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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by matthe, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. anyone get withdraws from not smoking? if i don't get high by like 1:30 i start to get angry at the littlest things. and its not just like it annoys me it straight anger and it stays with me all day. then by like 5pm if i still haven't smoked i just feel super depressed. once i smoke im fine and like once im complete down from the high il be good for like 5 hours then it will start up again. iv smoked multiple times a day everyday for a year and a half. anyone else have this affect?
  2. does it really have to be said? take a break, and when you start again, if you find the same effects, stop smoking. your current situation is incredibly unhealthy.
  3. I have to agree man. Nobody knows the effects of cannabis completely because its not regulated yet. I would stop for awhile and try to workout and stay busy to keep your mind off things. Believe me I'm on vacation right now and haven't smoked for 4 days which is a big break for me. I've noticed that I'm irritable but its becoming less and less. Just wait like 1-2 weeks and gradually start doing it again but make sure you limit yourself just like anything. Hope this helps man!
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    Its mental.

    Stay busy.

    When I wasn't challenged during school and I skip a day from smoking (daily toker) I'd get chills and trend towards depressive thoughts.

    Now after transferring I go days without smoking without any change, and I was a super heavy daily toker up until school started

    If you get mad by mid-day when you smoked the day before, its a habit issue. Just take a break and break your habits

    edit : if it starts within 5 hours of your last smoke, you're just fiending for bud. You're used to being high all the time - its DEFINATELY time for a break.

    And when you get back from the break, set some limits for yourself - such as only smoking at night or in the evening after all else is finished. It'd be good to get yourself into the habit of feeling "rewarded" after finishing all your work - you'll subconsciously develop good study and work habits
  5. I'm with you OP. I gotta smoke, at least a few times a day. Otherwise I get incredibly depressed and bored as fuck. I smoke a bowl in the morning before work every day, once I get off at 5 I blaze constantly throughout the night. Gotta stay high, helps the time pass until I can go back to sleep and someday I'll be dead.
  6. That's definitely how I feel. Just smoke until I die.
  7. Come on guys life is full of great things, and it's not all about smoking until death. Use weed to enhance life not be your life.
  8. You're right MJ makes good things even better :)
  9. I'm a pretty avid smoker, but I've only smoked a bowl today from the steamroller, and i packed it last night and ripped it before bed. I consider that to be my little t-breaks. I was sick last week too, and had no desire whatsoever to smoke, but I would've loved to have had a good edible so I would've had an appetite!

    I smoke an oz a month. I keep myself pretty regulated. I may go hard one night and smoke a whole 3 pack of blunts, but the next couple nights I'll only have maybe a bowl or two.

    Also occasions depend on how much I smoke. Like this week the college football NCAA championship games are on and I'll probably be burning pretty heavily. But like today, I only had a bowl.
  10. Best thing to do is take breaks and moderate your usage. Ever heard of the saying, "All things in moderation"? This is especially true with weed. If you're smoking too much you're more likely to get depressed and feel like you need it instead of it being something that enhances your life. Remember, life is still enjoyable without the herb.
  11. ya but that mostly cuz im a mean person when im sober its one of the reasons i smoke lol
  12. Toke away man, and try meditation when u feel shitty
  13. i no i need a break but its hard cause all my friends smoke and thew one i used to no i havent talked to in awhile because i kind of pushed them away cause i never wanted to hang out with them cause they didnt smoke and thats all i wanted to do. what do you guys do to keep your mind of from it?
  14. T-breaks are hard. I get depressed if i don't smoke every day but its nothing i can't shrug off. You might need a break, or think about your priorities a bit, there must be an underlying insecurity that's causing you to withrdraw like that
  15. I dunno man there's no reason stoners and straigh-edges can't get along, so if it's not working out fuck them man :rolleyes:

  16. well i stopped talking to them cause all i ever want to do if im chillin with ppl is smoke/drink. yeah im a shitty person.
  17. Any time where you're using a substance as a medication for depression (other than prescribed anti-depressants) is an unhealthy habit, possibly an addiction. But yes, people report some irritability when they've smoked for a long time and they take a break. Just give it a few weeks and those feelings should subside.

    If you're still feeling depressed after this, I recommend you see your doctor. Be smart, bro. Good luck
  18. Why blame yourself?

  19. Sounds like your getting dope sick.

  20. If you can't/won't hang out with people without drinking or smoking you are doing something wrong. And if you are self medicating with an illegal substance and completely avoiding the real problem, that is very unhealthy.
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