Discussion in 'General' started by Vexus, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. You know when you get down.. feel alone and shit well I usually smoke to make myself feel better but due to work being in 30 minutes I can't because if I go in stoned I really can't function and they look at me funny. :( Hate days like this.

    Does anyone else use the magical herb to put themselves up?
  2. Depends on how bad of a day I'm having, but herb always helps.
  3. yeah i had one of those days, but i dont think it was just feelin blue, it was a serious of being stabbed in the fucking hart.
  4. yea not much helps, no real med.. benzos like xanax or klonopin is good for racing thoughts and aniexity but will do nothing for deppression if it is actually or just feeling down.. huge difference..
  5. I have manic depression, smoking helps me "balance out" in a sense on days when i am more depressed than normal.

  6. I can't help but feel so horrible on days I don't smoke..I guess a lot of us do develope mental addictions to cannabis. After all I do use it as an anti-depressent on most days.


  7. I allways would consider it as a anti-depressent on days I was down (depressed) thought I had depression untill coming off of a xanax RX and not able to refill it I had full blown depression and was much different then what I use to consider being depressed was and no cannabis or anything would help and taking a SSRI takes time to work, 3-6 weeks.

    I hated it, I felt like those crazy ass people where as if this feeling never went away I would go and kill everybody feeling and wrote this report based on it and was graded good but everyone was like :eek: and I was like and I was like well maybe this is what these people feel including other mental illness as well.
  8. They're called antidepressants.. why would anybody associate xanax with depression?
  9. Nobody associated xanax with depression.

    Most people feel down and 80% it is not depression, they just have some thoughts going through, racing, while a benzo or anticonvulsant would work fine.
    Nobody did !
  10. You're fucked up dude, no offense but for serial. Your emotion shouldn't be 'high', call me crazy but I'd recommend you smoke less weed actually.

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