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Describe the highest you've ever been

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by calories, May 25, 2010.

  1. i raffed... do i ruse?

    Highest I've ever been?

    4/20/2010: I had a pretty bad sinus infection and ate a g brownie of dank on an empty stomach. So it started to kick in quick, i felt it within 15 mins and I had a nice buzz. The buzz came on steadily and it didnt seem to stop. I was super high sitting on the couch then all of the sudden I feel all this nasty crap draining down the back of my nose which included blood from my sinus infection. I went to the bathroom and puked. Thought I was done and then plopped down on the ground cuz I was too lazy to get on the couch (they had like stadium seating or whathever where the back couches are up off the ground) then puked out some more brownie.

    We leave and my buddy has to drive my car b/c at that point I was still getting high and I could no longer see straight. My vision was strobing and the taillights on other cars looked like a swirl of colors. Anyways so we are driving back to our dorm when all of the sudden I need to barf again when we turned off the road at 30 or 40 mph nearly turning my car on 2 wheels. It was rediculous. that brownie kicked my ass. it was the brownie that could just kept trucking kept getting more and more high.
  2. That's what happened the first time I smoked , I've only done it twice though.
    My second time was awesome.
  3. didnt kow the baggie I got was laced. One of my good friends brothers was my dealer.. gave me a hookup without telling me.

    4 hours later I made it home 3 block away
  4. One time is was so high it looked like my ceiling was waving at me.
  5. Years ago when I first began smoking, I smked some super DANK!!!!!! from the Mountains of NC. That shit was backroads homegrown! Man we smoked out of my buddies bong (sick green label RooR :p) and then proceded to the steak house to get eats b/c we were hungry as hell. Now this is where I should fill in the first half of the day. We were on our way to the beach and I was DD driveing us there, while my best Bro was sipping on some brew, and he had a few Xanax too :wave:. When we get to the beach house we unloaded, chilled for a minute and packed a bowl. Now we were really in trouble but did not quite know it yet. Back to the steakhouse now, we are seated and the nice young (super bangin babe) waitress. We ordered our food and she was off to get the drinks. After she brought the drinks we were begining to understand how high were really were (and we were still early in the upswing of the high:eek::D). I told my Bud I needed to make a piss, and I set out for the B-room. I found it pretty easy (or it seems when I try to remember it in detail) to find the bathroom but after I pissed and came out the door I completely forgot where the fuck i was :confused::eek:, I truely was in bad shape. I stood there looking into the dining area while table after table noticed me lost. I then spotted my table (where my buddy was staring blindly into the hangin lamp over our table. I made my way through what felt like an inflateable resturant and sat down. My Bro looked at me as if to say" Dude, why did we fucking leave the house??? I am way too high to function" I looked right back at him as if to say "I don't know but I feel like we stand out like a leper in the market" So I said to him Hey let's get this shit to GO! He nods as if to say "I am too high to actually spea to you". The lady brings our food to the table right after this decision, when she gets to the table we don't even let her sit the food down we ask for it in to go boxes. She was stunned for a second and then smiled and said no problem fellas, I'll be right back. She brought us all the food nicely packed, with to go sweet tea. We tipped her well, and hit the road, That my friends has to be one of the highest points in my life...... To date :D.. JOE>

  6. Hey man your cool and I think you would be a cool dude and I am sure you were not trying to sound offensive, but you sound arrogant. But I am sure you are not you really don't seem like a dink. But Sorry. Just letting you know and don't to start trouble for me or for you with other people. If someone rants just be like I am sorry I have been told that I sound that way but I am really not. But fuck man I thought I was talking to someone else so don't listen to the last part but you can read it and if you like it yea but fuck I am stoned hey man your cool and have a happy blaze.
  7. I was so high once that my room was spinning and i thought i was pinned to the bed by gravity :hippie: and i heard this weird sound outside and thought it was aliens :eek: and started yelling, and then i ran outside at midnight (i live in the country, a lot of animals and shit) walked what seemed like a quarter mile of something :p , then i looked up and saw the moon smiling at me and ran back into my house :smoke:, popped open a few cans of mountain dew and ate a few bushels of bananas, and then passed out on my couch watching Super High me:laughing:. Thats the highest ive ever been that i remember
  8. ahh I remember it quite well. Well not really haha. Some friends were over at the house, and we weere celebrating my birthday. We decided that since it was my birthday we were going to get more fucked up than we had ever been. Truth is, I can only rememeber laughing for a whole ten minutes straight because my friends were saying the craziest shit.
    I felt like I was coming in and out of my body and I couldn't control when I was coming and going. An hour later than we smoked I had come down slightly and got a match on gamebattles, an oline video game competition site. My tactics were so unexpectable since I was high that I actually one, it was on modern warfare 2, I remember having an amazing d. eagle that night, I play hardcore, I would just point and pull Rt and drop people left and right. it was legit.
  9. Got done with a show...My boss and I were paid with a big ass J. I took a huge hit and ended up coughing it out cause I didn't prepare myself too well haha.

    Well, when I got back to my apt, I stepped out of the car and nearly fell over because my world was spinning. Ran down the stairs to my apt, opened the door, ran to my room, stripped to my boxers, went in my roommates room and said "***** I am fuckin BLAZED" then I proceeded to fall on his floor laughing hysterically. T'was a great night.

    Last night was pretty awesome too.
  10. it was my first time smoking and i had 4 hits and we went to get food
    once we sat down, it felt like i was watching everything in the 3rd person
    then my friend ordered his food and i thought it was me ordering i was soooo fucked up
  11. lol smoked jack herer first time i smoked, a gram joint myself.

    I felt like I died and had to go to the alley we smoked at l8r to check if my body was there and I couldnt rermember anything at all, nothing would register in my mind ago so I kept blanking out and just walking with a huge ass smile on my face, unable to talk or function and ended up at Walmart where I rode my skateboard inside the store with my friend till we got kicked out.
  12. I closed my eyes and thought I was about to fall out of my chair from some ridiculous height; so I grabbed onto the arms of my recliner for dear life. I think I ended up almost passing out that night. :poke:

  13. classic

  14. this is also very funny
  15. haha this 1 is my favorite.
    + rep
  16. i had a paintball tourney and i left at 1 in the mourning , and got there at 7 played then went to my teammates house. i hadn't smoked in 4 weeks(t break).we got there and smocked a bowl that was used like 5 times so it wwas not that good. then we smoked 2 fat ass blunts with my mids and the mids. then he made a pick up of the strongest shit ive ever smoked we rolled another blunt and a joint. I got fucked up no rest long t breack omg. the voices on the tv sounded like monsters lol, i could not stop laughing but honestly i did not feel very cofortable cause at the time i was 16 and they where all in there 20s i knew them for a little while to, they told me that i ate a whole box of pizza and i dont even emeber the room was moving and i could not walk str8.then i knocked out stone cold on the sofa. and woke up and i was still fucked it was enjoyable but i like smoking less so im still do stuff.
  17. i once got so high the first time i ever got REALLY high like 2 years ago... i was taking prescription medicine for a flu i had no clue it would affect my high.

    I saw ghost children EVERYWHERE outside where we were smoking.

    I couldnt remember each last step i took.

    I felt like i had a helmet on my head.

    There was a point where all i saw were the stars in the sky and spaceships flying across.

    Standing outside a convenience store, i zoned out and thought i was watching a black and white gangster film.

    I couldnt recognise my own home, so i thought i had broken into someones house with my friend and was soooo uncomfortable, even sitting in my room i literally could not see my room but as if i was in someone else's it looked so different.

    I thought i was never ever going to come down from that high.

  18. I remember the first time i got high, second time i smoked. I had one bong hit at a friends house, found myself very steadily walking to the couch to lay down, then realized that with all my physical strength put into action i couldn't get up. I just lay there most of the night staring at the ceiling, unable to get up. after a few hours i started to come down, so i got some food, a drink and had another hit, It just happened again :rolleyes:
  19. I went to this festival with my sister. She's a lightweight and i made this huge spliff. We were headed to the showers at around noon.

    I ended up almost smoking it all by myself and i couldn't even finish it. I almost blacked out. I had to go sit down, i was very dizzy. All of this was going on in the scorching sun btw. I finally got up, left, and after a few steps i puked a bit. Then i went and sat down for about 45 minutes not doing anything, just staring into space and waiting to get un-high. That was some good shit!
  20. Smoked two bowls out of my homemade bong. Thought the bong wasn't working or something, because it took about 20 minutes to hit me and I never had to wait that long before. Once I started to feel it, it was just a steady incline. I kept getting happier, and higher.

    Then I reached that perfect point of highness where everything is just fucking amazingly awesome. Then I kept going. Eventually, everything was moving in stop motion (my vision was strobing), and I was completely freaking out because I realized my body was moving without me thinking about moving, and every time I stopped walking I was afraid I'd never be able to start again.

    I felt like my body was made of stars, and every time I moved they were exploding and reforming in different places. There was a really intense tingling throughout my body. And I kept thinking this was all happening because my heart was pumping so fast it was about to explode. I ended up just laying down in bed trying to convince myself that I wasn't going to die :p

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