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  1. Hey Grasscity, I've been a member for awhile and recently I've just been lurking and not posting much but today i feel like venting a little.

    I don't like bitching or complaining, but I've just been in a serious rutt of depression. It isn't as bad as it used to be, but it's still basically engulfing my life and influencing my actions negativly.

    I don't really have any friends whatsoever, i barley have anybody to talk to, or that will listen to my problems.

    A big problem i have is when i talk to people i can't really go into any deeper conversation beyond just normal bsing.

    I have tryed to make friends but i just cant establish the connection for some reason, I try to figure out why but i cant come up with an answer. I try not to be overbearing but that makes people think i just don't care

    Summary- Depressed for a long time, difficulty making friends, don't know how to make things better, help:confused:
  2. I was diagnosed with dysphoric depression a few years ago. The medication they gave me fucked me up, still dealing with that. One day I just figured out that I had to help myself and just like that I was good. It was such an odd thing. I kept wanting someone else to be there for me and give me the answers but all they could say is "wow" or "Im sorry things will get better". Ever since not a single fuck was given and I'm the strongest I've ever been. Good luck to you dude. You can do it.
  3. ^^^Yea dude, I don't want to get on those medications, but i just don't know how live on my own man. I cant just live alone and be lonley my whole life.
  4. Feel free to vent here and I'm sure I'm not the only one you can PM if you need someone to talk to.
  5. What exactly is your problem?
  6. what do you mean dude, it's right there.
  7. Sounds cliche and stupid but

    Just keep going out, talking to people, and being comfortable in your own skin. Cuz no one else can for you ;) Depression is rough, but try to keep busy, and make sure to eat right/take vitamins as well obviously :p
  8. this is what i did to beat depression: I found a girl that likes everything i like and just talk to her alot... I also made plans to look forward to the next day. (very little it may be! and whatever makes you happy)!!! :) pm me if you need to talk im there for you bro!!
  9. i went through high school gettin made fun of, gettin called everything in the book. i just held my anger in.... it tore me up bad keepin it all in like i was.... so one day i just had idgaf attitude, and have kept it ever since... i do stuff that make me happy and i dont care what people say. if i make a friend doin what im havin a blast at doin, then i know there gunna be a good friend..... and if you need to vent i will listen, i might not know what to say all the time but hey its better to let it out than keep it bottled up.
  10. But I don't see it man.

    I don't see any problem.

    You seem perfectly fine.
  11. Work out, gain some confidence in yourself. Build yourself up, tell yourself you can amount to anything. Stay away from pills, fuck them, they don't help, and only make you depression worst.

    Use the herb for meditation. If you do this, you can reach your inner conscious, once you have control of yourself, tell yourself great things. Don't worry about friends, the real ones will come in the future. Just remember everything will be ok.. But one thing you cant do is just sit around mopping all day.. that will only make it worst.

    Trust me, been there done that.
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    Just step up your game. The amount of happiness you get out of your life is directly related to the effort you put in. Yeah life sucks, yes, 95% of people are worthless assholes. Just step up your game and talk to people who are interested in the same stuff you are. Make those people you talk to into friends. Hang out with them. Use them to meet new people. Be social.

    Find something that gets you excited, make that something you can live for. Get up everyday and think "what can I do today to make myself a success, happy, or make my life worthwhile". Workout to get out your frustrations and enjoy the many advantages of getting "swole up"...

    That should be more than enough to get you going. Just stop simply "surviving"

    On edit: if you need somebody to talk to, you can pm me. I've been in that same exact spot before.

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