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Depression And Cannabis?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Howard, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. So I've been feeling pretty shitty the last 6 monthes or so. Basically some symptoms I've been dealing with include:

    Lack of feeling, or feeling the same. Nothing arouses any emotions.
    Cloudy and having trouble focusing and concentrating.
    I dropped out of High School my senior year, so i have been basically sitting around the house for a year and a half. Everyday meshes with the last, I cant remember anything and I usually don't know what day it is, it feels like I'm in a dream most of the time.
    Tired and fatigued all the time. Light headed and lethargic.

    I never thought I had depression, but both my brother and my dad have severe depression and manic bipolar. They both told me that what I've been dealing with sounds like clinical depression.

    I've smoked a few times, and don't think there is any direct link, because I've felt this way long before I started smoking. My dad has been smoking every day for upwards of 20 years. Except for the occasional break for a couple months. My brother also smokes, but very moderately. Maybe once a week/2 weeks. I also have social Anxiety and weed has helped with that quite a bit.

    Hopefully someone can shed some light on what im dealing with. Do you suggest I stop using cannibus? Its possible I may have onset bipolar, could cannibus bring this out?

    If anyone has any experience and/or advice they could share with me, it would be much appreciated.
  2. give it up for a while! if you have a (possible) mental illness i wouldnt do anything that could aggravate it! take a break, see how you feel and then make an informed decision as an adult on that info!:)
  3. dont just sit around all day...remember that no matter what you are technically "diagnosed" with, YOU still control the way you feel. dont smoke out of boredom, smoke to enjoy yourself with friends or to reward yourself at the end of a good day. ive found that if you dont keep yourself occupied and you are the type of person prone to depression, you will quickly become depressed. so get a job, get a hobby, just do something to get youself out of your own head. try excercise.

  4. There is no good answer to this except: get professional help. Depression is serious, using or abusing substances because of it is a very slippery slope. See a counselor.
  5. if you feel the need to use something use weed instead of turning to something more harmful, but see a TheRapist about depression. talk to your friends about this, or contact someone that knows you well
  6. I had the same situation a few months back (but I don't do nothing all day). The best way to cure it is stop smoking for a bit, and enjoy time with friends. You will feel MUCH better.

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