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  1. about how far should i plant my seeds under the soil?
  2. I planted mine approx 1 to 2" under the soil and wait....i didn't do the process of the paper towel although some people find it works for them, that and the glass jar of water....i just planted them and they found their own way to the top.....Peace out....Sid
  3. 1/2" to 1" but if 2" works, that's fine.
  4. alright this is what you do, you poke youre finger in the ground at an inch or two, you wait for them to come up and ater they get about three to six inches big, transplant them into better soil and when you do this make sure you put them deeper in the ground probably an inch away from the bottom leaves, at least its always worked for me

    peace, sublime forever
  5. Not usually deeper than 1" max..


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