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Deported 9 times, rapist sneaks in again to keep "doing the job Americans won't do"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Sir Elliot, May 25, 2010.

  1. You are kind of twisting my words. I'm not saying to make it not illegal anymore i am just saying to analyze the reasons for coming in illegally, and make it less difficult to gain citizenship.
  2. Exactly.Op, You make it sound like every illegal immigrant is coming to America and raping women and children. This is totally not the case.
  3. Funny, this is kind of ironic considering America's been raping Mexico for the past, say, 40 years.
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    makes perfect sense, if this guy had got his papers and became a legal citizen in the 1st place, then he would be a perfectly legal American rapist:rolleyes:
  5. At least if he was legal he would be behind bars for pretty much the rest of his life.
  6. if many american companies paid mexicans in mexico the same wages they pay Americans in the U.S, there would be a lot less "aliens" coming here. What's the minimum wage in mexico, like 8 bucks U.S a day? how much does it cost to become a naturalized citizen in the U.S in American dollars?
  7. You could probably find the answer here: US Immigration & Citizenship, Green Cards, Immigration forms and Visas
  8. of course, because all American Rapists with papers always get caught.
  9. If American companies paid Mexicans in Mexico the same wages they pay in the US, there would be no reason for the companies to be there so they'd leave.

  10. I have addressed it elsewhere. I am opposed to it. I seriously oppose the exploitation of Mexicans that takes place. It is morally wrong. Infact it is one of the sins that "Cries out to heaven for vengence."

    Corporations are part of the problem, no doubt.

    And I want to make them go cold turkey on the drug they've become addicted to. Starve the beast. That's why we need a fence.

    Let me be clear, and I'm being serious here and not sarcastic or devils-advocate: within the borders of the United States there should be no easily preventable exploitation of persons regardless of their citizenship status. Ever.

    The social cost of increased food or what have you (which I would argue probably wouldn't be as big as you think) is absolutely irrelevent. Because it's wrong to set a price threshold at which human exploitation is acceptable.
  11. ^^^
    This is a lot more understandable. I can see why you want more border patrol.

    But you lose any reputable point when you say stuff like," We must stop American families from being killed by rampaging gangs of illegal aliens that know Obama is on their side and not the side of America".

    I can't tell if you were trying to joke around a little or what.
  12. obama just ordered 1200 troops to the mexico us border
  13. If you support keeping illegal immigrants out, you support children being starved because their parent couldn't go to a place for a better opportunity to make an income to support the family.
  14. Yeah, they get paid under the table so that the illegal can endulge in the benefits of felony tax evasion.
  15. too. much. sarcasm. in this thread.

    *does not compute*
  16. Obama did half of the smart thing to do.

    The other half is properly integrating these what are essentially refugees into society, but that would take a lot of time to do properly and if ever seriously brought up would probably never get done.

    Either that or help out Mexico by legalizing weed and coke, but you can't do that because the drug lords play a role in economic control and political policy, here and globally.

    So I think we're doomed to sit here and eternally argue over it until people start killing immigrants or 'the white man' is effectively 'overtaken' and bred out.

    The former is possible while I consider the latter inevitable.
  17. I support illegals being kept out because I dont know, they're illegal maybe? This is nothing new. America's immigration laws are not as tough as other places. North Korea and Iran, you can never be heard of again, or you might need Bill Clinton to collect you. Far more worse than support and a job? I think so. Italy's illegal law is a 6 month detetion and up to 10,000 euro fine (that's 12,000 US Dollars).
  18. Correlation is not causation.

  19. How do other countries immigration laws have anything to do with us? Does it make it right because others are doing it? If your main reason is solely because they are illegal, you, my friend, are drowning in a sea of ignorance.
  20. Uh no with his prior record he would have been DENIED ENTERY TO AMERICA if he came in the legal channels. Thus he wouldn't have raped anyone in America.

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