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  1. Hey guys so my life has been pretty shitty. I don't have many friends yet people tell me I'm really chill and funny and shit like that. I always try to make people laugh and be nice and everything. So anyways a month ago I met this girl and we both really liked each other and I hung out with her and her friends and shit. We got along and I was happy. Shit writing this brings back memories..Anyways a few days ago I was texting her and it was good then all of a sudden i don't know what happened. She doesn't like me anymore for some reasons I'm still not completely sure why. Yeah so I feel depressed now and I really liked her and cared for her. I even told her I cared about her and shit. I don't know I guess i need some consoling from some stoners online. I need to smoke maybe that will help or get drunk i don't know. shit

    Sorry if it's one big paragraph I feel like shit...
  2. Get used to it little buddy, probably won't be the last time it happens.

    Can't let it get you down mane. Women can love you one second & never want to see you again the next. Try not to invest too much emotional attachment into them right away.
  3. women lose interest sometimes, i suggest fucking her sister, guaranteed you will be back on her mind haha.
  4. I don't know how old you are, but in reality i bet u knew you werent going to marry the girl you dated in high school or college or what ever. Either you would eventually break up with her and break her heart or she would break up with you and break your heart. As for why, thats a bit harder. Theres a good chance that she didn't tell you because she didn't want to hurt you more by pointing out something neg. or she doesn't want to talk because of the ackwardness of talking to someone you just broke up with, try to imagin it her way.

    unless your in your late 20's and you really really thought about having a family with her, you just need to get over her.

    Im disabled, I've lived in chronic pain since second grade, I have anxiety with panic attack caused by social situations, and I've fought depression since 5th grade, when I first tried to kill my self. I'm 18 now and about to grad. H.S. and I have not had one single real relationship in my life.
    That discribes me exactly and a couple of different girls I know have told me that Im an excellent listener, but I'm so depressed that I'm basiclly emotionless. Don't get me wrong I love me some lesbo porn, but I just have no deep feelings toward anyone ever. The last time I had a crush on someone was 6th grade.

    And Yes, I am on medication. I've maxed out the doesage of one anti-depressent so I had to started takeing a another in addition.

    The more you call yourself depressed, the more depressed you'll feel. Your not depressed, your just going through a hard time because of a small smidgen of your life.
  5. the simple solution is to fuck 1 of 3 people (or all of them if your game) her mom, her sister, her best friend. its will make you feel so much better.
  6. ha omg listen to this guy, thats great advice. It will make you feel sooooo much better.
  7. Alright guys thanks for the replies. I feel better and I think I'm just about over it even though I do still like her. It seems she liked another guy and she liked me at the same time so yeah.. We decided to just be friends for now so I'm chill with that.

  8. This ^^^

    But to prevent it happening too often just remember that girls don't usually like to hang around for a guy, you gotta get in there quick before they lose interest, which is usually as soon as they see another guy that tickles their fancy.

    No reason to feel like shit its just part of life man but fuck I know it can be quite devestating.
  9. From the sound of it, your sad, not depressed.

    Keep your chin up, it will get better :)
  10. Dont listen to the fuck her mother replies, u cant do anything with that.
    The only thing u can do is accept the situation, try mingling with other girls maybe online or whatever, dont mix too many emotions in it at first, and just be cool, no hurry.
    Smoke some weed, and be satisfied with who you ARE.
    Not what u have, not what u do posses materialstic, but happy with u as a person.
    If u are happy with yourself as a person thats half of ur worries gone, and the other half waiting to vanish cause from a good core can not come bad surroundings aight?
    Hope this is not too deep but Im a deep dude. :)

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