Depression,Stress and Weight Gain

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  1. Obesity is one of the most health problems nowadays. Not only women but men are also getting obese because of unhealthy lifestyle,depression,stress etc.he main reason behind the increase in the weight is the intake of the fats in the excess. But, the person are found to eat a lot when they are stressed or depressed because there is a common prevalent myth that this will help you combat stress and depression. This is what makes the person to eat more, which certainly leads to the weight gain in excess. The immediate outcome of the excessive weight gain is obesity, which leads to the various health complications if not treated.(visit Weight Control: Myths and Facts for more info.)

    Job tensions are being noted to be one of the major reasons behind the occurrence of the stress in the people. When a person gets stressed he forgets to control his diet and his nervous system is not in control. As a result the stressed people are noted to be suffering with the excessive weight gain problem. If the care is being not taken at the preliminary stage then the problem may become more severe that may ultimately result in the more health complications.
  2. People are getting fat because they take in more calories than they burn
    Stop using stress as an excuse, working out is a great stress reliever. I have a fairly full schedule and I manage to exercise, granted I don't have a wife and kids to look after though.

    Whats the point of this thread?
  3. depression and stress are contrived excuses for little bitches.
    and i agree, what is the point of this thread?

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