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Describe the highest you've ever been

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by calories, May 25, 2010.

  1. my first time smoking a bong

    i thought i could walk in the air and cockroaches where aliens to me i dont know why but cockroaches are weird and they always stare at you like if they where studying you
  2. The first time I got high was probably the highest I've ever been, I def was tripping, the room was spinning like a kaleidoscope. The high was pretty strong for like 3 hours It was pretty amazing!

    A few weeks ago I got so high that I heard two people talking outside my car and was convinced it was two of my friends having a conversation. It was really surreal! And I called my mom once on accident while baked and left her a message, I was so high I wasn't sure if my thoughts were outloud and on her machine or in my head. Turns out it was just thoughts. Good times.
  3. I hid a bag in my room and couldn't find it the next day.
    .... i still haven't found it!
  4. I've been there before, that feels amazing. Only had it happen twice, I want to be that high again.
  5. lol. i have so many full dime bags floating around my place. i will find one once a month.
  6. Pretended I was a CIA secret agent, And my dog was a terrorist who had to be killed.
  7. I have a pretty decent tolerance (3 bowls a day on avg, more during sessions) and I can get that feeling if I smoke a dank Indica dominant strain. And most of the stuff I get is Indica dominant.
  8. I was so high one time off medical that everyone started making out cause touching felt orgasmic and i jumped out and sprinted up and down the parking lot of auto zone then that led me to pissing on the side and i vaguely remember flipping off the surviellence camera. After that i got sonic and found a random buy one get one free extra long cheese coney and as i was trying to eat and drive I almost hit a jaguar. So i put the food down till i came to a stop light :D
  9. probably not the highest I've EVER been, but its up there. i smoked a bunch with my buddy and we went to Citgo which is right across the street from Little Caesars. We bought drinks and started walking out of citgo and saw a bunch of friends standing outside little caesars. we decided to go talk to em, and we were fucking gone. my friend and i started talking to them and they couldn't understand a word we were saying but me and my friend understood each other perfectly, we also were laughing uncontrollably. our sober friends just stared at us talking in our own lingo and laughing and finally one said, "yeah i think it would be best if you left now..." I've never laughed harder than when he said that hahah. doesnt sound too funny but you have no idea, i was fucked up lol.:smoking:
  10. I smoked before school one time when I was a little younger. I remember hiding in the bathroom because I was afraid the dean had superpowers and would be able to know I was high.

    Good times... :smoking::D
  11. it was my first time toking. I threw up and I felt like I was out of my body. Like I was in 3rd person view or something. intense closed eye visuals. I could hear the guy that does the movie trailer voice narrating my life. good times :smoking:
  12. Went on a church ski trip years ago. A guy had some weed laced with opium. We smoked a bowl in a parked car outside, after maybe 5, 6 hits and sitting in the car I had this very real sensation that a very large bird (condor size) was circling the car. We went back up into the house we rented with lots of other people. I noticed that there were two people sitting at the kitchen table playing chess, I went over to watch. I stood there for a long time watching, thinking about moves, planning endless strategies for this chess match only to realize that the two people left the table and the game about 45 minutes previous. :smoking:
  13. a while back me and 4 other friends smoked a O on a saturday during the summer. after many blunts, bowls, bongs etc, i was high as fuck. Music sounded so vivid, food tasted like hot sex, and when i closed my eyes it was like a completely different world. i can't explain it lol. i dont think i'll ever be that high again however.
  14. I felt like I was floating and melting and vibrating all at the same time. My body was, like, a puddle of clitoris floating in a pool of warm happiness. I was with some friends and they kept trying to talk to me, but I couldn't concentrate on anything but how good I felt. I can't really explain it, but it was AMAZING. I can only hope I get that high again.
  15. The highest I've ever been. Hm. There's been a few times I was just gone, but, I'd have to say it was last year on haloween. I love body highs much more than mental highs, and this was probably 50/50 ( best body high I've ever had, but still a crazy mental one ).

    We were all having a small party in my girlfriends small sandpit. There was a campfire, and one road leading in with sandpit walls all the way around. We had lawn/camping chairs sitting around the fire, about 12 of them. There was 12 people total so it worked out for everyone.

    It started out at night by all of us gathering our beers and grinding our danks. We are a sharing family. Only 10 of us were there, and 2 others were getting dropped off a little later. It was dark, and the fire illuminated the whole sandpit. We could hear the coyotes in the distance, and the wolves at the Wolf Refugee only a few miles down the road.

    Well, we all started getting lit. I had an extremely low tolerance at the time, so 2 bowls and a J deep I was gone. Well, my friend calls my cell and says that the kid whos dropping him off is looking for the place ( which is in the middle of nowhere in a large town with a population of 350 ). I start walking up the road ( which is only a few hundred feet long ) to go to the main paved road that they were coming down, that's when I heard the coyotes in the field about 300 yards out and I shit a brick. They were yipping and howling like no other. I booked it back to the fire and forgot about it by the time I got there and ran back to the road remembering what I was doing. Then I rembered the coyotes again and ran back. Thankfully the found the place because of the fire.

    Now everyones here and blazed. I smoked a couple more bowls of some good dank then we broke into one of the 8 boxes of pizza.

    This was to much, I had to take a seat, bad. My body felt like it was 3 times heavier than normal. I sat down. I kept forgetting everything that was happening. We were all laughing our asses off sitting down. The girl sitting next to me disappeared ( and no one saw her leave ). I drank a couple beers to get rid of my cotton mouth. I was so heavy and weak that I couldn't get the pizza to my mouth and everyone thought it was downright hilarious that I couldn't. I ended up getting it in my mouth and slowly pulled it in holding it with just my mouth eating it like spaghetti.

    I then realized the girl was gone so I felt like I was the man and would hunt down this chick. I go waltzing around like a dumbass. She had gone over and sat on one of the walls and was sitting with her face on her lap. I walked her back over to the chair not saying a word ( nothing would come to mind to say ) and then when she sat down everyone was watching her like "WTF, where did she go? Where did she ceom from". Then she looked at us and tipped forward and her head fell into her lap again. We all thought she was dead. Then another kid got a bloody nose and another girl started yelling "your dying!" in a serious voice. I told her to shut the hell up and the kid just laughed his ass off. Someone lifted the other girl up.

    The flames looked like they were burning in slomo and I just watched them. I felt almost as if I could maybe control the fire! I didn't bother trying because I was still there enough mentally to know that it was a bad idea. So I smoked more, and more.

    We eventually made the walk back to my girlfriends house were I ended up hooking up with my girlfriend and the result felt like a cold flamethrower being expelled from me. :hello:

    Well, that was my story of all I could remember. I have more, but its time to :smoking:
  16. I'm still new at this, and it just so happens that it occurred this past weekend...

    I smoked out of a bong for the first time, and took 3 hits, and couldn't even drive at that point, we headed out to Las Olas, and all I remember was walking down the street, and feeling as though I was walking through jell-o or that everything was happening in slow motion.

    I'm considered the funny guy in our group and tend to joke around a lot, but for some reason a million things were going through my head and I wanted to say something but nothing would come out. We ended up going to a hookah cafe, I smoked some hookah and eventually just feel asleep on the table...

  17. wow you articulated this so perfectly
    this is exactly wat its like

  18. dude sum that shit up, seriously no one needs to think their on another thread with your story book posts.
  19. One of the greatest experiences that I remember: My one good friend who I practically live with just bought a 56" plasma tv and blu ray player. So to celebrate we decided to smoke all day (starting at 4:20 naturally) and watch planet earth on blu ray....ALL OF THEM in one sitting. We smoked ourselves so stupid, I stood for 15 minutes trying to decide which couch to sit on and the trip down the stairs felt like 15 minutes. The absolute best part was watching planet earth, I felt like I was actually at these places, and it seemed like everytime I moved my eyes the camera would move as if my eyes were the was so trippy
  20. I forget to pee

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