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Describe the highest you've ever been

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by calories, May 25, 2010.

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    Mine would either be one of these two times. I'm not sure which time I was higher, but I was pretty damn high both times. :D

    One was my first time smoking, ever. I was with a bandmate of mine who was sleeping over my house because he didn't have a ride back home. I was supposed to have smoked my first time with my best friend, but he couldn't sleep over. So anyway, I had no idea what to expect for my first time. We go outside, smoke, come back in, and then it hits me. Everything started to seem so faded and far away, and colors seemed to be changing all around me. We got into my basement and chilled there for the rest of the night until we fell asleep. I remember looking at him multiple times and thinking he was made of chocolate (he's black) and was giving me a big ol' grin and a thumbs up. I went on my computer and started video chatting with some of my other friends saying that this other kid was cold and needed blankets, which was completely untrue, so I'm not sure why I was saying it. All I remember past that is that he kept telling me to go make popcorn and I just laughed in his face because I was so high.

    Another time I was sleeping over a friend's house with one other friend there as well. We went in his backyard, smoked, and went to his basement. The other friend started watching some documentary on Ancient Rome. He seemed so into it and never took his eyes off the screen. I started calling him a "weiner looker," and kept it going all night, because in the documentary he was watching they showed some of the soldiers' dicks. We had also gone to CVS earlier and gotten some Peeps. I ate all of these and apparently forgot, because I started frantically asking my friends, "Where's all the Cheepers Peepers?" Not sure why I was calling them that either.
  2. Im a complete noob, but my highest was after 1 joint which was a full gram. I was so much more disconnected to myself than every before. I tried to watch the first movie in some folder, which was Boondock Saints 2. after a while i just had to stop. i couldn't handle all the smoke & guns and noise and flashing light etc. so I went to my room got changed and tripped out to music for another 30 mins before i fell asleep.
  3. ...........what?:smoking:
  4. ^ this just made my night better :laughing:
  5. wow THATS the word!
    i meant to include the word strobbing in my story lol.
  6. It was my first time toking and my buddy rolled up a blunt of some dank. I took 4 hits and I was gone. I actually heard a plane fly by before i felt anything and thats all I would hear every 10 seconds. It also felt like I was in slow motion. It was mindblowing.

    But of course, I don't feel like this anymore.
  7. The highest i ever been was the first time i smoked i had a couple bowls and a joint, i don't really remember much i do remember my vision being blurry and almost feeling like a small stream was gently flowing through me and i was really relaxed.
  8. About 2 years ago myself and two of my buddies were going to the movies. Two of us burned a joint and the other didnt smoke cause at the time he didn't like driving high. So when we done burning, we went to a local mall to get some money from the bank and I was so high I gave my sober buddy my PIN number and my card and he got my money for me lol. The whole drive to the movies was a trip it was bad enough as it was nevermind him driving like a lunatic to trip us out. I still don't remember what movie we saw.
  9. Smoked out of a homemade bong with friends. Wow was I blasted, so blasted that I became paranoid. The only time I have ever been parnoid.
  10. haha, wtf. most of the stuff I'm reading happens to me every time :p
    like every time i get high shit is in slow motion/stop motion o_O

    once, i was so high that i would picture myself doing something in my head and then forget to actually do it. like i got up to go to the kitchen, thought about making poptarts, left the kitchen, came back like 10 minutes later to get the poptarts, then remembered i never actually made them. and I actually like repeated this process three or four times. i've been waay more blazed before though hah.
  11. The highest I've been was when I smoked out of this one dudes bong which was like, 3 feet tall. Haha I felt like I was twitching, and I was looking around alot, like I was hella paranoid. XD
  12. I was at my dealer's house and he ground too much (don't we all love those times), so he rolled two js with EZ Widers [good sized ones] and I got to the point where I had to step away. I sat down on his couch and we all got really quiet while he started playing songs on his computer. I put Pandora on for Mariana's Trench and instead, it switched over to The Roots and Dangerdoom. Each song, which was only about 3-4 minutes, felt like it was about 9-10 minutes long. I couldn't stand the fact that none of the songs were ending.

    At this point, I started to feel like I was sinking in a bit and just... existing on the couch. I kept looking around because parts of my body felt like they were more noticeable than usual. When I'd cross my legs, I felt like everyone noticed it. Same goes for blinking and clearing my throat. At one point, a friend asked me a question and when I started to answer it, my words sounded a lot more.. predominant, so I got really quiet and almost started whispering because I felt like I was the center of the room.

    A girl I liked had texted me asking me if I wanted her to walk me back. Unfortunately, being as high as I was, my body was so relaxed that I honestly could barely walk the 500 ft back to my room from his apartment. So, I kept thinking I was texting her back telling her, "Yea, sure, give me ten minutes." But about 15 minutes later (worrying that it had been 2 hours), I noticed that a) it was only 15 minutes and b) I had sent her nothing. I mentally thought I had typed and sent her about 12 texts.

    Also, everytime I get high (especially that time) my mouth is very exaggerated. When I chew, swallow, breathe, anything. When I eat food, I can feel the morsel of food hitting my throat, as it goes into my stomach.

    ONE MORE THING, for those of you with mouth piercings: Do you lose feeling in the area your piercings are? Because I normally bite down on the backing to my two lower lip rings and I've noticed that when I'm high, I can't feel them anymore. Like, they're numb.
  13. highest i've ever been was probably my first time, i couldn't stop smiling and i kept asking my buddy 'is this what it's supposed to be like every time?' and i laughed my ass off, i ate a shit ton, everything was clear and vibrant, everything either clicked and made sense, or i just didn't care about it, it felt like it was raining inside my body, i had so much energy, it was the best mood i think i've ever been in.. i miss that day so much.. but it's fun either way. sometimes i get so stoned that it takes me like a minute from the time i pull down my pants until piss starts coming out of me to pee.. does anyone else have that happen sometimes? stay blazed bro
  14. I had only been smoking on weekends for a month or two and this was my frist bong experience... long story short I took a giant rip, spilled bong water and coughed like a mofo. We proceeded to go downstairs played xbox and I remember just sitting on the chair laughing so hard at buddy trying to put eyedrops in, it felt like the room was on a downwards slant and something was pulling on my brain. I had an arizona ice tea and every sip I took I would burp and almost puke that was probly the highest Ive ever been
  15. i'll never forget it. hitting some good bud in a bong with my friends when i was in like 11th grade. bong hit like a mutha, we smoked probably a solid quarter for 3 hours. when they dropped me home i went right to bed and passed out. i was just sooo blazed.
  16. Highest I've ever been was Tuesday actually. (new toker)

    Lit up 2 bowls of my home grown ak48 at about 9 am because I had an interview later that I wanted to be sober (or at least coming down) for. (Don't worry, no drug tests for this)

    Anyways, I was high as shit all morning. I still don't really remember what I did or what happened. I think I tried to study and then passed out, woke up fucked up at 1 pm and then got dressed for my interview at 2 pm.

    I got some red eye drops and acted cool. Had an hour long IT interview totally baked. Unfortunately I really was tripping and nervous, something I smoke weed to relieve. Not sure how I did, but it was enjoyable! :smoking:

    Most often, poppers are used recreationally by men who have sex with men as a sexual enhancer[6] or by young substance abusers.[7]

    Sorry, not calling you gay or anything, I just saw this on wikipedia and thought it was hilarious.
  17. Venom OG off the piece and I was blown to the point that I didn't want to move, but couldn't stop smiling. My brain felt a number of waves starting from the back of my neck all the way to the front of my head. Amazing feeling. Some call this...BRAIN ORGASM:rolleyes:
  18. That time of the month?

    Srsly I read that shit and it took me like 2 mins

  19. I'm pretty high right now, but no where near as high as I was about five years ago. It was my second time ever smoking, and I remember clear as day chillin in my buddy's garage, smoking 4 or 5 blunts, with me him and one other guy. We played some of the most intense Street Fighter battles I had ever witnessed. I was so high, that when it came time to get some Chinese food, I was too high too walk. The room was spinning, my perceptinos were altered, and I was so dizzy and tired. So, they left me there, lying on two chairs while they got Chinese food... And then I was getting a ride home. I don't remember them coming back, I just remember them waking me up to drive me home.
  20. I fucking love street fighter

    Street fighter 2 was the shit

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