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Discussion in 'General' started by hypnogreen, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Well i just noticed that my signature is gone....

    It was against the rules...

    So... now im going to have to go from sweet animation "hey look that hypno i can tell by his sweet sig"


    I dont even know.. Just boring not moving stuff...




  2. Thats still a sweet sig dude...
  3. lol..

    no warning before they deleted it?
  4. Nope they never do...

    As you can tell this is an ongoing thing. But im convinced i read the rules and it never said no animation... Or maybe i was really high and that where i go the idea for the animated sig...:rolleyes: Who knows

  5. they do it for a reason, it makes everything so slooooowww:hide::hide::hide::hide::hide::hide:
  6. Not the end of the world. Ive been asked to change my sig a few times
  7. i got a warning advising me to change mine or it would get deleted.
    i had text and an image. the sig rules are kind of anal. =/

  8. well they do have them there for a reason. hell im one of the only people left in the world with dial up so that stuff makes my computer run really slow. :(
  9. Dude it was 441KB! Way over the 20kb they allow.
    Also it was 305 pixes wide by 112 tall.

    It's their sandbox, we just play in it.

    I've been asked to change my sig twice already - big whoop.
  10. KSR gave me a few warnings and never took away "points" from me lol....But yea your sig without moving is still cool.
  11. This is nothing to get "Depressed" about
  12. Same thing happened to me last night, and I had this poem goin on without a copy of it. Dread.
    I should have known the sig rules. I was in violation so I let it go. All happy again. :smoke:

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