Depression/anxiety/body dysmorphic disorder

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  1. Acne is only ruining your life because you are letting it, tons of teenagers go through this acne stage.
  2. Stop trying to guilt trip me its not going to work. And also they arent just spots they are puss and blackhead filled bumps that cover most of my face. But hey since youve lived my life like I have you obviously know more about it than I do...

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  3. Dude you grow out of acne thank goodness. brush your teeth and wipe your ass. You are who you are.
    Just get up each day and tell yourself you are a good person and be a good person. After a while you will know. :)
  4. Im just tryna let you see that you have stuff to be grateful for and moaning or killing yourself isnt gonna help and is pointless.

    If its really that bad go and see a doctor or something.

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  5. If you want to really cure your acne send me a message.  If you are just whining don't bother.  You will need about 12 to 15 bucks and you will clear up within 30 days, if you follow my instruction to the letter.  I still suffer from cystic acne at my advanced age on occasion, and I think the pain is worse than the spots.  I can stop it now after 30+ years of experience at the onset within 3 days.
  6. go see a dermatoligist. all the drug store products for acne never worked for me, neither did all the cremes and stuff that my doctor gave me. accutane is a treatment that works well for a lot of people, but it's like the last option after you tried everything else because of the side effects and you have to go for a blood test every month. i was on it for 5 months and now i only have a small pimple once in a while, and i had pretty severe acne.
  7. Alright

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  8. Here is an idea for your skin, which I have used with damn good results. Go buy some grape seed oil and castor oil. Mix 8 parts grape seed oil with 1 part castor oil. Get in the shower, and at the end of the shower, when your skin is warm from the warm water, pour some into your hand and rub it thoroughly into your skin. Get a warm washcloth and put it on your face. Do the washcloth thing three times. When that's done, wipe the excess off and your finished. Do this once a day and don't use any other bullshit on your face. You can use the stuff on any part of your body. Do it for two weeks and you will see won't want to use anything else. Most people use all this facial crap that dries out your skin, which in turn causes your skin to produce more oil and more acne. This method keeps your skin well balanced.

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  9. Bro you tweaking. Idk if you overweight or what. A Year or 2 ago. i Was Obese i lost 125 pounds. You hae to eat better and like fruits and veggies to clear your acne im serious and walk around with a smile on your face im serious lol
  10. go lift weights.
    eat better and healthy food.

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