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  1. Lately it seems like my world is crashing down on me. I haven't been going to classes, which my parents just found out, and tomorrow I have a meeting with school officials, my parents, and drug counselors discussing the whole ordeal. I can't hang out with my best friends, I can't use my car, I can't do anything anymore. Everyday I wake up frustrated and angry about the way my life has turned out. I know I can't goto that meeting tomorrow, I don't want to be put on display like that in front of everyone. I'm having suicidal thoughts and am beginning to think that just popping a bottle of pills and slipping away isn't such a bad idea. I mean, is it really worth living a life you hate everyday? Eh, to me its seeming more and more like it isn't. Not sure what the point of this post is, just needed to rant. Trying to get my thoughts straight and determine my actions for the future, I guess. Thanks for hearing me out.
  2. Dont worry about it you'll pull thru, no matter how life can come crashing down on u its not with killing yourself, it'll all clear up soon enough, and you'll realise its not half as bad as it seemed. life could always be worse
  3. I understand life could always be worse, but at this point it honestly feels like I've hit rock bottom. I can't get the thoughts out of my head and I feel like I'm truly going to do something which will harm myself. I don't necisarily want to, but I really don't want to live my life under the supervision and surveillance of counselors and pyschiatrists, thats just bullshit.
  4. well maybe you should say that, to them.
    you might get a better reaction than u can antisipate/
  5. I know exactly what you mean.. i'm feeling that shit now... I am pretty sure that someday soon my life will fuck up some more, and then some more, and then, yet again, some more. I have no advice, just assurance that you're not alone, and I'm with you in this.
  6. well bud, you got plenty of support around here.

    none of us want to see anything bad happen to you. I can GARAUNTEE you that by this time next year, you will be perfectly fine. Ill give that my "ABC Stamp of Aapproval" too.

    good fortune to ya my friend, everything is going to get better soon!.
  7. im wi tu man every day i wake up and say to my self "y bother waking up?" but i dont do it cuz of my lil sis ur not alone we r all here for u man if u ever need sum1 to talk to im here
  8. I don't know man, I just don't see myself living a life like this. I don't know what to do. I'm crying as I type all this. I got the pills in front of me, contemplating whether or not I should munch em down and I honestly don't know what to do.
  9. youll probably go into this meeting maybe feelin numb, come out of it numb and may not have a thought about anything until youre ready to. whatever it is your going through, itll pass, maybe not 100% all at the same time, most likely not, but when your head is on, then itll come to you..youll know what you need to do for things, and esp yourself.

    please dont do anything.. there neednt be any permanent solution here. things need to be worked out, in your head, in the situation. you know that, somethings wrong, fix it. dont ignore it.

    we're here for you buddy..
  10. There are alot of people who have gone very far in life feeling the way you do..

    It may be more of you haven't found what you need yet..

    I have a friend who tied three times to kill himself. He almost made it twice.. Now he makes 180,000 dollars a year and is fine.. At the time he wanted so bad to kill himself, he just didn't know where he fit in life and other people were trying to pick his futre for him...

    Just relax and tell what you feel and why in the meeting tommorrow!!

    Things will end up better for you...!
  11. Also remember this::::

    Before the brightest day.............. is always the darkest night!!!!!
  12. Thanks for the advice, but apparently it wasn't enough. Maybe its just my time. Thirty pills down the hatch, we'll see how I end up. Peace City.
  13. !!! HEY BUDDY !!!!

    youd better be joking. if not call poison control or something.

    i can assure you it wont be a very pleasant way to go...

    you deserve better than this man. i pray you arent seriouse. call 911 or something. you need help. this is no way to go.
  14. No matter how bad it gets, you can always pull out. ALWAYS. ive been there.
  15. Well shit...............what happened??

    VW i hope you was only joking...

    let us know...
  16. Hey VW!!! Where are you?

    Check in with us, ok? Seriously...we're getting worried here. We love ya. :) You're one of us and you had better still be in the land of the living.


    We're waiting!
  17. dude, ask some of the people round here bout me, i was a mess, see some of my old posts, i was falling apart and had come so close to suicide(gun in hand loaded) but i couldent do it, the only thing that was stopping me was people that cared for me, people that i would hurt if i did, even people i have never seen, like you guys, many of you helped me out when i needed it most, now im still here and im loving it!! life always gets better, no matter how bad it seems, one day you might just settle it, or move away and leave your past behind and start a new life, one thats more comparitive to you and that you like, man i know its tough but you gotta keep goin, just remember we are ALL here for you... good luck man
  18. hope your still with us man, not a very religious man but god bless
  19. Superjoint, do you have his IP address, you can get alot of info of his house number so you can call local authorities...Listen, dont do that shit...WHAT DOESNT KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER.....Dont be so selfish and take your life, you're going to ruin others lives, your parents, friends, family, grasscity...God damn kid, dont be a dumbass...Everything gets better for christs sake...God help you

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