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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by lambofgodbc, Dec 20, 2003.

  1. how would i go about getting medical marijuana for depression?i went to a therapist and he said that i do indeed suffer from a form of depression and possibly could be bi-polar. so if i go to a doctor about this,is there someway i could pass for it?
  2. lol...the last time i told my story to a shrink ...she said dshe was amaised i had made it thur this far ...and wanted to know how i had managed

    i told her oh least a 1/2 oz a
  3. Just tell them it really helps you. That's what I'd do.
    Did in fact, but we don't have med mar here. :(
  4. yea...he could very possble..and i hear about 1/2 or 3/4 a week..:D
  5. i've got an apointment with him tommorow,i'm just gonna ask if there is another treatment besides pills,and suggest medicinal marijuana.
  6. this sucks,he said our state doesn't have a medical law on he put me on zoloft,this shit does nothing for my problems besides make them worse
  7. I've never heard of MMJ as a depression med... Alot of people believe that it actually makes depression worse when your not high... I don't really know about this, what i do know is I myself suffer from depression... and i just make it so I'm Not depressed in my head... I think weed is a wonderful thing and med... but depression is a mental chemical imbalance, i'm not sure weed does anything for it while ur not high. For depression, you need a more permanant fix. Try just maybe... making yourself happy? And smoke weed anyways :p
  8. Somehow or other, MJ works wonders as a med for me. ADD, depression, and insomnia, and all of 'em go away as long as I toke at least once a week. *Shrugs* That's just me, though.

  9. Nah man, I'm on zoloft and it's made a world of difference, but it takes at least 2 weeks to start working. It took 8 weeks before it really started helping me. Give it a couple months before you give up on it.
  10. people like us

    cry into the wind

    crawling to the inside

    creating mortal sin

    awaiting death
  11. that is funny I have bipolar and marijuana helps it when I am high, but when i am without it it is hard to be happy because i am not happy with myself. What I am saying is you need medication.

  12. i am bi-polar/ obsessive compulsive disorder and i suffer from depression too. i know the hard times :/ . id like to get some freek dank too
  13. hey buddy about 2 years ago i used to take Zoloft daily and it sucked i think it made u angry at the end of the dosaged and just made me wanna hit sum1 then i told them im sick of it get me off this crap ..started smokin MJ and my life has increased .. better grades when still in school and a great career

    my advice as get off that shit as fast as ya can dunt wanan get a dependence on it and i find it a waste of money and time
  14. i am on strattera (120mg) and effexor (75mg) for ADHD and depression, respectively. i use weed as an suppulent, ya know, and enhancer.

  15. tell me if you go without your efexxor for a cupple days...does your body feel kinda numb?

    i always FELT like i was on drugs when on effexxer

    and had some very physical withdrawls...
  16. I used to take zoloft, but it gave me little bumpy rashes on my chest/abs, so I got off it. Anyone else have this?
  17. Zoloft makes my equilibrium slant....and walking feeling like you're tilted (or being pulled) sideways does tend to give you motion sickness. No SSRI's for me. :p

  18. its been said before in this thread, but it does nothing immeadiatly. on avg it needs to be in your system for two weeks before it starts working and then goes from theee. keep popping thise pills, man.
  19. I am on cipramil 40mg and alot of weed.If I dont have my weed I become a psycho bitch from hell but I blame it on being a fiery red head.I have an excellent bong,tulip,allsorts joint maker that blows my mind.
  20. Like some of you, I'm also on effexor for mild deppression. Dirtydingus asked if other effexor users feel numb when they miss doses, and i know exactly what you're talking about. I have some numb feeling, but i mostly get light-headed and I feel detached from myself. I also spiral down into depression if is miss more than one day. Being on the shit sucks. So, people have brought it up before, but does anybody know if you can actually get a perscription for the sweet chiba if you have depression?

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