree, in a desert... a dead tree in a desert... but i also see fruits man... peaches! i want peaches... and a pear... mmm.
  18. A face with a ping pong ball making impact on his nose :cool:

    Good painting btw, i am an artist myself. Meaning i take Clay class :p
  19. Or maybe I see a tornado about to take place... in a desert. Yeah maybe... oh snap i see an outdoor speaker too, like one of those outdoor... wake-up call speakers... like... aw fuck... like the ones they have attached to cabins at camps!

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