Depressed while high

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  1. I've been smoking for about a year now, and I havent had any problems with it up until these last few weeks. I was always happy while smoking and never had a bad time. But these last 3 times during this week, I'm happy for the first hour or two, but then when im still pretty baked but coming down to a buzz, I start to feel depressed. I Feel Completely lonely, and extremely bored. It feels like I need someone to hang out with or talk to, or else I feel like I'm going crazy. Then I start to feel really sad, and mad that I smoke. I live with my mom, dad, and brother and they dont want me doing it. That hasn't stopped me over the year, but now its hitting me. Also I get sad over remembering that my life was so different before I smoked. I never has these thoughts when i started or pretty much at all the whole year i was smoking. Now when I smoke, I keep telling my self I am gonna stop smoking because it makes me so depressed. I also tell myself I'm gonna spend more time with my family and be a better person. When i'm not high anymore though, I don't feel depressed anymore, and then I smoke again. Each time I do smoke, those feelings of sadness, loneliness, Anxiety, Claustrophobia, and other things come on strong. I dont know what to do since i used to love smoking and never had a problem, but these last three times have been horrible.
  2. Smoke more weed.
  3. damn i whuda neva said dat one....

    aite heres a list to help you...

    play video games - get more or better frens - get a hobby - move out ( if you can) - damn im runnin out of shit but basically do shit dats fun..eitha sumthins wrong wit yu or ders sumthin ur not happy with in ya life..find out whut it is and change it..but i'd say move out get ur own place wit a roomy or w/e..maybe da stuff ur fam says is botherin you..i had dat problem befo..get high start thinkin bout ma life then get depressed lol
    hope dis shit helps..bein high and depressed is disrespectful to mary jane haha
  4. pretty much...then i guess you can fall asleep when comin down if you still get depressed.
  5. honestly sounds like you need to take a break homie
  6. Thanks for all the responses. I was Just high and feeling all that again and that's the only reason I posted. I'm over it again, and im perfectly happy in my life. Maybe its something to do with smoking blunts. Because I have smoked bongs, and bowls for a few months now, and only til these 4 bad highs, have I been smoking flavored Double Platinum Blunts. hopefully this stops soon because I love to smoke, and I don't wanna have to quit over this shit. Also when I'm with friends this doesn't happen. But oh well.

    Peace and Pot
  7. whoa whoa..blunts r da best! but shit dats good yo keep smokin yeeee!
  8. @bigderty

    I agree man, I guarantee blunts arent the problem, but have you tried any Double Platinum Wraps? I bought 13 flavors each with two in the pack. And I got 3 packs of each flavor for only 24 dollars on Amazon. I smoked a Wet Cherry and a Chocolate yesterday and they tasted and smelled so nice.
  9. nah jus just swishers phillies and white owls less than 2 bucks fo a pack of five lmao but damn dat shit sounds good ima have to try it, how long did it take to get em?..rollin a nice blunt and smokin a nice blunt = a feelin of perfect perfection haha unless... yu have shitty weed LMAO
  10. It only took 3 days to get them. They taste better with some nice sour diesel in em too haha. Thats what i've been rollin em up with and its NICE.
  11. Uh, the answer seems pretty clear here... have you considered adopting a llama?


    Seriously, why do you smoke?
  12. haha yeah verbae, adopting a llama was the first thing that came to my mind...
    but sadly I am too lazy to go through with it.

    I smoke Because i've always had great times and adventures while high, these are the first few times where i have had bad feelings. But other than these few bad times, Ive always loved smoking because it just straight up makes everything better.
  13. haha its cuz u aint ready for the blunts bro...their gettin u too high haha n makin u trip keep smokin em tho gotta build up that tolerance
  14. damn 3 days?! ima have to get sum lol...and damn yo how much sour d fo an oz up der? ova here i heard yu can get an o fo 60 bucks lmao FUCKIN CRAZY i wont believe till i see mane
  15. Well Actually I have this nice bong that gets me completely ripped. So blunts don't get me that high compared to my bong. So that can't be it.
  16. Hm. If your family knows that you smoke, but are against you doing it.. maybe it's just your guilt that is wearing you thin? And has smoking had any negative effects on your social life thus far?

  17. Oh shit 60 dollars? That is crazy. Over here for the Really nice stuff I can get it for around 100 an ounce, but I have some connections so it's cheaper sometimes.

  18. Yeah that could be it, but it took forever to wear on me. The only change in my social life is that I actually have gotten more friends since i started smoking. So nothing bad with that.
  19. "When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself"

    Don't use cannabis because you think its gonna make you happy, smoke cannabis because it will help you gain a better perspective on your life, and after dealing with your problems (depression or whatever it may be)
    after dealing with them consistently and with confidence
    you will realize that happiness is not something a drug enables you to experience
    happy is your original state, cannabis only serves to destroy the lies that restrain you from your true nature

    I myself have struggled with depression

    I would probably advise to take a break to think about your feelings and try to approach them rationally. I encourage you to question the thoughts that make you feel blue. Sometimes we are depressed because of many false beliefs about ourselves, or about society, if you are able to question these beliefs it may help you in the long run.

    After you spend some time on this, spark some cannabis, and regardless of if you feel happy or depressed, cannabis, I assure you, will give you the opportunity to learn about yourself

    Just be prepared

  20. Smokin all day drinkin on hard liquor
    I stay high... even high in this song *****
    Im on silver haze what is u cheefin?
    Im in the coupe keepin the rest of the birds sleepin
    And Im high to the tip top...and im twisted with a slip knot
    tangled in a griplock
    And Will i ever stop? Never that l
    ight it up bring it back
    Bring a ounce not a sack
    I got it foggy as a suana in the building
    Looking for ur bong probably call it on the ceiling
    Fallin on the railing catch me im gone
    Im in another zone but trust me im home

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