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Depression + weed = win

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by gamerjoe, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. Anyone else do this? Lately Ive been getting depressed, but as soon as i take one hit of a bowl it just melts away. By far the best medicine on the planet. :smoking:
  2. I did go through a depression phase and when I was introduced to marijuana I had a new outlook on life. I'm a new and better person.
  3. Yes! Exactly! Sometimes it just helps me forget, but if i really want to think about whats wrong, it makes me look at it a completely different way than i previously was.
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    I think cannabis can certainly be useful in treating the symptoms of depression, it's not a solution. Genuine depression comes from a profound dissatisfaction with your perspective and personal outlook. That is something that cannabis cannot resolve.

    It might help you cope, and I'm glad you have that. Just don't use it to avoid addressing your personal problems. If you're plagued by depression then you have personal growth ahead of you as a goal.

    I've known friends that use cannabis (along with other drugs) to treat symptoms of depression, and end up relying on those drugs fro a sense of normality. Try not to get that point, because it'll just make the healing of your depression more difficult. It will also make it more difficult to relax with a joint, because you begin to associate the symptom and the treatment.

    I'm glad that you have some relief from your depression. I also hope that you can someday conquer it.
  5. Thanks a lot man, thats really cool of you to break it down that way and everything. But i want to clarify that 1. Im not depressed all the time 2. I dont smoke just to get away from my issues. 3. I do realize that its not a perminate solution but it does help me cope. I really just made this thred to see if anyone else used mary-jane to help cope with depression, like me.
  6. People need to stop using "depression" to describe just feeling sad or down. Depression is when you feel down all the time, your not depressed if your girlfriend breaks up with you, your sad, upset.

    But anyway, yeah it's an alright coping drug, but it's alot better to get negative emotions out if their over some event than it is to suppress them.
  7. I can dig that, man.

    Maybe the balance between our opinions can help somebody find balance :)
  8. Totally man, Everyone is correct in saying that avoiding your problems isnt the answer. But sometimes your tired of thinking constantly about the fuckups youve made.
  9. It helps me alot with deppresion too. Although I cant smoke for bout ten days for a phsyciatrist drug test. Because of a little of depression but mostly I shake, tremor, or whatever you'd call it alot of the time in a day. Hope I pass.:wave:( makes smoking a dubie very hard if your like me.) lol
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    Story of my life thank God. Love all the posts here. Yeah, perhaps cannabis sativa can act like a psychological lever for those with depression. I believe it has worked for me and still does. To each his own.
  11. manic depression, bi polar disorder, anxiety runs in my moms side..and i got it all. im only 20 so but ive been on so many diff zombifying meds its ridiculous and we all kno that a pill is a way for big pharma to make a buck.

    all pills do is flatline your personality, in essence making you a damn zombie.

    ive been smokin a while, but i recently started using to counter my imbalances. theres nothing else that works and ill never take another pill for anything ever again. im goin all natural. not even anti biotics(immune system supressants) for a cold. i eat right and let my body take care of itself like its supposed to.

    i only have shwag right now so ive been on edge lately...ive been tryin to get a crop goin, but i keep bouncing from place to place cuz of roommate probs and the like.

    just moved into a new place and have lots of sprouts so hopefully ill have plenty of REAL medicine in a couple months :hello: kind of a rant, but i enjoy sharing my exp with people, esp those who can understand where im comin from :)
  12. I've always found that it's not necessarily the marijuana that helps me get over things but the fact that I am relaxing and pondering the mysteries and problems of life. I often find a peaceful place, smoke a joint and then I can think over what I'm so upset or mad about until I've come up with a solution or a good way to look at something. Although I can do this without getting high, it's much easier to do when I am.

  13. Yea. healthier than those damn SSRIs too. People need to see the light.
  14. i like the name of the post. it does work, mj makes me feel better even if im just smelling it. i think its a wonder drug. i used to be social and outgoing but then like other members in my family tree anxiety hit and now the only way i can talk to people and or go out and be comfortable is if im smacked. lol i know i have issues if i need to smoke to be comfortable but honestly its better than swallowing 2 zanex's a day. i wish MDIPA covered cannabis
  15. Cool give me the xanax!:wave:
  16. Definitely. I got hit with a major depressive episode out of the blue at 19. Nothing around me had changed, but nothing was worth doing, and I would cry for hours for no reason. It was like some switch went off in my brain that completely changed my perception of the world.

    I was tried on SSRI's, Benzo's, Lithium, Tricyclics, you get the idea. My Psychiatrist even wanted me to try electroshock therapy. Around the same time I ended up buying a vaporizer. Since then, smoking weed regularly had done more to manage my depression than any drugs or psychotherapy method. I ruminate less, think more creatively about my problems, and when things get really bad it's just enough of an escape to help me cope. It is now the only medication I take and I have been able to return to school, get a part time job, and see friends who I've been alienating for the last year. My life is finally back!

    I'm fighting with my psychiatrist for a prescription because weed for psychological illness isn't recognized in Canada. I might actually end up taking it to court.
  17. 100% Agreed.

    I'm completely against perscription medicines to 'treat' depression and the symptoms associated with it. I'd much rather be natural, get baked or eat some goodies, relax and let the world melt away.
  18. You're self medicating. Smoking weed doesn't increase your serotonin levels, it just takes your mind away from it. I can guarantee that you'd be much less depressed on anti-depressants with clinical trials backing them. I'm not saying marijuana isn't medicinal, but it is not a proper treatment for major depressive disorder. I suggest going to a psychiatrist and possibly a psychologist if you're really having a hard time. Depression is not something to fuck with and if left untreated, it eventually leads to death.

  19. Hmmm you're really not in any place to be telling someone what's effective for them. What makes you think you have the knowledge to tell someone they can't treat major depression with marijuana? Are you a qualified medical proffessional? I understand you're trying to give a friendly suggestion but it's none of your business. If it works, it works.

    I have suffered from depression/anxiety for many years. I tried klonopin, depakote, xanax, ativan, zoloft, celexa, paxil, effexor, lithium, lexapro and more. NONE worked.

    My mom was the same way. AD's just don't work for some people and for many like myself the side effects are not nearly worth the results. I also find it funny how you think it's OK to bandaid the problem with pills but not marijuana. You're telling him exactly what pharm/drug companies want.

    Marijuana may not be a cure BUT IT IS A TREATMENT. I suggest anyone with depression/anxiety seek counseling or therapy so that they can discuss the thoughts that may be tormenting them and hopefully work toward improving their overall life. Eat healthy, exercise and if it helps smoke marijuana and don't let ANYONE tell you that you need a chemically engineered pill to make you feel better.
  20. Yeah man. One of many useful things about cannabis :D

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