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Depression help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Mlpauley, Oct 19, 2011.

  1. Ive been depressed the last couple of days for various reason and was just wondering if smoking would lessen or worsen these feelings?

    I always seem to be in a good mood when high and seem more productive, but ive never smoked when depressed.

    Just wanna make sure its not gonna make me even more depressed.

  2. It won't really depress you more, I have been a depressed smoker before, and it usually just numbs the thoughts and feelings. Weed doesn't make depression go away or even make you forget about it but it made my depressed time tolerable, sometimes it can make you stay in your sad place or sad thoughts or make those thoughts slow down, but if you don't let yourself dwell you should be fine.
  3. Honestly, i myself have gone through it, along with a buddy.. He claims that weed makes him more depressed. I myself find that weed makes me happy and more outgoing. But i noticed that whenever i get depressed i automatically blame it on the weed..

    Word of advice is if you need to, quit smoking for a little and gather your thoughts and get your shit straightened out before you start smoking again. I did it just recently and i feel alot better about smoking. Just takes time.
  4. I think you will feel really good when your high but when it wears off you will start to feel more depressed

    so all you have to do is smoke all day long lol
  5. less is more for you man, smoking a lot will put you in that introverted state and you'll constantly ponder upon w.e is putting you down.

    Cut back or tbreak to see if it helps with your depression.
  6. It's different for everyone.

    There is no one answer.

  7. welp ima smoke a bowl and see how it goesss

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