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  1. Hey all as you can read im on my first grow. Feel free to add in! The more the merrier hey! A friend that I met on GC wanted me to do a journal on my grow, its a great opportunity to get advise and help from all the people who know best! :cool:

    Havent got the greatest setup just yet as im still working on getting a tent or drobe, but that can come later into it! Not overly worried about stealth for the moment, that will come in due time.

    Im Running a 600W MH atm for the veg. planning on vegging for 4 maybe 5 weeks. Then switch to flower. ( working on the "enclosure" thru veg period. )
    Temps arnt a problem at the moment because I have no enclosure around the ( hopefully ) girls.

    I had 1 plant under cfl's it didnt go anywhere only got 3 sets of true leaves over 3 weeks. That was enough for me to say goodbye to cfls and hello to HID.

    They are bagseed. I currently have 3 little ones, 1 being the stunted shorty, and 2 seeds that germinated to be happy baby mj plants. :D

    I plan on germing 2 or 3 more right now! well after this gets done, Hopefully they will catch up! :p Im not going crazy hard with the ammount of plants im doing because I want to ease into this, learn with them. Not rush and run around after a few. Just my thoughts!

    1st, My ghetto ass setup! ;) 2nd, The one I stunted. Also was outside recouping and was savaged by a damn Caterpillar! 3rd, is Erin. and 4th, thats uhhh... Mariel! ( I like talking to plants, but you cant really differentiate between them who they are! ) :hello:

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  2. this guy just has cool tubes just layin around and shit.. haha! good stuff bud. looks like your off to a good start.. i dont fuck with dirt but ill keep a seat pulled up and maybe ill learn a thing or 2! why not humidity dome(bag) over the potted plant?

  3. ahha, well its just placed there at the moment. trying to sort out a nice space for it! But I chucked that one out in my yard about a week ago. Its been fucking hot and humid as it is! Live in oz. I will be making one shortly seeing as its inside now. One of my seedlings died today in the heat ( R.I.P ) not included in the pic.

    That was a damn fast reply! Cheers for the sit in, dont forget to puff puff pass! I was thinking about getting a response tomorrow! :cool:
  4. best way to do it is visit other threads and ask for peeps to swing by.. ask for help.. more head in the room means more brains in the room! a single stoner has good ideas, a room full of stoners have EPIC ideas! :D
    Thread in my sig, bubble buckets with a 1000w. head on over if you find the time! want to integrate some soil buckets into the mix, so ill pop a squat and see how it rolls!
  5. Hey I subbed!

    Don't worry about the stunted growth. You never know what will happen. The plant I have flowering now was the ugliest most unhealthy looking seedling that was very stunted.

    I found CFLs didn't work as well even though people do awesome grows with it. I can't blame you for putting them aside. If I ever get around to making a mother chamber I would use CFL.

    I do suggest doing a temp test as soon as you can with a door on it, or get your setup done fast. The last thing you want are high temps and then you are scrambling around to try to keep them down, then you'll get pissed and fry your little ones.

    Tell us what soil you are using and the nutes you pick up. I had a problem of low N and the seedlings were stunted. They look small to feed now but it is something to keep in mind when they throw out a few extra sets of leaves.
  6. i agree.. just cute dosages, maybe a 1/4 dose..

  7. Morning guys! hows it going today? I had the shittiest sleep ever. Constantly waking up, cat was fucking crying at my window. Wouldn't go away -.-, Anyways

    Today my plants need a water. Well Stunty does, its been 4 days since last watering, will be using 1/2 strength on stumpy, got burnt with 3/4 the feed. little bit of yellowing starting from the tips. Guessing that N def?

    And i also heard seedlings are right for nutes when their cotyledons start yellowing is that right?

    Ill take some pics later when the girl wakes up, seeing as the camera is out of batteries. They look great! even stunty is pulling thru quiet nicely. I LOVE THIS SETUP! its actually going somewhere. :smoke:

  8. Well i cant really get the best soils, other than canna terra pro + and its pretteh exxy for 10L. so im just using organic without nutes, adding in seaweed extract. A little tiny bit of coffee grounds. Will be picking up DM advance when i can, which might not be for another 2 weeks. TIGHT BUDGET ATM.

    Yeah temps are no problem, its in one half of my room, which isnt blocked. heat is exhausted out the back of the house, while nice fresh air from my window is feeding it. But this is where i need to figure out what room ill need.
    Spesh since i might be growing Basil and Italian Parsley for a small job. Something to get me going really. So hard trying to find work atm, NO JOBS AT ALL... >.O
    I really want to further my setup but it can wait. Also, Does anyone use Retro MH's? Myn took about 7 strikes to get going on my big cooltube. whereas my smaller one kicks over on the first strike. Could this be POWER LOSS? the HPS kicks straight over on the first strike. so its just the MH thats weirdness.
    Also hums everso often...? is that bad? last thing i want is a blown bulb and having to replace it when i cant afford to. could always use the HPS in that sitch.
  9. UPDATE:
    Day 5
    1. Stunty, the yellowing. will feed later. 2. Erin Looking great! :cool: 3. Mariel also looking great!

    Swapped to the bigger cooltube has further increased airflow past the bulb, and its a nice comfortable temp 8'' or so away! so thats where my canopy is!
    Some people say that you shouldn't put a seedling under full light. but in the wild they wouldnt really be protected from full sun.

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  10. About the whole cotyledons, don't worry about them. I've seen them sit on older plants. Sometimes they don't fall off or stay green an extra long time. Although I am no expert, someone else chime in here.

    You can keep it under full light. Just really make sure they don't dry out. I've always started seedlings under CFLs as it is the easiest. I like the CFLs. if you keep it under the HID make it gentle. Keep them covered. They will dry out FAST.
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    yeah, i'm not too sure either. I lost my syringe that i measure the nutes with! so ghey. so im gunna keep looking and try and find it!
    as for the heat. its like a nice winters sunlight 7-8" away not really hot at all. todays quite colder than yesterday tho.

    Fine, moderate N to NE winds, freshening in the afternoon. Fire Danger: High.

    Precis: Fine.
    City: Max 30

    but atm its like 22 in the house.

    They have humidity domes on them! i should have included a pic!
    so they are nice and moist, stunty is almost quite dry needs a feed as well. just 1/4 dose. as for the others they should be fine, i drenched the soil for 10 mins before planting them. they need a little more soil around their bases. but thas all i can pick.

    Im absolutly loving the hid man, growth is so quick. Can see the difference at the end of the day! I'm also glad i got a cooltube. Well i picked up an absolute steal to get me going!

    Oh oh, And hygrometer:
  12. 600w! I am here for my reserved seat to the mrderp growshow? "here's my ticket"

    I co-sign.
  13. well yeah i got the whole set up for cheap as shit! have to get new bulbs tho. one im using are a little used. but 2 cool tubes, a wing reflector with 125W cfl, 8" inline, 150W mh bulb, 2 HPS bulbs and a MH conversion. got a few other nic nacks. only set me back 200 and a hour and a half drive!

    But yeah i've got my guys about 8" or so away and their loving it. no stress or anything just good steady growth. Im thinking the cooltube is doing a great job. not hot on my face or hands. so its alright for them.

    Cheers for popping a squat! :D will be interesting to say the least!
  14. Awesome, Cooltubes are a great investment when you have space.

    Looking forward to seeing this from start to finish. How they fill out under your lighting.
  15. Well i was thinking im not going to follow thru with the just MH grow. seeing as i cant find much compelling evidence as to what the ups and downs of it is. i have hps here so im just going for a tried and tested route. seeing as i want to keep things simple as i don't want to overdo it.

    will get some photos up that i took last night before lights out! :D just have to get them on the pc and what not! might take a bit ahah
  16. Ok these were the photos from last night! they grew a bit thru the day and im really noticing nice node growth as well! :D
    1. How far the lights are away! 2. Erin looking sexy! 3. Stunty still chilling. 4. Mariel looking also sexy!

    Will be posting pics later on tonight when lights go off, gave stunty a 1/4 feed yesterday to 20% run off. Im using some cheap shit nute because i didnt have the money or anything to go an hour and a bit to the hydro store. I will be accepting nutes thru mail donations tho! :D ahhaha

    Expecting my hygrometre tomorrow! Need proper temps dammit!
    All will come soon.

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  17. Also gave Erin and Mariel a watering with 35ml of water, they had dried just a little.

    Today was a hot day 34C with a humidity of at least 70-80%
    Cant wait to get some funds together to get some much needed accessorys.

    Ph pen( possibly with PPM as well ), A less ghetto enclosure, Dutchmaster Advance. Ph up and ph down. Hmm.

    Now to prioritize.
  18. Looking good! I want a cooltube now! It's nice to see MG420 co- sign my post! :) Grasshopper is learning MG.

    Is the plant in pic 3 really that yellow? It may want N.

    Keep an eye on it. Get some nutes. Instead of a pH pen I just eye it up with aquarium tester drops. You can do that in the interim. And definitely get pH up/down. Get some unsulfer'd Molasses to add to the water.

    Sorry if I disappear for a day or two. The holidays stink sometimes. You never have time. I'm assuming you don't celebrate Thanksgiving? LOL

    Every day I give my thanks for giving me the gift of herb! I find it funny that I have this natural proclivity to growing herb. :)
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    Ph test drops is what im going for, i do have a soil test kit, but its fucking shit! I swear the powder that you put on the soil after you mix the solution with the soil. it always looks the same, Tossing a turd 100 metres would be more accurate than that.

    Yeah its def N def. but the new growth is nice and green. 2 waters ago i gave her molasses with some nute. What im using atm till i can get dutch masters is seaweed extract. its NPK is 4.6/1.2/3.1 closest thing i could find at the time. ill wing it for the time being. im in no rush, shes looking really good today, ill take some pics later.

    We call it christmas, and i dont really believe in it. Family does tho, so its only a family lunch/dinner and some drinks.

    I was thinking about starting my own religion and praying to the BUD LORDS!

    Think its a good idea? Pray for higher yields ahahha :smoke:

    These cooltubes are the shit! can have them so close. can even have my hand next to the glass and not get burnt.
    Cheers for stopping by!:D
  20. Have a fat and sassy thanksgiving Derp!

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