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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SNiPerXP, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Hey, it's weird, most people would love to be me. I have a beautiful girlfriend who loves me so much, parents who accept my marijuana smoking and a lot of people would say that they like me. I don't have any reason to be depressed other than the fact that I did start smoking too early which ended up screwing up my education and has resulted in me having to earn some credits just to graduate. Yet, recently I have been feeling waves of depression that hit me all the time and are coming more and more. I think it may be the fact that I'm not happy with myself. I had a bad childhood with no real positive surroundings so I guess that could lead to low self-esteem. Usually weed helps my depression along with my back pain from scoliosis, but my area is pretty dry and for a while I've been having to smoke mids. Don't get me wrong, $65 for 1/2 O is pretty solid, but the quality is too low. I remember when I would smoke and only get happy and hungrym but now I get headeaches and angry. Can anyone suggest strains for depression and back pain?
  2. I can relate to a lot of that shit. Especially the girlfriend and parents accepting smoking. I also screwed up my education as well but am going to be going back to school in march and am really gonna try to crack down. I also get waves of depression shit sucks but I've been getting them my entire life. I can't really suggest anything for depression but I'm a big fan of strawberry cough whenever I can get my hands on it I always jump on it.
  3. Thanks, I've heard good things about Strawberry Cough. Don't think we ever get it over here though.
  4. Dude its probably the mids, the same thing happens to me when i smoke mids, theres just not enough thc
  5. Heavy Indicas (or "dank") are good for pain killing, not necessarily good for depression. As others have already said, Sativas are good for depression, you want the head high, not the body high.
  6. Thanks you guys for all of your help! I've decided what I'm going to start doing so that I'm not always broke is push. A friend had this great connect who sold me a 1/2 zip for $70 of some nice mids with barely any seed and stem. And not shake either, this was all nuggets. I was almost so happy, I smoked a g with my girl. It was nice, but with mids there's always that headache period which sucks. Anyways, my gf ordered a scale online last night and it should be here soon. So, if I sell the 13g's I'll make $130 from $70, then I'll just keep doing that until I can afford to buy more expensive stuff to deal so I don't ever have to deal with mids. As of now though, I finally got out of my mids problem with a gram of some Granddaddy Purp that has just blown my mind away! I can hoenstly say I remember now what it's like to get high as a kite ;)

    Soon, my gf is moving into her own apartment, so we'll then be able to grow dank and not even have to deal. And I know Grandaddy Purp is supposed to be Indica, but the high was a lot like a sativa, definitely worth the $25.... even though it's a little expensive.

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