Depressed and Outta Weed!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Aphrodisiac, Feb 16, 2004.

  1. I am so sad and depressed and outta weed!!!

    Saturday (Valentine's Day), i had to have my dog put to sleep. :(

    She was a 14 year old Black Lab/Dobey mix. We found out last Wednesday she had a cancerous tumor on her back left leg :( We made the decision quickly, but only because we didn't want to see her suffer. Thank god we can make that kind of decision for our pets.

    I have cried over the smallest of things. Like yesterday when i was vacuuming, i cried cuz she used to attack the vacuum cleaner when i'd vacuum. I was looking out the back door last night and cried cuz i saw the spot out by my fence where she had trampled down the 26 inches of snow back there so she could potty. I cried this morning cuz i was looking out my kitchen window and saw her footprints all over in the snow in the back yard. It has not been an easy weekend.

    I made her a memorial and would like to share it with my friends here, it's been good for me to do it, and for my kids as well, i let them help decide how to make it and what things to leave for her.

    I wish i had some weed!! Maybe it would take the numbness away a little.
  2. I'm really sorry about your loss.It is hard when you have to say goodbye to a friend.I grew up with dogs and understand your pain.I saw the picture of her and wanted to ask what breed she was?The colour of her front paws is why I ask.
  3. Black Lab/Doberman mix
  4. Ahh.....that explains the colour on the paws.My mum had a habit of finding homeless dogs and they became part of the family.Never had more than two at a time though.She is too old now though and has a very snappy daucshaund.I hope you get some weed soon.
  5. my dog is supposed to get put to sleep tomorrow, hes a long haired siberian huskie, with two different colored eyes, ive had him for 13 years and love him so much, now he cant eat or drink anything without throwing up and its been like this for the past 5 days, hes starving to death, so its better just to just let him go, but its so hard to do, im really sad too and cry alot too
  6. fuck man... i feel ya.
    not even breaking up with the perfect girl makes me feel as bad as when i hear about a dog dying. well, not necessarily other peoples dogs, but you know?
    i feel ya right now cause my dog babs (boxer terrier) is 11 years old (valentines day is her birthday, the only joy brought to me on that day was when i gave her a bath) and i have a feeling that she might not have much time left. i pray to god she lives for many years to come... but shes an old lady with a white mohawk (a natural white mohawk, fuckin cool) but she has arthritis and so on and so on.

    seriously though, i know how you feel. the only thing keeping me sane from not having any weed is lotso aderol, but the only thing keeping me sane about everything NOT drug related are my dogs. i worry about when one of them passes that ill go into a depression bigger than ever before and ill kill myself...
    *runs out to buy some pruina dog chow*
    but until then its the best for em!

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