Depression Makes Me Quiet

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  1. Before I had depression I was so outgoing and it was easy for me to make friends. I had a panic attack pretty bad from anxiety, something changed and now things are completely the different. My depression isn't as bad as it was a year ago but I'm slowly getting better.

    The thing is, I'm still so shy. I'm afraid of talking to people, even family because I don't want to be judged. I've been very quiet and awkward lately. Works getting very difficult because I'm trapped in my head all day with my racing mind and can't concentrate on things, plus being quiet and shy makes you a loner at work. I isolate myself quite a bit now and hang out by myself in my room a lot. Has isolation caused this? Why am I still so shy even though I'm getting better?
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    Stop thinking man.
    just DO
    i know it all sounds so cliche but seriously. the more and more you think and let those thoughts race, the worse it'll be trying to get those thoughts across. just let things flow like water, ya know?
    you know what helped with me a lot? just listening to pod casts or radio talk shows. listening to people and the different ways they communicate. that ontop of reading can do wonders with your social abilities. i used to be SO terrible with keeping a conversation rolling. and now i find myself being the one who keeps the ball rolling.
    i know exactly what you mean about the family part. me any my family are like a jersey family. always trying to talk over one another and being judging and snappy. i used to isolate myself from them a lot because of it. they are too damn judgmental for my taste. but i realized the less i think about how so and so is. the less it bothers me. and the less it bothers me, the easier it is to speak with them. sure, its not fool proof and sometimes i wanna rip my fucking brothers head off but it works more times then not.
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    Believe it or not your ability to carry conversations will greatly increase when you start looking within yourself and dealing with your problems. Start meditating or something. You have to learn to sit back and let life take you on a journey. When something happens, accept it, realize it happened, analyze how you feel about it and why, and then move on. The past is for learning. The future should be no concern. All you will ever have is right now. This second.

    Just start by questioning everything. When you feel a certain way stop and ask yourself why. What is making you feel that way? You'll learn it all boils down to fear. It will take time and you may not feel like you make any steps forward, but one day it will just click. Once you do this and reach some kind of inner peace, you'll learn to appreciate the beauty in verbally communicating with another human being. And then talking to people is no problem.

    I used to be extremely socially awkward. And really really shy. Now I can hold a conversation with just about anyone about anything. Just remember that all the answers to every question you have lies within yourself. Never look outside yourself for the answer, because you'll never find it. Don't underestimate yourself. And most of all never..ever..give up. Ever.

    Best of luck man :smoke:

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  4. bleh talking to people is overrated.
  5. I go for days without talking to people "man I thought you died" is not what you want to hear when you are depressed/suicidal.
  6. I'm the sameeee way man. Since I've developed generalized anxiety and have gone through tons of anxiety attacks my self esteem is totally gone and I really don't talk to anyone.

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  7. I always respond with, "Unfortunately not."

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