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Describe The Best High Youve Had

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by adamm248, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. as the title basically says.
    i was curious to see how good of a high other people have had. The best high ive ever had was some major stuff, im talking .1 of a gram was toatally blazed (extremely low tolerance ) after the high i would get up from smoking my pipe to sit on the bed, i couldent even remeber getting up and was like how did i get up here ?
    i was sit back and could not even operate on my laptop i went to a site and would be there for ten miniuts, easy! just doing nothing trying to get my self to click what i wanted, the more i sat the the deeper i was engulfed felt like i was clapsing on myself in a good way it was a major body high. I also got aroused but wont go into detail but i will just say it was better than anything you could imagine !
    words cannot decribe the high.
    i get excited to the day of how good that was but i dont think i will ever top that high.
    please share your best high feeling!

  2. Hahaha dude my tolerance is so low too.... I just recently started smoking Sativa Dominant Strains and it's KICKING MY ASS!!! I nod off with my mind flying into space and my imagination... I forget shit and just smile. Love it. 
  3. 4 days ago we were hotboxing my friends car with this really nice glass spoon. I got so high didn't even realized that we finished the bowl soon he was driving and I was screaming like crazy and everything seemed fake like I was in a magical fairy land or a dream, also everything was slo-mo and when I moved my hands I would see like a trail of my hand. It was fun and I'm gonna buy the sane dank tomorrow and trip like that again.
  4. man my best high was so long ago... It's so impossible to describe a fantastic high. I was just on top of the world. I was so happy that nothing could get me down. Not to mention the fact that I was having CEV's and I felt like I had fused with my chair. also I could feel the things I was touching like my nerves extended into them lol.
  5. I was in the shower just after a huge ass bowl on my own, I had no idea what to do I was just stood felling the water flow over me. I kept realising how small water molecules are and how big I was and then about how small I was in comparison to he universe. It was so trippy, best experience so far :)
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  6. my best high was way back when i first started.  those first few times were amazing, just feeling like i was in another place and not giving a fuck.  it's such a difficult feeling to describe even to myself.  but no matter how good the quality of the stuff i get these days, or how long of a t break i take, i can never achieve that same feeling.  i just get burnt out instead of ridiculously high if i smoke a lot.
  7. My best high was when i first started.. i was smoking on my first homegrow that was just done curing and it was dank as fk!! first everything just felt slowed down and more relaxed then i started to feel this head high that was extremely pleasent it just felt like sht was swirling arround inside my head very pleasent then i started getting a body high after my 3rd bowl at that point i felt so high that smoking anymore wouldnt get me any higher i was at peak high my body started to feel heavy i felt like i was sinking into myself then when i finally stood up to go back inside thats when i really new i was STONED AS FK!! my whole body felt all roboty it just felt like my whole body was made out of concrete i just said to myself "fk im stoned" and giggled then i whent inside cruised the internet listened to music then about 3 hours into my high i started to get euphoria i was so happy i almost cried walking inside was so trippy lol i just felt so heavy i was just laughing the whole way in fk i love weed
  8. My first time smoking ,i passed out lol
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    I like the moment where you realize how fucking high you are. Then you're like fuuuuck... 
  10. My best highs are indescribable. I just feel inherently good and happy. I don't even have to be thinking of anything and I'm just in a perfect place. 
    It also helps that I only smoke with my cousins and they really are my best friends, so whenever I'm with them I'm genuinely having some of the best times of my life no matter what, but when you add weed in the equation which we always do, it enhances the experience and I feel high in a literal sense, as if nothing could bring me down. It's like everything goes at the pace you want it to. It's one of the only perfect things I've ever experienced. 
  11. smoking with your cousins? that sounds fucking awesome 
    It is. There is nobody I'd rather smoke or hang out with. 
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