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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Pass the dr0, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Some people have no idea what theyre talking about when it comes to smoking. This is from a conversation with a few friends:

    Druggie kid I just met: yeah man I was on a coke binge for a while but I stopped that shit

    Derp friend: yeah man the comedown from meth sucks

    Druggie kid, me, other friend: you've done meth???

    Deep kid: yeah man this one time I got some bus it and it was shinning with these white chrystals and when I smoked it I got real light headed and was uncontrollably laughing!!

    Me: *derp* facepalm... But I just kinda noded

    Friend who smokes alot: damn maaan your shit was sprinkled that's some crazy shit

    Druggie kid: Jesus dude that sucks I hope your not addicted

    Me: just smile and wave boys smile and wave...

    I don't even smoke that much and I feel I'm more educated than the kids who've been smoking twice as long as me just cause I use these forums.
  2. herpderp
  3. I didn't get it for a second. So you're buddy thought the crystals on the buds were meth? Do you not educate your friends?

  4. Yes he did
  5. the constant use of derp turned me away from this thread. You're calling your friends stupid when you still use "derp", & "facepalm."

    Sad shit

  6. It's the Internet, what i say on the Internet does not translate to real life, if someone said something dumb you can bet you nuts I would never be like derp, I would just get faces like -_____-
  7. I was found a pickle, and ate it.
  8. this one time my weed was laced with shrooms! it made me so lightheaded it was awesome... derpity doo
  9. I was a lost pickle until somebody ate me
  10. One question.... after this conversation, do you still consider these kids friends? Or, are they just former associates???

  11. When did deep kid come in?
  12. [quote name='"Octus"']

    When did deep kid come in?[/quote]

    Think he ment derp . iPhone corrects as deep
  13. Ignorant fool

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