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Describe the highest you've ever been

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by calories, May 25, 2010.

  1. Smoked three huge gravity bong bowls, and a super packed blunt of some super super dank. Now you have to understand that I have an extremely low tolerance. (One loosely packed joint can get me moderately high). Anyway, here's what was happening;

    I was seeing a LOT of patterns on everything, very bright and vibrant. I could hear everything (or so I thought I could). Every little click, shuffle, even breath- I heard it crystal clear. When I looked at something it would bob in and out like it was coming towards me and then backing away and then coming towards me again, and back away, etc. This would continue for a couple seconds, then stop after I focused on something. I'd turn my head again to look at something else, and it would start up again. Also I could feel everything amazingly- my chest going in and out while breathing, my blood flowing through my veins... everything was extremely sensitive. I was listening to music from my computer speakers and I could feel the sound rushing past my ears. I was in a complete state of euphoria.

    Anyway, this went on for a little bit, then I decided to watch the winamp visualizer on my computer- amazing idea. This thing was sucking me into the computer so bad it's not even funny. Anyway to make a long story short(er)- after I was really tripped out by watching it, I turned and looked at my wall; what do I see? There is a fucking patch of green sparkles on my wall, extremely sparkly just kinda hovering there on my wall. This is about maybe.. a 2'x2' patch. Now this is where it gets hard to beleive, but you guys have to beleive me. I keep looking and I see a fucking lephrachaun materalize out of the sparkles, plop down onto the "floor of my wall" walk along the wall, turn, start to walk backwards then desinigrate into the sparkles again. Then they were gone.

    This freaked the fuck out of me so bad- I just kept starting at the wall like "What the fuck just happened?" for what seemed like ages. Anyway- yeah that's probably the most high I've ever been.
  2. Lmao probably yesterday.
    So me and my brother smoked like 5 bowls each of some super dank shit.While putting the bong away he tells me about this dude named Steven Hawking who is some like amazingly smart person who talks about wonders of the world. So I went on youtube and watched a 50 minute documentary on Aliens and what's beyond our world... and holyyyyy fuuuuck. I was like O_O the whole time. I was fuckin trippin balls. Best thing I've ever watched.
  3. just chilln in my friends basement smoking bowl after bowl.
    i think it was my third time but i was just sittin in a chair wit my eyes closed and it felt like i was on a roller coaster . i was going upside down and shit.
    also i could see double like every ten seconds.
    and i was feelin like a wave of euphoria every minute or so
    good times.....
  4. For two hours, I would see something, then close my eyes for 15 seconds, and everything I saw would swirl and form a pattern. And I couldn't shorten my blinking time. I thought it was laced for the first hour.
  5. me and my buddy went back in the woods and i smoked my pipe (he was to pussy to smoke), then i rode back to his house on his bike pegs. we were just chilling in his room and he was showing me this bong he made and his sister keeps calling his name from outside the door and he swings the door open and walks out, yelling at her, then he steps back in real quick and throws the bong at me and walks back out. im so fucking high, i was like what the fuck? then i realize he walked out with a bong in his hand swinging it at his sister, and i just BURST out laughing for like 10 minutes:p
  6. hard to explain haha

    it seemed like everything kept starting over but you knew it didnt then you forgot about what you thought about and it repeated
  7. Super mad zoning, Snapping in and out of reality within seconds of eachother..
    crazy shit seeing shit
  8. I don't toke up that much, maybe once or twice a month so I don't have much resistance but the highest I've been on just weed I kept falling asleep with my eyes open and then my brain would wake up and I would wonder where the hell I was. Another time I had been drinking and packed a bowl with Salvia, Tobacco and Weed. About 15 seconds (at a guess) after smoking it I passed out. I was outside and it was night time. I saw visions of geometric shapes made out of stars and once I woke up all I had to do was close my eyes and I went back into it. After about 4 minutes I came out of it and spent the rest of the night vomiting.
  9. called bein high man :smoking:
  10. Probably first time i got super fucked up we smoked some buds out of a can we found in a bush at a school one weekend. after we smoked we were walking through the school and my friend said "hey man i wanna just sit down and buzz out, lets go sit down somewhere." so we walked over to these steps and sat down and tbh i don't really remember much after that but the whole time i found myself uncontrollably laughing at the stupidest shit ever lol. boy we were fucked up.
  11. I would say the highest I have ever been was about a month into smoking... I bought my first glass peice (a small zong that was like 8" tall). Long story short, I kept packing and smoking one hit bowls and it got to a point where I was so high I didn't realize it... man I was fucked. It felt like I had pressure on my eyes (which were pure red) and if I closed my eyes my stomache would start flipping and whatnot. It got a little intense but I just remember sitting there listening to music for about 30 mins... there was nothing else I could do lol. :smoking:
  12. Around March when I first started smoking dank after like 5-6 months of smoking just mids and a one month t-break. I smoked with the homie, this gift called SD Bullrider. I swore to god, my vision turned like 1080 HD with the yellow turned all the way up ,feel me? haha, and i felt like I was going forward and backwards in a big ass incline. I was just laughing and shit hahaha.
  13. When i first started smoking the dank, i smoked a few bowls on a home-made pen pipe (I know lame) anyway, i started seeing everything as if it was happening in a comic book kind of, no joke i was pretty scared at first lol
  14. right now as im smokin.
  15. first time fire, first time bong. me and my bro hot boxed his shed and got hella baked, to this day i have never been close to that high again. i had no sense of pain, he was punching me to get my attention and i could feel it movin my leg but could feel the hit itself. dude then i started sketchin out bad so was he. I thought i had passed out woke up like 6 hours later but i looked at my phone and it said it had only been like a hour 15 min. that freaked me out i thought time had froze and some crazy shit like that lol. so i jetted home on the bike like i was lance armstrong haha. straight to bed i went but when i got there i was sweatin and i couldnt figure out where i was, i thought i could still be in the shed passed out on the floor. i texted my bro and asked if we were still in the shed and said he he was feelin the same as me, creepy. turns out i was actually in my bed lol

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