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  1. So lately my mind and mood has been swinging a lot, often unpredictably and without cause. I frequently experience a dream like state of mind where I feel like I in the blink of an eye shifted to a parallel reality or woke up in a different world. An overwhelming feeling of tranquility sweeps over me and the world takes on a distant magical, yet crystal clear glow, like I'm imagining or dreaming it. Street lights and stuff become really bright and glowy and colors and movement become more vivid. It's super fuckin cool and very euphoric, like I was on some hardcore unmentionables.
    Now, I did some research on derealization/depersonalization and it seems most people who go through this experience it as panicky, horrifying and dysphoric. For me it's the exact opposite and I wish I could be in this state of mind forever.
    Just curious to hear other's thoughts on this and if this happens to anyone else? It happens a lot lately and I haven't even smoked or anything for months.

  2. Im not sure what you mean? Is this in your mind or an illness of some sort. I've felt dissociated from my self at some points in time. Is that what you mean?

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  3. Well I'm pretty sure I have ADD and mild bi polar have an appointment with a psych next week to get checked out. Anyways, derealization/depersonalization is usually a response to trauma / severe anxiety or depression but mine seems to occur randomly and unlike most people's experience of it mine is an exclusively positive/euphoric one.
  4. I experience Depersonalization. I don't have panic attacks or anything. I don't hate it but I certainly don't like it. I would much rather feel present and not always distant.

    It makes my highs less high. I think I got into it when I got off antidepressants last year.

    Luckily exercising helps. Being healthy in general makes me feel more present and alive.

    Anyway, I'm glad you are okay with it. Personally, I'm over it. Its hard on my relationships with others because I'm always sort of disconnected and spacing out.

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    If it just suddenly started, like out of nowhere, you probably should get a referral to a neurologist if it persists. Lots of shit, from a change in the regulation of certain neurotransmitters to the appearance of a brain lesion, can produce the onset of such experiences. In the end, all of our subjective experience is a function of the nervous system and its efforts at maintaining homeostasis. Just something to consider.
  6. I kinda feel like that when i wake up and im in a rainy mood or if i play PS3 for 5-6 hours straight.

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  7. Its called being high.
  8. It's called you're ignorant and have no clue what you're talking about.

    If you want to try to tell someone they're wrong for believing something, you should at least know even a little bit about what you're talking about.

    Depersonalization and derealization are as real as your left pinky toe and even if you don't understand it, it exists.

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  9. Time for a psychologist/psychiatrist appointment no doubt
  10. Sounds fun. I wish I woke up in a different world because this one fucking sucks.
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    I said what i said cuz its true. I've felt this way before when im high and sometimes when im sober. It's like when you smoke you feel hightened senses which can make the world seem cartoonish. I wasnt speakin from ignorance, i was speaking from experience.
    some people might just have a creative mind. i mean, to be truly creative and imaginative you have to look at the world in a different way like being on the outside looking in.

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