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  1. Negative thoughts for days, months, on end..

    Not able to focus on anything, especially schoolwork or even on one straight thought.. it's the only thing you can think about. There's no escaping. I live a good life but when I'm in my private quarters, it's a world of grief and pure sadness.

    No psychologist can help, No plan on taking any man-made medication, I think to myself, "Is everyday going to be like this for the rest of my life?" I tear up at times, for no reason..I just wish I could be normal.
  2. bro stop smoking weed. i promise within a month to two you will feel so much better. the weed will just amplify your depression. time to take a break until you get your mind straight
  3. this is a sensitive subject
  4. I haven't smoked in months.
  5. Iv been going through some major depression myself latley. My gf who i was really close to cheated on me and left me for another dude, she lied about my best friend and made me hate him... now im back hanging with my best friend but ever since she broke up with me, nothing seems to be right anymore. Everything has changed since. and its the worst feeling iv ever had to experience. :( i could go on and on, but id rather not.
  6. Sad thing is, I don't even know what triggers my feelings.

    I always write, but there is never any connection between anything.
  7. How old are you?

  8. Twenty.
  9. Find something greater then yourself, and start achieving at it.

    I can't tell you what to do, because it would void what I need to tell you. You have to find happiness yourself.

    [ame=]Macklemore - The End - YouTube[/ame] this song helped me alot back in the day in my darkest hour
  10. It might just be the unexplainable thoughts everyone has while growing up... the self realization.. I understand how you feel in some ways.. but what kind of sad/negative thoughts are you having? i try to keep my mind from wandering into the depths of negativity and sadness by listening to music and playing my bass.
  11. Just feelings of worthlessness at times, low confidence, low self-esteem.

    I get stuck in thoughts about the world and why shit happens the way it does. It's hard to find the words to put it into language...
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    Quit being such a whining bitch, depression isn't even a real thing.

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  13. Sorry to hear vaheb, have you tried medical marijuana?
  14. Depression is way too real. I know it can be absolutely crippling op, my advice is to exercise and eat as healthy as possible. I also take 2 natural supplements; Valeria root and omega 3 fish oil. These two natural supplements are supposed to help your brain/body, make sure you take them everyday. Good luck op, I hope the depression goes away
  15. Definitely try diet and exercise or weightlifting. Seeing (even small) results can boost your mood drastically. The only problem is that weed and eating healthily don't mix.
  16. Im also in the same boat, my Dad passed away from cancer last summer and just ever since then I think about how worthless I am at times, My dad who was a great person had his life cut short after working 25 years just to support me and my mom and he didn't even get a chance to enjoy retirement. Makes me think how much of a horrible person i was to him as a teenager, I called him all types of shit and I just feel like a shit person I don't deserve to be happy ive been horrible to people.

    Maybe one day Ill find my way but right now Im just stuck in this mindset its so hard to shake and OP I really hope you find your way.
  17. depression is all in your mind. you can overcome it if you really try. just don't give negative thoughts the time of day. it's hard but can be done. I've been through it but in the long run I realized, "why am I choosing to live this way?" and eventually went back to happy. find something you enjoy doing like shooting hoops or hittin the gym, exercise makes you naturally happy if you didn't know
  18. Fuck you man, you've never dealt with it so how the fuck would you know
  19. Definitely go to the gym. Take some vitamins, eat fruits and vegetables, and most importantly -
    1. Refrain from using computer/TV (its impossible to stop completely, but try to spend majority of time avoiding it)
    2. Don't smoke until you know your out of your depression for good.
    The rest is on you bro. Its going to take a lot of self reflection to get out of this, and I'm sure most of us on here has gone through something similar.
    You might want to try some meditation.
    Please try this, get a pair of stereo headphones, lie down in bed with your eyes closed and listen to this [ame=]Shimmering Gossamer (Theta binaural beats) Unisonic Ascension - YouTube[/ame]

    This might sound ridicuolous but it actually puts you into a meditative state if you give it some time. You might as well try it if it might help.
    Thats all i got to offer, best of luck bro
  20. fish oil omega-3!!!
    trust me bro
    u got nothin to lose

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