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  1. I'm 41 and suffer from depression. I'm on Zoloft, Lamictal, Trazadone and occasionally Xanax. I know some people who treat their depression with weed. I'm probably the only person in the western hemisphere who's never tried it. I don't even know how to get hold of any. Need help.
  2. Im sure you have friends. Ask your friends. Your friends always know at least one drug dealer because they are everywhere, just like Jesus Christ.
  3. Dont pay more than $10 a gram. Goodluck.
  4. I'm assuming you live in a non-medical/rec state?

    Weed is everywhere. Maybe ask you friends or coworkers
  5. Lol! Thanks, I'll try.
  6. I live in Arkansas. They just passed medical but not rec. None available yet. I'm not sure my psychiatrist will prescribe it. Big pharmacy needs money.
  7. I've actually done DXM and freaking loved it. My nerves were totally soothed and I couldn't really feel my body. Felt great!
  8. If its good as a medical state there are for sure weed head lingering around. Bet at least one of your neighbors smokes
  9. Maybe so. I hope so.
  10. I feel for you. It's (depression) a tough place to be and to operate from...and it's an equally tough thing for folks to look in on and understand. I don't think the doctors understand it either. That's why they sling the pills at you and send you on your way to field the effects of those chemicals on your own.

    Weed may (I'd say >will< from experience but we are all different) help but there's a break in period where tolerance is low and the effects can be as scary as the effects of depression.(confusion/isolation/detachment/etc.)
    But holy can't be any scarier than being a guinea pig to all those meds. (no just freaks me out)

    As folks say must know someone who smokes weed. Seek them out. Tell them your story. See if they will smoke with you/help you ease into this and see if it helps ease your symptoms.

    Not to get too personal...but is therapy/counseling also a part of your treatment as well?

    PM's always open if you need to vent/etc. Good luck.
  11. Thank you SO much! Yes, I've been afraid of potency seeing as how I've never done it. And yes, I also see a counselor. I've had a few hard concussions in my life. I don't know if that has exasperated my problems or not. I'm trying to think of someone I can try to hook some up with. I wish times were different and I could just order some.
  12. I do deal with depression and have other issues attached
    but as far as finding weed iv always had luck with.
    colleges/college towns
    friends most likely safest way
  13. Thats a good idea, but I live in a dry county. Yay bible belt!
  14. Depression comes in many forms. Weed helps depending on the type of depression you have and how severe it is. If your depression includes anxiety and panic attacks, weed can actually make this worse, sometimes putting people in the hospital because they think they are having a heart attack. I believe weed is more of a preventer in depression rather than a cure. I had Major Depression last year and the whole time I could not smoke without going into a full-blown panic attack. So if it works for you, great, but be careful. If you have never smoked weed, you DEFINTELY want to take very small doses of any THC or it most certainly will cause anxiety if you’re depressed or already anxious. If possible, try to get your hands on a balanced strain that has some THC and some CBD. That seems to work better than THC alone and the CBD can counteract the anxiety caused by too much THC. When you’re depressed and anxious, you are very sensitive to everything. So smoking weed im that state can cause over stimulation of your receptors, causing anxiety and paranoia to worsen. If you feel depressed but don’t exhibit anxiety or irritability, smoking will probably help. But still, start very slow and gradually increase your dose. Never smoke more than an 8th of weed each day under any circumstances... this can down-regulate your receptors and cause other issues to arise such as dependence financial issues if that much is smoked on a consistent basis. Your brain will literally “forget” how to produce it’s own cannabinoids and when you run out of weed, anxiety, irritability and even depression could develop. Bottom line is, you should experiment with it and see how it makes you feel. Just go easy on it!
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  15. Thats very interesting...and informative! Thank you very much :)
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  16. Not a problem man! Best of luck to you!
  17. Hey,
    Thanks for your information it is very informative and helpful.
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