Depression and anxiety... and weed.

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  1. So for the past couple months ive been seeing a Psychologist for depression and anxiety. We just recently started talking about medicine and what not. But anyway, ive been smoking regularly for the past couple years with a month break a couple times and then smoking less frequently, say twice a week? But this past summer ive been smoking everyday mostly at night, but when i got shit to do ill stay high all day. Anyway these past couple weeks ive been smoking a bowl every few hours except when i work which definately was different since i never stayed high pretty much all the time. I noticed though this weekend when i stopped for a day or so, i had no appetite, nausea, etc. I noticed i was more anxious and depressed most likely since smoking caused me to forget about it a little. Well today was terrible, crying, didnt eat the whole day, nausea, puking, etc. It started friday, the day before i last smoked in the afternoon, but friday i tried to eat and puked. I smoked a little later and ate and felt ok. Saturday again, i didnt wanna eat so i vaped some and ate and went to work but didnt eat until later when i vaped again. Well today as mentioned before, i didnt eat and am starting to contribute this to smoking heavily for the past week or so. So i want to chill on the smoking a bit even if its not the problem, but maybe vape a very tiny bowl so i can at least eat and feel better. Should i just go through the few days of not smoking and see if it improves? Or vape a tiny bit at night so i can sleep better and eat? I feel like smoking a tiny bowl, vs. multiple full bowls per day will be almost the same as not smoking at all and then ill be able to figure out if the sickness is from the weed or just nerves. These past couple days that i didnt smoke the whole day have been bad which is why im leading to believe that maybe it is from coming off of the bud and my depression and anxiety. I know its a large wall of text, but i had a lot to share. Thank you.
  2. Depression does tend to hit harder when you take a t-break, I found.

    Ride it out if you like, things did start to improve after about a week. However, it does take a bit of time to return back to normal. If you can get through it without smoking, it's worth it imo.
  3. It sounds like you have had a problem but haven't been aware of it because your high so much and marijuana helps depresion nausa ect... marijuana has not caused that and deff hasn't caused the puking that's probably to do with the nausa
  4. I figured that vaping a tiny bit will help get my tolerance down since i was going through more bud then i ever have been. I didnt plan on a t-break but after how bad ive been feeling i want to just get better even if its being sober. Once i start on the SSRI's or whatever im prescribed i wanna stop smoking if i feel better since im gonna be on the job search after my seasonal job anyway. Btw i remember your name from seeing it in my bunny cage thread. Im picking up my Holland Lop bunny tomorrow!

  5. OK well smoking is the best thing if you do have nausa ect.. No pills will help more then smoking also i suggest drinkin a nice cup of special tea ;) in the morning it will get you high till about 5 and then smoke a vape and your sorted for the day.

    Awesome man so what are you going to name it.
  6. Tablets are only half of it. A crutch if you will. I found them to be less important than other things.

    Excercise, diet, general wellbeing play a large part as well. Doing things that you can be proud of yourself for will help just as much; finding a job as you said in particular.

    GL man. :hello:
  7. I was actually talking to Ralta about the bunny but i dont have a name sadly yet lol. But guys I appreciate the help so much!. Bad part about smoking is weight gain. I've gained like 10 lbs since summer so I'm sure my diet is a cause too of this too and I don't exercise much either. I am an amateur videographer though and it makes me happy. Maybe I'll start shooting and editing more to keep my mind off too. Thanks again!
  8. Smoking can help depression, anxiety, etc you just have to treat it as medicine which it is. If your mind is in the right place weed can improve your life alot in many areas i guess it comes down to if it works for YOU, if your weed use makes all your symptoms better than there is nothing wrong with continueing smoking ya know? i mean if you stop smoking and you feel terrible it's usually not the weed's fault it's usually because weed was helping with those feelings and without it your body doesn't know how to cope i guess?
  9. Daily exercise and a healthy diet tremendously help with depression and anxiety. The exercise releases endorphins which make you feel great and you gain confidence from being in shape. The healthy diet helps by giving your mind and body the nutrition it needs to help with depression and anxiety. I had anxiety and depression, and that all went away when I started exercising and eating healthy daily. It worked for me, I'm 100% certain it will work for you.:)

    Exercise: How Does This Promote A Healthy Mind And Body? - Dr. Emmons - VIDEO -

    Depression, Diet And Exercise | LIVESTRONG.COM

    "Mike Adams of "Natural News" reports that a study in "Biological Psychiatry" found that certain foods are better at treating depression than antidepressant drugs. Foods high in omega-3 fatty acids and a compound called uridine reduce depression symptoms as well as or better than three different antidepressant drugs that were tested. Foods rich in omega-3 encompass fish, nuts, seeds and some whole grains. Uridine compound is found in molasses. Foods to be avoided include sugar, processed foods and alcohol."

    Diet and Exercise Help Fight Anxiety

    "Proper diet and regular exercise can help alleviate the physical tension associated with stress and help lower anxiety levels."

    Diet, Exercise & Anxiety | LIVESTRONG.COM

    Oh, and I quit using cannabis because I found I was a happier person with-out it. :D Hope this helps!
  10. Well smoking did seem to help, yes. Also noticed when ive been smoking that i seem a little more on the edge which i never used to be like. I did not vape yet, still contemplating if i should take a couple hits before bed. But i would like to keep smoking as long as i get better, since when i wasnt suffering from this, my quality of life was awesome, even better while smoking. Im gonna start taking a multivitamin and go tomorrow and get some fish oil pills and see how that works. Diet probably plays a big part since i thought having a fast metabolism means i can eat whatever and since i wont get that fat, its fine.. Once i get my normal eating habits back i will start going for a run in the morning, even if its just short. Thanks for the advice fellas! Weednotcrack, if i realize im happier without bud i wouldn't mind since its a lot of money although i am fascinated by the culture and such. I would still like to continue to toke since marijuana did change my life for the better at first, but now other problems seem to need less bud so i gotta get real. Also thanks for all that research! i didnt get to read the whole articles but thats pretty cool and very nice knowing that those can work! Thanks fellas! :)
  11. Vaped a tiny bowl in my vaporgenie, got maybe 2 hits worth max. Seemed to calm me down, make me feel a little at ease. Still nervous feeling though. I dont feel high, just relaxed.

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