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Deported 9 times, rapist sneaks in again to keep "doing the job Americans won't do"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sir Elliot, May 25, 2010.

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    Where did Sir Elliot say race was a factor? Your the one who brought up race in an attempt to make Sir Elliot appear racist and discredit his view.

    If we had harsher immigration laws and enforcement we could atleast keep known rapists out. This would decrease the amount of rapists in the USA would it not? yes or no?
  2. Elliot,

    Were you ever raped by a Mexican muslim ?

    It would explain a lot..:)
  3. Sir Elliot has no credibility, with or without my help, and I don't believe for a millisecond that he gives a shit about rape or violence against women.

    If we are going to have this conversation, then let's be real about it.

    It's ridiculous how people continue to throw out blatantly racist shit, and then step back and play the innocent WHO ME?? card. Anyone who buys this line of bullshit is a fucking moron.

    There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that supports the claim that the incident of rape would go down if there were harsher immigration laws. This guy had been deported NINE times- WTF else can we do with him? Use taxpayer's money to keep in our prisons?

    Oh yes... we'll build the fence of ridiculousness along our borders (only the southern border... who gives a shit about Canada). I'm sure that will be completely effective.

    ONE person does not make a statistic.
  4. Why would a fence NOT be effective at keeping people from Mexico & South America out?

    I mean right now you can march over the border with an elephant and a marachi band without being stopped.

    It's a simple question, would or would not a fence be effective? If not, why not?
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    What if we had... I don't know, built a really big fence after the first time he was deported? Then times 2-8 never would have happened because he would be down in Mexico.

    EDIT: Sorry I didn't see you called me a racist. I forgot that means you automatically win any debate. In all seriousness though, you seem to be having a pretty angry reaction.

    Do my pointing out facts that show the liberalism you are in love with simply doesn't work, and destroys the lives of many innocent people when implemented, upset you? Instead of blaming me (the typical liberal response, it's everyone else's fault)... maybe you should consider the problem is that your own ideas and positions are irrational, terrible, unrealistic, and just the typical state sponsored indoctrination that is constantly pumped into the heads of children and you just haven't figured out how to think non democratic party sponsored NEA approved thoughts yet?

    Or you could just keep blaming everyone else. Whatever works for you.
  6. Gee, I don't know... maybe because we have silly little things like airplanes and oceans and rivers and ropes and ladders and explosives and...

    Why stop there? Why not build a giant fucking bubble over us?

    A giant farce... I mean fence... seems like a great use of money we don't have.
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    First: We need fences and tighter security on both borders.

    Second: I'm for the death penalty for rapists so I think we should execute him.

    THIRD and most importantly: A legal immigration system would allow us to deny entry to known criminals. To make that work we need to enforce border security so people will know the only way into the USA is the legal way. If we leave the border open, it makes it easier to come over illegally than it does the legal way. Now I understand people are coming here for a better life and what not, but leaving the borders open lets anyone come in, even rapists, murderers and thiefs, and quite possibly anti-american elements. Now by saying that I'm not saying mexicans are anti-american. That is NOT what I'm saying before someone twists my words. I'm saying that: By having OPEN borders, it allows anyone who wants to come in to come in, and thus this opens the possibility of anti-americans coming in.
  8. So... no money for sick people, instead let's spend it on an 8,000 mile long really tall fence to keep out rapists?
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    No not to keep out just rapists, to make legal immigration the only viable option. That way we can run background checks on people. Thus, those with criminal convictions can be denied access.\\\

    And I don't support coercively taxing people to give that money to other people.

  10. The length of our border with mexico is just shy of 2000 miles.

    You are bringing up a red herring. The topic is our broken borders, not health care.

    The cost to seal our border is only a few billion, most of it being a one time expense.

    BUT I'll take the bait. Build the fence. Deport all the illegals. We've just reduced the number of uninsured in this country by 20+ million. Crime rate plummets. Poverty rates plummet. Ta-da.
  11. Don't you think going after businesses who hire undocumented workers would be more effective then building a giant fence?

    Libertarian Values: It's ok to spend taxpayer's money on something *I* find acceptable. Except the last time I checked, the Libertarian party was in favor of an open border (admittedly, it's been a couple of years since I've checked)

    So are you willing to spend 2-3x more on your food to support this cause?
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    Logical fallacy. False dichotomy. Both can be done at once.

    Logical fallacy. Straw man argument. The Constitution is clear that protecting the nation from invasion is one of the proper roles of government.

    Logical fallacy. False Dilemma AND Appeal to Fear. If X happens, Y must happen. We could engage in this practice and prices could go down. They could go up. They could stay the same. Additionally, the claim is intended to frighten people, as opposed to facilitating reasonable discourse.

    That's a lot of bad thinking in one post Penelope.

  13. I think we should target employers along with the fence. Both are a means to the same end. If we implement both it would make the end come faster.

    And congradulations: you were able to state the libertarian parties postion. I am an official member of that party but I don't follow the party position on that issue. I think we should be nationalist libertarians but thats just me.

    How is my view any different than yours? *You* find it acceptable to use tax payers money for health care of other people.

    Why would food become more expensive? Care to explain?
  14. uh yes, Thats why I wrote "in the 1st place";), meaning before his 1st offense, He would be a perfectly legal American rapist.

  15. If you had just posted a quote of her post and a bunch of empty space your post would've have more substance.

    You basically just described the ramifications of every argument ever made by any human anywhere, without actually saying anything.

    Kind of like a strawman red-herring! :eek:

  16. So lets say we only go after businesses that hire illegals. Assuming we get 80 percent of the businesses that currently hire illegals to comply( a very generous estimate), what are those illegals that are in America already going to do when they can't actually work for their money any more? What are they going to do to keep themselves alive? If you have no method of making a living for yourself in a socially acceptable way, then it seems crime would be your only option to survive am i correct? Therefore, if this was the only avenue we pursued, i'm pretty confident that crime rates would increase even further.

    Once the businesses are shut down, and the illegals have no work, do you think they will go running back to whatever country they came from? Or will they stay in America, where even if they are homeless with not a single thing in their possession, they would still at the very least be treated medically assuming they were about to die?

    The fence is not the end all be all, but its a piece of the solution that we need to start working towards.

    Put up a fence, aggressively pursue and punish businesses that deny American jobs by hiring cheap labor, deport people that are here illegally, and control what comes in an out of our borders. Its really not that hard.
  17. Eh, how so?

    I bolded the part that corresponded to my first objection. I italicized the part of her post that corresponded to the second objection, and I underline the part of her post that corresponded to the third objection.

    Her argument was a terrible argument, each line of the 3 line post was a glaring logical fallacy.
  18. Calling 'logical fallacy' isn't an argument, especially when it's shit you do all the time. Any opinion that differs from your opinion can be logically fallacious. Dunno man, just seems like something one does when one doesn't really have an argument.

    This was the only worthwhile thing in your post:

    The rest is fluff. And clearly your definition, or at least context of invasion is different from mine.
  19. Do you actively boycott businesses that hire illegal immigrants? Or by "we" do you mean someone else?

    How does building a fence along our borders fall into the "nationalist libertarian" philosophy?

    Seriously? Where do you think your food comes from? Who do you think picks your food and serves your food?

    Author and TV star Anthony Bourdain is one of the few chefs who's been willing to speak frankly on the issue. He says the American restaurant industry would be in big trouble if all the illegal immigrants in this country were rounded up and deported. "The bald fact is that the entire restaurant industry in America would close down overnight, would never recover, if current immigration laws were enforced quickly and thoroughly across the board," Bourdain told me. "Everyone in the industry knows this. It is undeniable...I know very few chefs who've even heard of a U.S.-born citizen coming in the door to ask for a dishwasher, night clean-up or kitchen prep job. Until that happens, let's at least try to be honest when discussing this issue."

    This is why this topic is racist to it's very core. No one wants to think about how illegal immigration benefits us because it's easier to blame "someone else" for society's problems.

    We don't have jobs? Blame the immigrants! Crime? Blame immigrants! Rape? Murder? Drugs? Those aren't problems with America, so close down our borders. Bad driving? Immigrants.

    And let's not forget the worst offense of all: Multi-lingual signs. Why should average Americans have to endure bilingualism?

    But yet, no one complains about our cheap food, and cheap lawn care, and cheap construction work, and child care, and house cleaning. No one wants to admit that most of the luxuries we enjoy in this country are on the backs of foreigners. It's easier to just turn them all into rapists.
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    So let me get this right, SE: an immigrant rapist from Mexico is reason to enforce your views on immigration, while using similar incidences of religiously-motivated murders, rapings and wars are not reason to hate on religion, but rather a form of bigotry. Am I right?

    Ironically, It seems as if your above quote pretty much makes your OP meaningless. Hmm...

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