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Depression Medication?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CyclicDreams, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. I have taken several anti-depressant medications in the past while I was 15 to 17 years old. I'm 20 years old now, and I haven't taken any of that shit for a few years and will never ever do that again. I feel like they did more harm than anything and took any type of emotion or feelings out of me that was ever there. I know people will say not to self-medicate with marijuana or any drug (yet anti-depressants are given out to so many people like chocolate and prescribed to be taken daily), but I'm just curious about anyone else's opinion or experience about depression, anti-depressants, and marijuana?
  2. i for one have a friend that's been on several antidepressants...and yet he swears by weed
  3. Yeah, I'm agreeing with your friend.
  4. I find that marijuana helps alot with slight-moderate depression. Ill smoke all the time when im a little down in the dumps. However, last year i was pretty depressed and smoking actually made it worse. So id say if u just have a case of bad mondays smoke up but if its pretty severe i would lean away from weed until things get better. Im sorry man i was really depressed last year so i know exactly how ur feeling
  5. My parents tried to make me take Prozac. But I research every drug and hate the pharmaceutical world. They just wire those drugs so you're dependent on them. They're just a bunch of greedy bastards. I suffer from depression/anxiety and I have found marijuana to be a huge relief. I practice meditation and try to always have a good mind set. I only use marijuana to enhance my life rather then escape it.

    Everything in moderation.
  6. I was prescribed the SSRI, Zoloft, and used it for about 8 months. I had a very similar experience as you and felt that it drained my emotions, and had me feeling like a zombie. I have been smoking marijuana daily for the past year or so and have found that it has helped me become a better, happier person. Not directly however. I found that I would focus on negative aspects in my life while high, and think of ways to improve them. This ranged from improving relationships with my parents, to picking up hobbies and even not hanging out with certain people anymore. Overall I believe that marijuana has helped me and my depression in far more ways then Zoloft ever did.
  7. If you want sure fire anti-depressive action, you can't go wrong with Syrian Rue. It's the best natural source of the Harmala alkaloids, beta-carboline MAOi's. Syrian Rue, as well as Passionflowers, Yage Vine, and St. John's Wort all are natural sources of MAOi. As long as foods high in tyramine are avoided, the herbs will be highly beneficial to a sufferer of depression.
  8. I'm sorry, I have NO clue what you're talking about lol. Please explain, though.
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    I wanted to ask this about 10 minutes ago. What can i say, i guess i do "self-medicate" with marijuana. Better yet with drugs in general.

    Oh and I've tried anti-depressants only one time , but i used them to try and get high. I went with a friend to get them at the counter for himself and he gave me 3 of each and i didn't feel anything. He told me i would feel happy and i didn't. If anything i think i was feeling worse then before i took them. I ended up smoking so that day was saved though.
  10. I had depression apparently, I just think I wasn't motivated for life. Started smoking weed and growing it, gave me a great passion for the herb and now I enjoy every bit of my life :) People are different tho

    also depression medication sucks "warning may increase risk of suicide" haha love that! I did take it for a month and it also made me emotionless, so I stopped
  11. [quote name='"jilz"']If you want sure fire anti-depressive action, you can't go wrong with Syrian Rue. It's the best natural source of the Harmala alkaloids, beta-carboline MAOi's. Syrian Rue, as well as Passionflowers, Yage Vine, and St. John's Wort all are natural sources of MAOi. As long as foods high in tyramine are avoided, the herbs will be highly beneficial to a sufferer of depression.[/quote]

    St johns did nothing for me.
  12. haha thank you! Pretty damn contradicting isn't it?! Glad you were only on it for a month. I would not recommend anti-depressants for anyone.
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    Prozac, Wellbutrin, Cymbalta, Ativan.

    I was just like you, I hated them, I smoked weed because it was the only thing that worked. Then I got really dependent on bud, which is a very expensive way to self medicate. So I decided to give prescription drugs another try.

    Got on Adderal. Oh my God! It works!
  14. I was on Zoloft for about 4 or 5 years and although it did help me feel better I hated the side effects of it such as excessive sweating and insomnia. Been off it for 2 or 3 months now and have never felt better, now I smoke weed pretty much every day and it seems to stabilise my mood quite well.
  15. I have a sister on Xanax, and a cousin on Adderall. I could have a pharmaceutical be prescribed to me, but I don't. As far as what you were saying with bud and dependency, pharmaceauticals are the worst way to go it seems like. So could you see your life being "Oh my God! It works!" without Adderal? Pills (especially long term) can really mess your liver up, but I can't say much because I drink. In an all honest opinion though, how well does Adderall work for you? I just don't enjoy pills...if I could legally smoke weed like people take their adderall, xanax, etc., it'd be a different story I think.
  16. The first time I took Adderal I felt normal for the first time. I don't take it ever day because I am very aware that it has abuse potential and isn't the healthiest of drugs. But it honestly changed my life. Felt like I was reborn as a new and smarter, stronger, faster, skinner person. Feels good man.
  17. I was diagnosed with clinical depression, and weed will always be my "crutch" when it comes to anti-depressants. It keeps me happy, not just when I'm high, but throughout the day, it alleviates stress.
  18. Well I've been able to have Adderal for quite some time but have turned it down. I'm not totally for pills whether they're legal or not...You should give me more advice though? Has it really helped that much? I have problems with depression, anxiety, and focusing, but I feel like so much people have that same problem...that's why I keep turning down any type of pharmaceutical now.
  19. I have a prescription for adderall...helps immensely with study and focusing, I'm not dependent on it in any way, I'm prescribed to take it every day but I only take it when I study for big tests or have big assignments to do and then save the rest for future purposes, recently went off it because I'm considering joining the military. Need to be off it for at least a year before I can join tho.
    But if you take adderall every day you WILL become dependent on it to function, just like with weed.

    Prolonged use can also lead to heart problems in the future, and that's a fact.
  20. I believe that the pharmaceutical industry has completely infiltrated the FDA, hospitals, and doctor's offices. They are over prescribing powerful medications that should only be taken by people who have extreme cases. Most people who take them are cash cows for the pharma industry.

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